Wedding in Hotel Royal, Opatija – Patricija & Nikša

Beautiful Croatian Wedding in Kvarner

Since Nikša is often sailing the wide seas and is always missing his Patricija and his home this day is even more special for him. As the sun raised above hills of Učka and directed its rays towards Opatija and its beautiful promenade preparations for the big day had begun. The smell of flowers that were decorating newly refurnished hotel Royal was starting to fill the air. Everything was ready for our bride and groom.

 The peak of excitement was at the ceremony where family members and guests could not restrain their tears of joy. After the Church newly wedded couple and their guests went to celebrate, dance, sing and enjoy the party.

We hope that we captured every emotion, every moment and all of the joy from that day so Patricija and Nikša could relive it every time they look at the photographs that will stay with them forever.


The Wedding Team:

Flower design: Noi Due

Wedding Venue in Croatia: Hotel Royal Opatija

 Destination wedding photographer  –

Destination  wedding videographer   –


Wedding pyrotechnics: Weco pirotehnika