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Traditional Croatian wedding in a relaxed, fashionable way


“In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities!” – Janos Arany


Iva and Šime are huge fans of their beautiful homeland – the Croatian island of Pag and the city of Zadar – both fairytale destinations full of beautiful locations so it was no wonder that we fell in love with both places too as both places are one of the most popular spots for weddings in Croatia. What amazed us specifically was their little girl Rosa, who was adorable throughout the entire wedding ceremony and celebration. Iva and Šime said they decided to wait with their wedding until their little princess is old enough to celebrate their wedding day together and remember every little detail of this joyful event. As if they knew it will have a more special, emotional and deeper meaning of their wedding.


Zadar & Pag  – a perfect spot for Wedding in Croatia

Our lovely couple Šime and Iva had only one wish and this is for us to take their wedding photos at the places that are most important to their homeland and to their childhood – at the city  harbour and on the bay and the beach of Šime’s birthplace Ražanac, where they released balloons.

The Pag Bridge , is a stunning location that often appears as the backdrop to numerous top TV commercials. In the woods between the island of Pag and Ražanac we had a bright light so we took this nature given chance to take some beautiful photos of our newlyweds for their wedding album and film them for their wedding video.

In the city of Zadar, we spontaneously photographed and filmed their happy moments. Zadar is Croatian beautiful city  where many couples come to have their destination weddings in Croatia

Although it was already the end of September, it was a very nice, sunny day. For her wedding dress, Iva picked a beautiful lacy wedding dress from the bridal collection of Matija Vuica, a popular Croatian fashion designer and for the wedding bouquet Iva chose white Hortensia flowers that added a nice, elegant touch to her wedding look.


Wedding Preparations at charming Bastion Hotel

They decided to prepare themselves in the ambiance of the beautifully designed Bastion Hotel within the city walls, which kept many original, antique details. At the tip of the peninsula, this hotel is true 13th century Venetian castle full of many charms and antique details. With elegant rooms that retained some of the original and medieval fortress walls it provided us a beautiful scenery to shoot their wedding preparations.

Iva, Šime and Rosa had an intimate “just the three of us” preparation, where Šime helped Iva dress and Iva helped him dress. The most romantic preparation we have ever seen, filmed and photographed.


We arrived at the place a bit sooner so we used this free time for a short walk through the city where we enjoyed photographing, filming and capturing the old motives of the old town of Zadar that we planned to incorporate into their wedding album and video. The town was spectacular, the morning sunlight was amazing, every Croatian wedding photographer’s and videographer’s dream! Croatia is such a nice country to have your wedding at.


Our newlyweds arrived in a company of their cute little daughter. They were cheerful as always and ready for laughter and fun. Rosa was a bit timid at first, but soon she relaxed and enjoyed photographing and filming like a true little model.


Wedding reception


Since their wedding was a perfect mix of traditional Croatian wedding in a relaxed, fashionable way they wanted to skip some traditional wedding details such as “buy a bride” game and others. They wanted for all of their guests gather together in one place before the wedding, so they chose a special place for gathering before they all go to the church. This is an example of how tradition can be beautifully embedded in modern weddings.


The reception of guests and welcome drinks was organized in the beautiful Mediterranean garden of the Falkensteiner Adriana hotel. We have to admit that this way of having a wedding reception has many perks. It’s been a true delight to take photos in such a beautiful scenery and having all of their guests in one place instead of their private homes where it’s usually hard to photograph nice pictures and film an amazing video in improvised conditions. Iva and Šime decided to go for the quality and relaxation, without any protocols. And it was great! It was perfect! Although it was not that traditionally, they still kept the touch of Dalmatia by having the band traditionally called “klapa” and traditional Dalmatian delicacies.


While their guests enjoyed the sound of traditional music and songs and gastronomic Dalmatian delicacies, we sneaked off to the shore and the beach and took photos of the maid of honour and best man and several spontaneous portraits of our newlyweds. We used the beautiful garden to photograph group portraits with family and friends. Children and adults enjoyed a truly beautiful ambiance and atmosphere.


Wedding ceremony in old Croatian church ‘Gospa Maslinska’

The wedding ceremony was held in Zadar’s popular neighbourhood called Belafuža, in the ancient sanctuary called Gospa Maslinska. The interior of this small church is amazing, especially with the simple white decorations Iva and Šime decided to have for their simple, elegant and intimate wedding ceremony.


