Wedding in Villa Dalmacija

Villa Dalmacija wedding

Yara and Jim are a lovely couple who gave us an opportunity to be a part of their wedding day.

It is not surprising that they chose  Wedding in Villa Dalmacija, in Split, Croatia for their destination wedding,  since Jim is originally from Croatia and Yara, our bride comes from Brazil.

She couldn’t hide her delight of this beautiful mediteran city.

Villa Dalmacija Wedding. Couple walking on the rooftop of the venue.

Newlyweds enjoying at the Villa Dalmacija in Split


With pride and excitement, Yara and Jim invited their closest guests – family and friends from all over the world, to the sunny, warm, Mediterranean city by the sea – Split. Much has been written about the beauty of Croatia, its climate, flora, sea and architecture. Everyone, who lay their eyes on its natural beauty becomes mesmerised. It is accessible to everyone in a relatively short time. Perfect for wedding photographers.



Wedding couple during a photoshoot after they got married in Villa Dalmacija

Photo Shooting In the pine forest which surrounds Villa Dalmacija


Weddings in Croatia, city of Split


The Adriatic coast in summer is a marvellous place to have your wedding and a perfect honeymoon destination. Although getting hitched can result in spiralling costs, it’s no wonder they were thinking outside the box and chose Split for their fabulous destination. This way, they had a paradise wedding. The wedding industry in Croatia is booming, with more couples seeing the beauty and value of having a wedding in Split. Of course, getting hitched comes with several worries – different customs, paperwork, language, but if you have the right wedding planner and people helping you with the organisation, wedding in Split (and Croatia in general) can be surprisingly stress-free.

Villa Dalmacija Weddings

Wedding confetti throwing after Jara & Jim got married on the romantic dock, in front of the Villa Dalmacija


Villa Dalmatia Wedding Venue in Split, Croatia

Beauty is hidden in the forest – Villa Dalmacija photographed from the air.


Villa Dalmacija Wedding Venue by the sea in Split, Croatia

Romantic pier in front of the Villa Dalmacija, silently waiting for the bride and groom and their wedding party


palm trees at Villa Dalmacija Wedding Venue in Split, Croatia

Proud and uplifted palm trees which characterise appeal of Villa Dalmacija wedding venue in Split, Croatia


Split wedding venues


And when it comes to locations, what a choice Split offers! With timeless heritage and stunning natural beauty, spectacular sites are all over the Adriatic coast, and the choices of locations are simply breathtaking.  Split as a city leads to incredibly beautiful Croatian islands – Brac, Hvar, Vis, etc., which makes it a very popular Croatian destination. The city itself has a lot to offer – especially the old part of the town which are perfect for taking wedding photos. As for hosting and organising the wedding, Split has beautiful wedding venues, and the most famous are Villa Dalmacija weddings and Meštrović gallery weddings.

Villa Dalmacija flowers

My favourite motive – flowers in front of Villa Dalmacija


 Interiors of Villa Dalmacija in Split

The Sound of Silence. Interiors of Villa Dalmacija


Wedding Venue in Split, Croatia - Villa Dalmacija Wedding Setup

A fragrant environment awaits the newlyweds.


Getting married in Villa Dalmatia


From happily ever after fantasy to sworn oaths as well as graceful cheers when you hear “You may kiss the bride”, there is no word that can express the importance of a wedding ceremony for couples. Although the most important part of the day is the ceremony and tying the knot, modern weddings are all about these aspects that bring the idea of an elegant wedding and what couples want to be done.  One of the many criteria, and we would say, one of the most important ones, to have a glamorous wedding is choosing the right location (and wedding photographer and videographer) and when it comes to Villa Dalmacija, this wedding venue ticks all the boxes in providing a magnificent experience. Yara and Jim opted for Villa Dalmatia, located right next to the sea, away from the bustle of the city, in a secluded spot bordered by a large Mediterranean park on one side and the sea on the other. This Mediterranean refuge is a wedding dream for many couples as well as wedding photographers.

Getting Married in outdoor wedding venue in Split, Croatia

Villa Dalmacija under the stars wedding dinner


Villa Dalmacija wedding venue


Choosing  Villa for your wedding is the smartest thing many couples can do as there are many settings and locations you can choose from for your special day and Villa Dalmacija is no exception. It was the former residence of the ex-president of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito, so you can be sure that this place holds specific historical memories. At the same terrace, there was once Winston Churchill sitting while Indira Gandhy enjoyed the view and taking a walk to the nearby forests.  This beautiful beachfront villa is the most majestic wedding location in over 1700 years of Split history. This former presidential mansion and summer residence offers exclusivity, architectural and natural beauty, as well as the sense of style.

