Villa Mare Dea is located in the area of Dubrovnik called Lozica,it is a unique, award-winning architectural pearl which has embedded in itself a purity and elegance of the Mediterranean Sea. It is designed on several levels where the terrace with the Villa’s outdoor pool is connected by a stone staircase to the beach. It offers you retreat, tranquillity and privacy and in the same time history, culture and urban verve given that it is only 3 km away from the medieval city of Dubrovnik, listed under UNESCO World Heritage.  It benefits from a wonderful and unobstructed view of the sea from almost every room utilized with large glass constructions of the villa,  partially covered terrace with the outdoor pool and the private beach.




Reel in to perfect simplicity, sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

Feel the warmth of a sweet escape. When the nature is this beautiful, to stand out is to blend in.

Fresh catch of the day, everyday. 

A place to come together, and be together.

Where the sound of the guitar meets the sound of the sea.

Play, swim, relax, repeat.

A View for two, please.


Villas in Dubrovnik by DT studio photography & cinematography.