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Mira & Mike’s Croatian adventure in Dubrovnik

Getting married in  Dubrovnik Old City


When folks land in Dubrovnik, even if they’ve traveled from neighboring countries or as far away as Canada, they often share the same sentiment: “I need to visit this place again… it’s simply breathtaking.”

Mira and Mike echoed that sentiment. Captivated by the ambiance, visuals, and allure of Dubrovnik’s Old Town, they chose it as the location for their destination wedding in Croatia.

Opting for a destination wedding, especially one in Croatia, means that you and your guests get to merge a vacation with the celebratory event. Picture tying the knot in one of Dubrovnik’s magical venues. It’s an unparalleled experience for you and your loved ones. You can all take a step back, soak in the charm of the surroundings, and get married without a hint of tension. And when you head back to North America, everyone will be eager to dive into your photo album! With the adept photography of DT Studio, you’ll undoubtedly have an array of beautiful memories to share.

Mira and Mike stayed at luxury villa with a pool  in Dubrovnik, dating from 19th century but recently completely renovated, providing all the contemporary amenities combined with the magic charm of traditional Mediterranean gardens, unbelievably beautiful views of the Adriatic Sea and the spirit and charm of olden times… No wonder then that most of the photos in which Mira prepares for the wedding ceremony were taken in its elegant rooms; and Mira’s wedding dress from Badgley Mischka (Irene) collection shows all its glorious splendour hung in a large sun-bathed window. The bridesmaids’ dresses also soaked in some additional beauty aired in a sunny window.

On the other hand, Mike took a different approach to wedding preparations: in the outdoor swimming pool, with his friends. The dream of every groom!

Church wedding in Old City of Dubrovnik 

When exploring the many wedding venues in Dubrovnik, Mira and Mike found themselves irresistibly drawn to St. Ignatius Church. This 17th-century gem is majestically situated atop a grand and romantic baroque staircase reminiscent of Rome’s Spanish Steps. In the embrace of cherished friends and family, amidst intricate frescoes and timeless art, Mira and Mike exchanged their vows.  After the heartfelt ceremony, the newlyweds wandered through Ruđer Bošković Poljana (Field), moving past the historic Collegium Ragusinum. This Jesuit college once boasted the enrollment of Dubrovnik’s most enlightened citizens. Their journey continued to Dubrovnik’s Old Port, where an unexpected sight awaited them: a Karaka, a meticulous replica of a traditional 16th-century ship from the days of The Republic of Dubrovnik. Known in English as either “an Argosy” or “a carrack”, this ship was set to sail them to their next destination.

Their voyage led them to the island of Koločep and to the enchanting terrace of Villa Ruža. Here, amidst the scenic backdrop of the Dubrovnik region, Mira, Mike, and their guests celebrated their union with a night brimming with joy and festivity.

Wedding reception in Villa Rose, Kolocep

Koločep is one of the three Elaphite Islands west of Dubrovnik, once renowned for its shipbuilding and skilled sailors (two members of Christopher Columbus’ crew on Santa Maria were from this tiny island), and today famous for its lush vegetation, sparkling clear sea, hidden coves and numerous hiking trails. Villa Ruža, built in 1930s by a rich merchant from Dubrovnik for his beloved wife, sits on a seaside rock in a deep shadow of pine trees at the entrance to Donje Ćelo Bay. This unique place, with its serenity, unforgettable views and magic atmosphere is certainly one of the most romantic places and most perfect wedding party venues on the Adriatic Coast. Or anywhere in the world, for that matter.

Wedding in Croatia

Mira and Mike truly had a dream wedding, embracing both the splendors and surprises of nature. With a robust bridal party of 8 groomsmen and 6 bridesmaids by their side, they ventured through their special day surrounded by a circle of support and camaraderie.

The day was filled with radiant moments under the sun, with golden rays illuminating the jetty and the vast expanse of the azure sky stretching above them. The gentle caress of the Mediterranean breeze playfully tousled their hair and garments, adding to the idyllic setting.

Yet, nature has its own whims. As the day progressed, heavy clouds gathered over Koločep, casting shadows and adding a dramatic backdrop. The serenity of the evening was punctuated by flashes of lightning and the deep rumble of thunder, replacing the harmonious chirping of crickets.

This destination wedding in Dubrovnik, Croatia, offered Mira, Mike, and their international guests a blend of fantasy and adventure. They embraced every moment, from the serene to the dramatic, and cherished every bit of it. The unanimous sentiment? They wouldn’t have had it any other way.





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Karaka – a replica of a traditional 16th century ship
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