Palm trees and flowers of Villa Dalmacija, wedding Venue in Split, Croatia

Palm trees and flowers of Villa Dalmacija


Photo by - Wedding Photographer in Split

And most importantly – the veil


Beauty of outdoor wedding venue in Split, Croatia

The olive branches – representing peace and allegiance.


Famous Split wedding venue


The Villa’s position is on the southern part of the slopes of the Marjan forest in Split surrounded by the beautiful turquoise sea. With more than a hundred years old history, Villa Dalmatia became one of the famous wedding venues in Split and Croatia in general. Surrounded by the walls and the big garden it provides complete privacy from luring eyes. Except for the beautiful terrace that is surrounded by colonnades hosting a fountain in the middle, this, we would say, multidimensional building offers many solutions for dinners, banquets, receptions and ceremonies. In case of the bad weather, Villa Dalmacija can host ceremonies internally providing a venue with a gorgeous library and a beautiful fireplace. It’s suitable for up to 130 guests.

Drone image of Wedding in Villa Dalmacija, Split, Croatia

Gorgeous nights under the Croatian stars


Details of wedding venue in Croatia, Villa Dalmacija

A famous wedding venue in Croatia


Decoration of Croatia Wedding venue in Split, Villa Dalmacija

Lights and flowers in Villa Dalmacija


Wedding ceremony in Villa Dalmatia


The interior of the villa is modern and enriched with floral decorations and lighting. At the same time, the big park surrounds the villa is rich with Mediterranean plants and different types of trees, creating a perfect setting for the wedding ceremonies, especially during the spring. Here, you can have a real spring wedding fairy tale. There were numerous possibilities when it comes to wedding photography; the mood and the setting are simply gorgeous. As for the ceremony, there was no shortage of undiluted, pure emotions as Yara and Jim were in an excellent mood the entire day. They were never shy to show their love and affection to all present, so we managed to take outstanding shots of their emotions.

Outdoor wedding in Croatia. Split wedding Venue - Villa Dalmacija

Getting married by the Croatian Sea.. unforgettable


Newlyweds walking after their wedding ceremony at Villa Dalmacija

By the sea after getting married in Villa Dalmacija


Wedding decoration in Villa Dalmatia


On the seaside of Villa Dalmatia is the dock. With the help of the talented decorator Mirella floral, Yara and Jim decided to set up their wedding arch and say their “I do’s” as close as possible to the sound of the sea. From the décor and food to people, Yara and Jim had gotten the best of it all. In a simple, elegant satin wedding dress and with a smile she hadn’t stripped of all day, Yara was out of breath. Green-white floral arrangements and fragrant combinations also gave Villa Dalmacija an elegant feel, with this great central plant – Begunvillea. Due to its vibrant colour and incredible beauty, it was like the plant was playing with light and sun. At one moment we had this feeling we discovered the pure Mediterranean soul in this unforgettable venue.

Yara's choice for her destination wedding in Split

Red and white – Yara’s choice for her destination wedding in Split


Wedding dinner table at outdoor wedding venue in Croatia - Villa Dalmacija Wedding

Final touches


Why get married in Split


The city of Split is a place where nature and beauty go side by side. Surrounded by the crystal clear Adriatic sea, it takes pride for being one of the best wedding locations on the planet where you can unwind and relax. Here you can soak up the wonders of nature and sounds. It represents a combination of authenticity and beauty all around with “mother nature” blended with the best and latest facilities wherever you go.

First dance at Villa Dalmacija by Croatian best wedding photographer

The first wedding dance at the Villa Dalmacija


Split and Croatia weddings


If you’re planning to have your wedding on a hot spot, give a go to Split. It’s true when they say that all the big things come in small packages. This wonderland loaded with parks, cultural treasures, ancient architecture, beaches and beautiful waters is ready to provide majestic wedding opportunities combined with day AND night activities. For Yara and Jim, Villa Dalmatia, Split and Croatia was the best choice of a wedding venue. It was like they made this place their home for their wedding day, Villa Dalmatia was immediately filled with elegance, pure love and distinctive style in which they enjoyed so much with their closest friends and family. We would say it was a true celebration of love! We want to thank them for choosing us to be their  Croatian wedding photographer and wish them all the best!

Villa Dalmacija wedding vendors

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Villa Dalmacija wedding planner: Promessi weddings and events 

Villa Dalmacija wedding decor: Mirela Floral design

Wedding at Villa Dalmacija

Bridal inspiration in Split


Wedding at Villa Dalmacija

Yara and Jim in a sunny Mediterranean garden, after their wedding in Villa Croatia


summer nights in Villa Dalmacija Split

Warm summer nights in Villa Dalmacija Split