As they were entering together and stepping closer to the altar with their little daughter, you could feel how much they love each other and how they are devoted to each other.


Wedding Celebration


After the wedding, our newlyweds and their guests headed to the Atrium restaurant at the national park Krka where they enjoyed in celebration till the early morning hours.


The venue was decorated magnificently all in white with a touch of pink in the form of flowers, lots of glass details, high candlesticks and lots of candles placed all around the tables.


The cake was a four-tier cake in line with other venue details with white ruffles and silver details.


Hopefully, you enjoyed our fascinating and fun Pag and Zadar wedding photography story. In order to get a true feel of this Croatian wedding, have a sneak peak into their wedding by playing the short wedding video below. Feel free to leave comments below and share on your social media profiles.







Wedding in Croatia – The Wedding Team & Vendors


Photography & Cinematic Videography: destination wedding photographers and Videographers: DTstudio



Wedding Preparation – Hotel Bastion


Hotel Bastion is one of the nicest city hotels in the city of Zadar. By accentuating cultural heritage and old, unique details, it became one of the most popular wedding celebration spots in Zadar.  The charm of the hotel comes from its historical position on the medieval walls of Kaštela from the 13th century, its elegant decor and its individual access to each of their guests. Their bedrooms, with carefully and hand-made style furnishings, combine tradition with the highest standards of contemporary comfort and exclusivity where attention is given to the details.


Wedding Ceremony – Church “Gospa Malinska”


In 1118, the church was named “S. Maria de Roveris” and later “S. Maria ad Quercus” meaning Lady of the Oaks. The church was probably at that time surrounded by oak trees for which this church was named at. After the oak forest was cut, people planted vineyards and olive trees and the church was, instead of oaks, surrounded with olive trees for which it was named “S. Maria Olivarum” of which testifies the threshold above the church’s doors that says “Like a lush olive tree in the field”. The first church was most likely to be demolished when the Venetians besieged Zadar in the year of 1202. In 1215 old transcripts mentioned the church’s renewal. Its long history has been revamped and redesigned several times, which is evident from its architecture and style of the construction.  The church was expanded during the baroque time, and was decorated with Marko Bellafuse’s family crest, along with a large crucifix and an altar. The area even got the name after the Bellafus family. This church was the most precious and sacred church and the most priceless ancient painting is the painting of the Virgin Mary with Child, a work of the famous Venetian painter Paolo Veneziano from 1350. In the parish yard, you can see a wreath with the crest of the city’s canon Matej Sturario, who renewed the church in the 15th century. The church was then repaired and expanded. In the church you’ll see Matej’s tombstone with his relief figure.


The church now has two altars next to the sacristy. The main altar was made in baroque style in 1742 by Prov. G. Quirini, who also build a home for priests near the church. On the main altar there is a picture of the Virgin Mary and the Blessed Sacrament. The altar is all made of marble. Next to the church there is a bell tower with two bells.


Wedding Dress – Matija Vuica


In the fashion salon, in the centre of Zagreb, Matija Vuica will welcome you in a pleasant atmosphere. Matija will talk to each client according to wishes, aspirations and opportunities. Each creation reflects the personality of a particular client. Along with exhibition creations in the salon, you can view Matija’s models together through video presentations, lookbook or online. From the Matija Vuica Fashion Design studio, every client comes out happy with a unique, beautiful creation that will attract the attention and admiration of all at every festive event.


Wedding Celebration Venue – Atrium

With the sophisticated and modern interior of the wedding hall with capacity of up to 400 guests and an exquisite offer of delicious gastronomic delicacies from the menu that couples can create by themselves,  the Atrium team will be at your service until early morning hours. Here you can enjoy the ultimate ambiance for whatever event you’re planning. They use only the highest quality Mediterranean flavours and controlled origin produce to prepare a first-class menu with impeccable appearance and food decoration. Their kindly and unobtrusive staff will ensure that your special ceremony renders flawless. Let your fateful “I do” be complimented by elegance and style, in a refined and modern Atrium interior, surrounded by pristine natural beauty within the National Park of Krk. Enjoy the ultimate gastronomy and rich selection of wedding menus, tailored to different requirements and tastes.