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Italian Lakes draw thousands of couples from all over the world. The vivid historical cities of Italy are so inspiring. The magnificent Italian lands are rich in cultural heritage as well as natural beauty. If beautiful mountain scenery in a combination with ancient forests and turquoise water is something that takes your breath away. Italian lakes are definitely one of the best destinations for your wedding in Italy.

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The historic venues, romantic landscapes, traditional cookery where you can discover all the new flavors and the culturally rich and elegant places such as Stresa, Bracciano, Malcesine, Orta San Giulio, Iseo, and Bellagio are ideal for couples who are into relaxation and good vibes. Here, you can really have your wedding in a palace, medieval tower or even in a castle. Having your wedding in idyllic and intimate as well as romantic Italian Lake District – Lake Orta, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, and Lake Como is something that will amaze and leave speechless all of your guests. These places are loved by royals, romantic poets and musicians as well as celebrities because of their dazzling landscapes, fascinating villages that seem like they’re lost in time and characteristic and historic villas. These places are heavens on earth and all couples looking for something unique and spectacular can have their dream weddings in one of the deluxe villas, majestic gardens, dreamy belvederes, and romantic mountains and lakeshore venues. The combination of weddings in the Lake district with some of the most blessing and exclusive locations that provide the finest cuisine is simply perfect.

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Wedding in Italian Lakes: Como, Garda, Maggiore, Orta



Built at the popular holiday spot that even Romans adored, the Italian Lakes have a seducing and enduring beauty. All the travelers who are visiting the Alps are greeted by a Mediterranean beauty and a true burst of colors. Here, you can expect rose-red camellias and pink oleanders gardens as well as extravagant palms and lemon trees surrounded by the purplish blue lakes. It’s almost impossible not to be tempted and seduced by the scenery. Palaces that float in the Borromean Gulf, tiny harbors filled with tiny fishing boats, grand belle spa centers and hotels, as well as rustic churches, are what makes cities such Salò, Bellagio, Como and Stresa interesting and unique. And it’s no wonder that Arab and European aristocrats and royals, as well as Hollywood celebrities, call this place their second home.


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After Leonardo da Vinci disregarded all the rules while working on his gorgeous “Last Supper”, it seems like the innovative Lombards have skipped the Renaissance and moved right to the 21st century. Milan is not only a rationalist architecture and art-deco abound, but a treasured place of contemporary and modern art. Michelin-starred restaurants that can be found here push boundaries with their oils, vintners and traditional offer.  Although Italian design is internationally distributed, seeing how they combine it in a traditional context is worthy of admiration. From Brianza furniture builders to the Como’s silk weavers and Cremona violin masters, all the lake region is rich in crafty heritage. Nowadays, Milan is home to all the world famous trade fairs and design related shows. Besides that, popular Northern Italian houses that are into design and fashion are closely related to bars, restaurants, galleries, spas, and hotels. Everywhere you look or go you’ll see their influence. So why not enjoy la vita mode? Verona and Milan are home to many Italian musicians, artists, and writers, therefore, this region has one of the best North American and European music arts, theatre and opera. During the summer, both cities are bounded by the art, film and music festivals that are widely famous. This is why most of the celebrities love to spend their weekends here, far away from urban places and paparazzi. They love to escape to lakes and mountains, enjoy early morning markets, walking, sailing, and long lunches. 


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Lake Como wedding destination


Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy and is worldly famous due to its romantic and wonderful landscapes that makes it the perfect destination for a luxury wedding in Italy. Here, on its shores, you’ll find many small On its shores you can find many charming villages, such as Varenna, Tremezzo, Menaggio and Bellagio, all with their beautiful gardens and majestic villas. It’s no wonder that many movie directors chose this place as a set. It’s uncommonly beautiful!  This place is actually one of the most loveable destinations for couples who want to have their wedding and say their “I do’s” in a magical atmosphere of Italy. Due to its mild climate and geographical setting, weddings can be held from March – October/November. There are venues such as Villa del Balbianello who speak about the beauty of the place. It’s located on a rocky cliff on the water shores and is open to all ceremonies. There are also many other similar wedding venues that are open for all wedding ceremonies and reception with churches that are looking over blue lakes, luxurious hotels, and villas. So, it’s no wonder this place is one of the couple’s favorite destinations to have a wedding as well as the favorite location for the Lake Como wedding photographers who also enjoy the natural scenery. If you want to have your dream come true and have a wedding at Lake Como, make sure to contact us as it will be a great pleasure for us – to be Lake Como wedding photographer & videographer. Close to the grand mountains, this stylish Lake allure everyone who’s looking for a traditional feel and untouched nature. Lake Como shores are lined with traditional neoclassical villas with outstanding gardens of which are some open for the public visits. Amazingly beautiful little town Bellagio, with its narrow streets, is perfect for taking wedding pictures.

