Hvar wedding photographer and videographer – I do’s on sunniest Croatian island.

Hvar wedding photographer and videographer – I do’s on sunniest Croatian island.

Getting Married on Hvar through the lenses of Hvar wedding photographer & cinematic videographer 


Hvar is definitely one of the most popular Croatian islands. It stands out from other islands in so many ways: UNESCO heritage, history, tradition, beaches, nightlife, climate, food and wine, views, and sunsets. And above everything, Hvar is the sunniest Croatian island. Some archaeological investigations found out that Hvar was the place where was found the oldest drawing of a boat from Neolithic. It is also interesting to know that the oldest theatre in Europe was also located in Hvar. The beauty of Hvar is unquestionable, so many couples decide to get married in Hvar. Here you  can read more  about Croatia island weddings on Brac, Solta, Vis

The island oh Hvar

Wedding morning in Hvar


Bell Tower of St. Mark's Church in Hvar, Croatia

Best Croatian wedding venues – the island of Hvar


Kate & Mac’s Hvar wedding


The authentic Mediterranean spirit of Hvar also attracted a young American couple – Kate & Mac. When a couple decides to get married in the sunniest place in Croatia, their wedding day become more sparkling, sunnier, and brighter. In Hvar wedding villas – villa Pelagos and Villa Galapagos prevailed the creative mess, ironing the dresses, preparing the divine wedding dress, beautiful bridesmaids who were beautifying everywhere, the boys at the villa decided to freshen up by jumping into the pool – Kate’s and Mac’s morning was playful and cheerful as it can be. 



Kate and Mac enjoying in front of the lenses of Croatian wedding photographer


Hvar outdoor wedding ceremony venue


On the roof of the Hotel Adriana, a formal entourage stared to gather, accompanied by the sound of guitars, a light breeze and a heavenly view of the town of Hvar. After short Smudging (one of the ways to energetically cleanse a space to invite positive energy) made by flower girls, Kate & Mac coronated their love in front of their friends and family. The view of Hvar was essential for choosing this wedding ceremony venue in Hvar.

Hvar weddings

Hvar wedding venues


Hvar weddings

Smudging before the wedding ceremony in Hvar


Hvar weddings

Magnificent view Hvar


About Hvar


The amazing town of Hvar lies on the western side of the island and it could be described as the most beautiful place we’ve ever seen. The very first thing you will notice upon entering this town is a gentle sea breeze accompanied by a variety of Mediterranean scents. This picturesque town is decorated with stunning Venetian architecture, ancient fortresses and stunning old town, where you can enjoy fabulous sunsets, eat at some of its best restaurants or spend the day at coves and beaches surrounded by turquoise blue water. After their Hvar wedding ceremony, together with Kate & Mac, we walked around town and did a short Hvar photo session. Although it was very short, we managed to visit some nice places in Hvar, thanks to Kate and her bridal wedding sneakers. After the session, a speedboat was waiting for us, so we went to the Paklinski Islands to the famous Hvar restaurant Zori to join other guests.

The best rooftops in Hvar

Kate and Mac’s wedding ceremony in Hvar


Rooftop wedding in Hvar

First wedding kiss in Hvar


Bride and groom in the old town of Hvar

A newlywed couple in the old town of Hvar


 Perfect spot to chill and enjoy the sunsets in Hvar

Beautiful bride Kate enjoying Hvar sunset


Hvar wedding venue Zori restaurant


One of the favourite Hvar wedding venues is Restaurant Zori  situated in the bay of Vinogradišće, on the island Saint Clement. This jewel of Croatian dining can offer you crystal clear waters, breathtaking sights and tasteful gastronomic dishes that will stimulate all your senses. This family-owned restaurant has a long tradition, professional service, intimate setting and delicious dishes. It’s chefs put their best efforts to offer you creative interpretations of the Mediterranean dishes, combined with the most prized Croatian wines, by filling your plate with a colourful and delicious palette of flavours that will bring you the piece of paradise on your plate. Zori counts on high-quality ingredients, provided from the best local suppliers, ensuring the utmost quality and freshness of the food.

Wedding decor in Hvar

Wedding decorations at the restaurant Zori in Hvar


Restaurant Zori weddings in Hvar

Hvar wedding venue restaurant Zori


Restaurant Zori wedding decor

Beautiful flowers waiting for the bride and groom at Zori restaurant


Outdoor wedding venues in Hvar

Under the blue sky wedding in Hvar


Hvar wedding photographer


It’s always a pleasure for us to be chosen as wedding photographers in Hvar. We don’t know if there is a photographer who wouldn’t want to take pictures in such a sunny environment, with beautiful antique architecture and many breathtaking landscapes. For us photographers, exteriors and interiors, climate and light are very important elements, because they have an incredible impact on the final results. You can see their wedding photo gallery here – Kate and Mac’s Hvar wedding photo story.

Beautiful adriatic sea next to the Island of Hvar

The newlyweds are heading towards the restaurant Zori


Kate and Mac going to Zori restaurant for their wedding reception

Just married on the island of Hvar


Hvar wedding videographer


Exteriors and interiors are also very important for videos, so we could say that Hvar is a dream location for any videographer. From a bird’s eye perspective, Hvar is a great location for videographers, so the entire video footage of Hvar recorded with a drone will be simply magnificent. We were especially pleased to be Kate and Mac’s Hvar wedding videographers because they are cute, sweet and witty and that you will be able to see in their wedding film that you can find here.

Hvar wedding vendors

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