A three-day wedding in Trogir – Brown’s Beach House


Exquisite Wedding in Trogir: Blending Traditions and Modern Elegance – through the  Croatian wedding photographer‘s camera


A Beautiful Wedding Celebration – A Blend of Traditions

The bride and groom had a clear vision for their wedding: they wanted to ensure that their families and friends had an unforgettable time while incorporating some Jewish traditions into their special day. They aimed to create cherished memories that would last a lifetime and make their wedding unique for all. They chose Trogir as their Croatian wedding destinationCroatian wedding destination, a charming Dalmatian city steeped in history, influenced by Greek, Roman, Venetian, Austro-Hungarian, and Croatian cultures and traditions. It’s important to note that they cherished tradition but also enjoyed adding a modern twist to their celebration.

Their chosen wedding venue was the elegant Hotel Brown Beach House, conveniently located within walking distance of Trogir’s historic center. Now, regarding traditions, typically, the bride wears white on her wedding day. However, this time, the bride stood out as the only one dressed in white, but there was a twist—it was on the evening before the wedding. White symbolizes the bride’s privilege, after all. The pre-wedding celebration was a pure white affair filled with fantastic music, delectable food, refreshing drinks, gracious hostesses, and the talented artist-entertainer, Merante, who flawlessly embodied the spirits of Rihanna, Amy, and other music legends. It was an absolute blast, although they had to show some restraint since the following day was THE day. As the pure white party concluded that evening, everyone released Chinese lanterns into the sky, carrying their heartfelt wishes for the bride and groom. No doubt, those wishes would come true!

The Grand Celebration – A Beachside Wedding!

Picture the scent of the sea, a pristine white chuppah on a wooden deck by the beach, the delightful fragrance of fresh flowers, and white balloons gracefully drifting above a pool. Eight bridesmaids and three flower girls added to the charm. With their loved ones by the sea, in a solemn yet serene atmosphere, the couple exchanged their heartfelt vows, and then, with a burst of confetti from a cannon, the grand celebration officially began. But before the revelry, there was time for a sumptuous dinner, fond reminiscences, and heartfelt wishes. Suddenly, in the midst of this tranquil gathering, a belly dancer graced the scene with her mesmerizing performance, while Merante prepared for another of her spectacular acts. That night, the terrace of Hotel Brown Beach Club transformed into a stage and dance floor, filled with electrifying music curated by top-notch DJs. And what did the next morning hold in store for Y&S?

The Relaxing Pool Party

After two nights of non-stop celebration and a magnificent wedding, one tends to feel a bit weary, don’t they? So, what could be better than lounging on a deck chair by the pool and waiting for a soothing massage? Merante had more delightful surprises planned for Day Three, but a playful guest, dressed as an intricate mermaid, playfully escorted her back to the pool—where mermaids truly belong. Merante had no choice but to join in the fun, splashing and relishing the simple joys of the moment, just like a carefree child.

Photography by: DTstudio

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