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A wedding bridal party walking up to the Santa Maria Assunta Church in Lake Orta a moment before the wedding ceremony . Image by DT studio - Lake Orta Wedding photographer & Videographer

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Lake Como Wedding Venues


Villa del Balbianello wedding venue – If you choose to get married at Villa Balbianello you can be sure this will be an experience you’ll never forget. What is so great about the villa is that it can only be reached by boat and once you get there what you’ll see first are its outstanding gardens that will leave you breathless. An interesting fact is that this place was also used for one of the scenes from the James Bond – Casino Royale movie as well as Star Wars Episode II. Intriguing, right? It’s one of the most exciting locations in this region so it was no wonder many movie directors decided to use it. If you’re a movie fan, this can be another plus on why choose Lake Como for your Italy wedding location.

Villa D’Este wedding venue- Standing proudly on the edge of the lake, Villa D’Este is truly a majestic piece of art. This architectural gem is built centuries ago and is a jewel, perfect for weddings in Italy. With beautiful, infinite halls and rooms, natural light that enters the rooms through the glorious windows and its endless, majestic terraces represents a perfect place to celebrate the special wedding day with the person you love, your family and friends. Colorful flowers and the green scenery is something you need to see to believe.

Villa Carlotta wedding venue – Placed on the highest possible peak of Como, Villa Carlotta should be on your bucket list of places you must visit. Its botanic gardens filled with colorful flowers and orange trees interlace with pergolas full of finest camellias, azaleas, and rhododendrons. The garden is placed on an 8-hectare site where bamboos grove creating a rocking Zen-style garden, not to mention olive trees that give the true Mediterranean feel. Built in the 17th century, the Villa is filled with stunning sculptures (some of them are made by Antonio Canova), paintings and other artful elements that ads the historic beauty to this palace. The Villa was named after the famous Prussian princess who got this palace as a wedding gift from her mother in 1874. This is why the entire Villa irresistibly reflects the royal lifestyle. Today, everyone’s invited to wander around this place, swan from Carlotta’s bedroom to the Salotto Impero (commonly known as the Empire Room) feel like a royal.

Villa Erba wedding venue – Built just in front of the Lake Como, Villa Erba is not too far from the Como city. It is a historic house where most famous industrialists, politicians, painters, and other artists spent their free time. It was basically a status symbol, meeting point which represents the Count’s economic power, family richness, and status. Since 1800, Villa Erba is one of the most popular wedding venues in this region and represents one of the most luxurious and charming places to have your wedding on Lake Como.

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Villa Bellagio wedding venue – If you want a beautiful location that is romantic and luxury at the same time for your wedding venue, Villa Bellagio should be your number one choice. Placed by the shores of Como Lakes, in one of the most famous streets called Salita Serbelloni, Bellagio has everything you’re looking for when it comes to the Italian wedding venue. The Villa is known for their rich history where popular artists stay and made some of their most amazing work (one of the most popular guests was the musician Franz Liszt), so it’s no wonder why couples choose this place for their wedding on Lake Como. Bellagio became a touristic spot in the 18th century when the Duke Melzi built this holiday home villa. It immediately attracted all the aristocracy from the nearby area and this place became their most popular meeting spot. Grand hotels, gardens, and villas were built really soon and some of them are so amazing that they’re worldwide known. Most of the villas in Bellagio can be rented as a Lake Como wedding reception. Italian gardens of each villa will impress everyone and leave your guests speechless. Wedding photographers and videographers simply love their place as they have the opportunity to take advantage of all its natural beauty and create some of the most amazing Lake Como wedding photos and videos. It is amazing! Fascinating corners, stunning terraces, and the entire small city are perfect for relaxation, romantic walks, and intimate weddings.

Villa Pizzo wedding venue – Villa Pizzo is a place where you’ll get the feeling like you’re entering a completely different dimension. This wedding venue in Lake Como is perfect for weddings in Italy. Not just because the feeling is amazing, but its elegance of the space and astonishing nature create one extraordinary balance of atmosphere and reality. The feeling is amazing and indeed unique that will provide a memorable wedding in Italy. What is characteristic for this Lake Como wedding venue is that the intimacy and privacy are so exclusive that is almost unreal. Enriched and protected by the Lake company, Villa is elegant and discreet at the same time which is one of the reasons why celebrities and royals choose it for their wedding Italy. Just imagine what you can have here. From unforgettable vows renewal to the exclusive gala dinners, this Villa that is centuries old provides the right atmosphere and balance between the elegance and raw nature. When it comes to the surrounding nature, it is simply astonishing and thanks to the private and intimate surrounding this place became one of the most popular refuge spots to many VIPs. From Jennifer Lopez and Gianni Versace to George Clooney. The scenery is so breathtaking that it’s no wonder why Cernobbio’s Villa Pizzo is one of the best spots for weddings and ceremonies in Italy.

