A beautiful view towards the San Giulio Island

Beth and Raza – Lake Orta photo session

Lake Orta engagement session by Italian wedding Photographer & Videographer


Beth and Raza – a young couple from London came to Lake Orta to attend their friend’s wedding. Enchanted by the beauty of this area we found ourselves in an unforgettable walk around the Sacro Monte di Orta and the village of Orta San Giulio. A short engagement session story is here – Beth & Raza engagement session at Lake Orta. 

Romantic couple session at Orta San Giulio - Lago d'Orta

Engagement session at Orta San Giulio by © Lake Como photographer

Destination wedding venue Orta San Giulio


Orta San Giulio is an ancient town, rich in history, located at Lake Orta which is less known as the smallest sub-alpine lake in northern Italy. The place is mysterious and ethereal. The most popular point is this 12th-century Basilica di San Giulio which dominates the San Giulio island. It is full of colorful frescos and is surely worth visiting the island. The place is surrounded by the little houses where you can see fragrant, colorful flowers growing and climbing along the walls and gardens full of blue, big hydrangeas and you can only imagine how beautiful this is. Like a little paradise on Earth.

Lake Orta homes

Quiet and beautiful Lake Orta homes by © Italy wedding photographer

Gorgeous Italian Lakes nature

Beautiful Italian wedding venues © Lake Orta wedding photographer

Lago d'Orta treasure waiting to be discovered

Lake Orta historical spirit by © lake Como photographer & videographer

Chiesa parrocchiale di Santa Maria Assunta


We agreed that we will meet at the church of Santa Maria Assunta.  Santa Maria Assunta church is truly a charming, medieval jewel. It is one of the most glorious churches in the Italian Lakes Region. Even the Vogue, as well as other famous bridal magazines, published photos of the church. It is that beautiful!

Beautiful church of Santa Maria Assunta Lake Orta by dt studio

Lago d’Orta Matrimonio by © lake Como wedding photographer

The Sacred mountain and San Giulio Island



We went to the hill through the romantic path and finally found ourselves at the religious complex called Sacro Monte of Orta. The complex is located at the top of the hill and overlooks the Lake Orta. This sacred place perfectly fits the scenery and the landscape. There is vast of decorative and architectural styles, the enchanting panorama over the lake and the woodland are just some of the elements that make this place peaceful and unique. Perfect if you’re Lake Orta photographer! The Sacro Monte of Orta, aka the Sacred Mount of Orta, is built in memory of Saint Francis of Assisi and each of the 20 chapels represents parts of his life and can be elucidated as something similar how the Jesus’ life was interpreted. The structure of the buildings follow the spiral lines that represent different architectural design, from the Renaissance to the mid-17th century Baroque when the Rococo buildings were also built in the 17th and 18th century. Across the residencies complimented by the lush and extravagant gardens that look like the hill is rising behind the Lake Orta making the chapels even more beautiful. The history of this religious complex dates back to the 16th century (1583 to be exact) and all the chapels are built in a spiral over the path that goes all up to the hill. Surrounded by the trees, the path is perfect for walks and meditation in the shade and once you get to the top you’ll be rewarded with an admirable lake panorama.


lake Orta pathways by Italy wedding photographer

Lago d’Orta Matrimonio by © lake Como photographer

beautiful landscape of lake Orta

lake Orta landscapes by © lake Como videographer

Romantic after wedding session at Lago d'Orta

Beth & Raza at Sacro di Monte by © Tuscany Wedding Photographer

If you plan on visiting Orta San Giulio, we would strongly advise visiting the Sacro Monte. This place is breathtaking and you will not regret the decision. The view down to the Lake Orta is fascinating, and walking from one chapel to another is an amazingly peaceful way to spend a few hours.

Lago d'Orta landscapes

San Giulio Island by © lake Como wedding photographer

A romantic view towards the San Giulio Island

Beth and Raza at Sacro di Monte by © wedding photographer lake Como

Lake Orta as a wedding destination


Lake Orta is the ultimate wedding destination that is characterized as it was from fairy tales. Inspired by the artists, writers, and poets this is the most romantic and enchanting lake in Italy couples can choose for their Italian wedding, not to mention that is one of the wedding photographers and videographers favorite places to take photos and wedding videos. Once you get there you will not believe how picturesque this place is, with all its romantic atmosphere and magnificent landscape perfect for taking wedding photos and video, no wonder why Lake Orta photographers and videographers love this place. Immerse in past by visiting this charming little town and please your senses. Lake Orta weddings will surely provide an unforgettable experience. The scenery and nature are heart-stopping, but the jewel is this little island that is located in the middle of the lake that dominates the surrounding. Be prepared to be fascinated by the 16th-century churches, romantic sailboats, and mountain greatness. Can you think of a better place to have your wedding in Italy? Lake Orta is a perfect choice or all of those looking for places that will leave them speechless and mesmerized. Being one of the less known lakes in Italy it is a perfect Italian destination wedding. No tourist crowds, all that awaits you here is peace and quiet.


Historical and romantic streets of Orta San Giulio by Lake Como photographer

Through the streets of Orta San Giulio by © lake Como photographer & videographer

A tiny magic village Orta San Giulio captured by © wedding photographer Lake Como

Orta San Giulio romantic main square by © italy wedding photographer

Lake Orta wedding photographer & videographer


2017  has been a wonderful year for us and such a pleasure to work as a Lake Como wedding photographer and videographer. Being able to combine our passion for travel, cultural education and photography and videography is a true blessing, and any excuse to visit Italy is a good one. One of our favorite wedding venues is Lake Orta, and we are very proud to be Lake Orta Wedding photographer and videographer!

Lake Orta boat rides, Historical views over San Giulio Island

Lago d’Orta boat rides by © lake Como wedding photographer

Lake Orta engagement love session in Orta San Giulio captured by © Italy wedding photographer

Wonderful scenery at Orta San Giulio by © Lake Como videographer


Orta San Giulio romantic and historic houses by © Lake Como photographer

Romantic engagement session at Lake Orta by © Lake Como photographer