Dubrovnik fashion designer’s Croatian traditional Wedding

All because two people fell in love… 


There’s only one thing you can get when combine wedding, a dress designer and Dubrovnik – perfection!


Croatian traditional Wedding

Croatian traditional Wedding

Dubrovnik is the place for perfect wedding stories and this one was no exception. Today, Croatian wedding photographer is bringing you a glimpse of Andrea and Antun’s fairy tale raditional Wedding

Croatian traditional Wedding morning photosession

Morning pre-wedding photo session in Dubrovnik


Croatian traditional Wedding

Croatian traditional Wedding

Weddings session in Dubrovnik

Wedding photo session in Dubrovnik


Andrea is a famous dress designer from Dubrovnik


Her career is all about designing and creating beautiful dresses. By choosing us to accompany her on her wedding day and make unforgettable and memorable photos and wedding movie she showed us great honour. We have to admit, being a Dubrovnik wedding photographer is great, and to shoot weddings such as Andrea and Antun’s is what makes us happy and proud. They’re a couple that knows a lot about events, and weddings are something they’re very much familiar with. Andrea actively participates in the sweetest moments of many brides and bridesmaids – choosing their perfect dresses. As soon as you look at the pictures from this couple’s wedding ceremony, you’ll understand what we’re talking about. How much focus, time and attention she put on designing her wedding dress is clearly visible as her dress was so beautiful it completely reflected and portrayed her personality. At one time it seemed to us that everyone at her wedding had something with her signature on it, from bridesmaids to her family and friends. I can only imagine how joyful it was for her to spend all those months getting ready for the wedding, organizing everything, because when we met the couple we realized that there’s always something interesting happening to them, they’re always having fun no matter what, their temperaments are unseen. They’re full of ideas and we loved their excitement about the wedding and how big it was.


Croatian wedding photographer shooting their pre-wedding photo-session 


For their early pre-wedding session, Andrea and Antun chose one of the most beautiful luxury villas in Dubrovnik – Vila Sheherezade, and it was a hit! Here, we introduced our work style to Andrea and Antun and additionally relaxed them. We showed them their pre-wedding photos and gained their trust. This is why we think it’s a good reason for couples to opt for the pre-wedding session, as this session is a good opportunity for everybody to get to know each other, things get into their place and couples feel more relaxed during their wedding day.  




The luxurious villa was built in the 1920s, and the legend about the great love from which the idea of building this monument of love came from, remembers the love story of the Taj Mahal, and therefore, it is often referred to as the Taj Mahal of the Mediterranean. Allegedly, this beautiful villa was made by a Jewish Lithuanian entrepreneur for his mistress he called Sheherezade. Regardless of the truth in this interesting legend, the history of this palace on the sea is inextricably linked to romance. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, famous for their burning and intense love affair, stayed here during a film shoot in Dubrovnik. Perfect for wedding and engagement photoshoots, right? The exterior and interior of the entire villa is just stunning.  Villa Sheherezade exudes its exterior with its colorful terraces and beautiful architecture influenced with oriental style while its interior reveals the world of encouraging luxury – high ceilings, hidden spaces, brothels, rare artwork and valuable items, and, of course, oriental architectural details.



Croatian traditional Wedding 


Antun and Andrea’s wedding was cheerful Croatian traditional wedding.  Andrea’s bridesmaids, in their beautiful rosy, silk dresses followed her everywhere and helped her with everything. Took care of all those little things we see at all weddings that can ruin the moment of relaxation and create anxiety and stress. It was so beautiful to see them walking around in their dresses taking care of everything so nothing could get to the bride. Like fairies, mythological girls of stunning beauty, endowed with magical powers.  

Bridesmaids posing at Croatian traditional Wedding

Bridesmaids at Croatian traditional Wedding

Bridesmaids posing at Croatian traditional Wedding

Bridesmaids posing at Croatian traditional Wedding



The traditional Croatian wedding ceremony was held in the baroque church of St. Vlaho, patron of the city of Dubrovnik. The moment when Andrea walked down the aisle was spectacular and when they “tied the knot” accompanied by the music of popular Croatian cello player Ana Rucner was magical. The entire ceremony was romantic and momentous at the same time.  The church was decorated with lots of beautiful floral arrangements and big, metallic silver candlesticks. The light inside the church was simply majestic. After the ceremony, once they stepped out of the church, they were greeted by their friends and families with songs and dance. Our lovely couple joined them and I have to admit it was a scene Stradun hasn’t seen for a long time. Something we will all remember. 

St. Blaise Church. Image by Dubrovnik wedding photographer

St. Blaise Church. Image by Dubrovnik wedding photographer


Getting married in traditional Croatian style

Croatian traditional Wedding

Croatian traditional Wedding Festive after wedding ceremony

Croatian traditional Wedding

Wedding Vendor Credits



Pre-wedding photoshoot – Villa Sheherezade

Wedding photographer – Dtstudio destination wedding photographer


Enjoying a lively sunshine for most of the year, the majestic gardens and scenic terraces of Villa Sheherezade are the idyllic settings for glamorous wedding celebrations, extravagant birthday parties, ceremonial family gatherings, anniversaries and other special occasions. In the environment of cypresses, mature palm trees, fragrant flowers and herbal plants of the villa’s gardens, with the impressive scenery of Dubrovnik and the sea in the background, your wedding photo will be exactly what you have imagined.


Wedding ceremony venue in Dubrovnik – Church of St. Vlaho (St. Blaise, en.)


If you’re looking for a place of serenity, peace and meditation, then the church of St. Vlaho (St Blaise, en.) is your place to be. Built in a Romanesque style, it’s a symbol of great architecture and unique motifs. There’s no question why couples love this church and choose it for their wedding ceremony venue, its beautiful furnishes and marble altars simply take the breath away.


Wedding Ceremony – Music – Ana Rucner


One of the most successful Croatian cello players and performers and innovative classical artists Ana Rucner toured all over the world, received numerous national and international awards and had a privilege to perform with many famous artists. In 2008, Ana joined a club of solo players whose activity shapes and influences Croatian culture.


Wedding Celebration – Hotel Libertas Rixos


Hotel Libertas Rixos is one of the most exclusive wedding venues in Dubrovnik. Offering a wide range of services, from honeymoon accommodation to perfect wedding organization, your wedding experience will be unforgettable. They welcome personalized details to make each couple’s wedding special and unique.