Villa Vittoria wedding venue – Relais Villa Vittoria is undoubtedly the most charming place to have your wedding in Italy. Built in the romantic village Laglio, its story is truly unique. This Como area is internationally famous for its production of silk. Can you imagine how Villa Vittoria’s gardens are used for raising silkworms? Impressive, right? Villa Vittoria, placed directly on the Como Lake is an excellent place for couples to have their weddings. To enjoy the romantic and intimacy of the private villa yet enjoy all the facilities the hotel has to offer. From outdoor and indoor areas that are perfect for small events, romantic and intimate dinners and weddings with up to 68 guests max (capacity of the main hall).

Villa Geno wedding venue – This ancient Villa was built in 1790 in a Lake Como district and is considered one of the most hidden gems of the Lake and a perfect place to have your wedding in Lake Como. The posh property can be found in the very heart of the Como city and its lush gardens look over the legendary Como fountain that jets the water 30 meters high. Villa Geno is popular for its special atmosphere that gives to each wedding and its unmatched charm and rich history. It is perfect for both large and intimate weddings and each occasion event can be tailored to satisfy all your wishes and needs. The garden that overlooks the lake is also available for having a ceremony and perfection is guaranteed.

Other Lake Como wedding destination venues and villas:

  • Villa Pliniana wedding venue
  • Grand Hotel Imperiale Moltrasio wedding venue
  • Villa Cipressi wedding venue
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Newlyweds at Piazza Motta. © Lake Orta Wedding Photographer


Bridesmaids at Villa Gippini by Lake Como weddings

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Lake Garda Weddings


Second best-known lake in the Italian Lakes region, it is located between Lombardy and Veneto districts and is one of the biggest lakes in Italy. Rich in history its castles such as Castello di Lonato, Torri del Benaco, and Castello di Malcesine are world famous and dominate the East side of the lake. All of them are open for wedding ceremonies and other special events. Dictators and divas, as well as politicians and poets, have been attracted to this enchanting lake – Lago di Garda (Lake Garda). As a matter of fact, 7% of all tourists that visit Italy decide to visit this lake’s shores for their blue waters, small and romantic villages as well as rich and majestic vineyards. It is surrounded by the 3 regions – Veneto, Trentino Alto-Adige and Lombardy providing the cultural diversity that draws all types of tourists. Tourists from middle Europe simply love northern retreats such as Torbole and Riva del Garda, while French and Italian tourists love Valtenesi spa cities and farmhouses in Bardolino and Simione. What is characteristic for this lake is that it is one of the largest lakes in Italy and it is remindful of a ladle, with a small “handle” towards the Alps. The shore on the southern part of the lake is genteel and warm with alfresco restaurants and palm trees providing a true Mediterranean atmosphere, but when you go a little bit north everything changes. Here, nature is untamed and wild with strong winds blowing from the massive mountains that surround the lake on two sides. This is why mountain biking, climbing, and hiking are the most popular activities in this place. Medieval castles, Renaissance villas and small, ancient villages, beautiful traditional restaurants with rich wine cellars, narrow roads, lovely little shops, vast of sports centers, large golf courses and thermal baths are what makes this place so interesting and fun. Not to mention intimate lake promenades where you can walk along the beach around Sirmione peninsula or Punta San Vigilio and have a taste of local wines in one of the cafes enjoying the sunset. It is located only 1,30 hrs drive from Milan and 20 mins drive from the airport, Verona.

Wedding details at Lake Orta by DT studio Italy wedding photographer Lake Orta Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Bride and Groom waiting for a boat in Lake Orta by © Italy wedding photographer


Bride and Groom walking through the streets of Orta San Giulio by © italy wedding photographer

A romantic couple walking through the streets of Lake Orta by © Lake Como videographer

Wedding on Garda Island


It is not that frequent you have a chance to explore an impressive villa and private island. Garda Island is full of remarkable gardens and luxurious neo-Gothic villas. It is possible to reach the island by boats that depart from Sirmione, Gardone Riviera, San Felice del Benaco, and Salò twice a week. The owner of the island is Contessa Cavazza who had 7 children and who are still living on the island with all their families, so you might see them walking around enjoying the beautiful nature. See the official website for tour prices but keep in mind that it includes a small aperitive.  How great is that? You can visit the island only by the guided tour and lasts 1,5 to 2 hrs. Guided tours are available in German, French, English, and Italian.

Gorgeous Villa Gippini wedding venue captured by Lake Como photographer

Bride with bridesmaids at Villa Gippini by © Lake Como Wedding Photographer

Lake Orta Weddings


This is the most beautiful wedding venue we have ever been to! Here you can see more about Lake Orta weddings. Surrounded by dark green and thick forest, this peaceful place is a perfect place for elopers. 2.5 kilometers wide and 13.4 kilometers long, it is divided from its better-known and much bigger neighbor – Lake Maggiore. The most popular thing about this lake is this beautiful medieval village – Orta San Giulio that is frequently called Orta. If someone would ask us to describe how the weddings on Lake Orta look like, we would for sure say: romantic and intimate! As a wedding photographer and videographer, we would definitely recommend this place to all couples. There is only a few places where you can get that feeling and Lake Orta is definitely one of them. Lake Orta can be easily reached from the Milan Malpensa airport that is also available to travel to the Lake Maggiore (both lakes are very close and only takes a few minutes of driving from one lake to another). The only thing that separates them is this majestic mountain Mt Mottarone. There are a lot of things you can’t miss while you’re there but there’s one thing that stands out and it’s St Julius Island. It’s located in the middle of the lake and overlooks directly to the Orta village providing a relaxation feel. There are only a few nuns that are living there, one road that covers the entire island and some of the most beautiful villas in Italy. The Orta village is full of medieval roads, beautiful churches and ancient villas that overlooks the village. There are also motorboat tours and ferry boats so everything is easily accessible. It’s also often called “Sacro Monte” due to the number of small chapels (20 in total) in honor to St Francis of Assisi. The view is simply mesmerizing and captivating and everything can be seen within a few hours. From the baroque Chiesa dell’Assunta to the Piazza Mario Motta, each of the chapels is in honor to some part of St Francis’ life.

Lake Como Wedding Videographer | Cinematic wedding teaser from Lake Orta Wedding

Lake Orta photographer


Here you can see a short photo story about Beth and Raza’s session at Orta San Giulio.

Also, we had an amazing wedding at Villa Gippini in Orta San Giulio, here you can see more about it – Lake Orta wedding

Gorgeous Villa Gippini wedding venue captured by Lake Como photographer

Bride with bridesmaids at Villa Gippini by © Lake Como Wedding Photographer

Roman Catholic ceremony on Lake Orta captured by © Lake Como photographer & videographer

Italian Lakes wedding venues by © Lake Como photographer

Chiesa parrocchiale di Santa Maria Assunta © Lake Orta Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Church of Santa Maria Assunta captured by Lake Orta Wedding Photographer


Bride and groom looking towards the San Giulio Island while their wedding weekend in Italy captured by © Tuscany Wedding Photographer

The view over the Lake Orta to the Island San Giulio by © Lake Como wedding photographer


Lake Maggiore Weddings



If you’re visiting Italy for the first time and your first impression will be Lake Maggiore, be prepared for a real treat. By road or train, travelers who travel from the Swiss Alps can easily see this blue beauty. The most popular attractions are the Borromean Islands, which are located at the “Golfo Borromeo” – the Borromean Gulf’s entrance, a lake between two main cities – Verbania and Stresa. Even though this beautiful lake seems a bit distant to visit (due to its location in the Alps on the northern part of Italy), it’s only 40 minutes of drive from the International Airport of Malpensa and approximately an hour from Milan. It is the second largest lake in Italy and its 150 kilometers long (21 km2 in total). Moving down from the Ticino (Switzerland), Lake Maggiore shores are covering 2 districts – Lombardy and Piedmont. It became popular among the British ever since Queen Victoria spent her vacation on its coast and it is well known that the British are into the legendary beauty and Mediterranean atmosphere. The winter here is mild and the temperature is always pleasing which means it is possible to enjoy many Mediterranean uncommon plants and flowers that adapt well to the subtropical climate. We would strongly advise visiting its beautiful gardens such as Isola Madre and Isola Bella, not to mention the beautiful and rich Alpina botanical garden that is placed above Villa Taranto, Stresa and Villa San Remigio. Thanks to the high Alps peaks, lush vegetation, luxurious hotels, picturesque villages, and natural and architectural treasures, Lake Maggiore has been (and still is) a favorite holiday resort and inspiration to many emperors and artists. Since the mid-1800’s the noble families and the aristocracy as well as other jet sets such as politicians and footballers are choosing this place for their vacation. Its splendid Italian gardens and elegant residencies are still used as alluring venues for weddings (weddings on Lake Maggiore are highly popular) and other special events.

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Getting ready at Villa Gippini Lake Orta by © Italy wedding photographer


Lake Orta wedding details and wedding flowers captured by © Lake Como weddings

Wedding flowers at Villa Gippini wedding venue by © Wedding photographer Lake Como