Sea, sun and lots of fun on Ana & Jan’s wedding in Zadar – Photographer & videographer

Sea, sun and lots of fun on Ana & Jan’s wedding in Zadar – Photographer & videographer

Ana and Jan’s  Croatian wedding was hilariously fun.


Like very few weddings, thanks to the bride, who is a temperamental, fun and infectiously cheerful girl, the wedding of Ana and Jan was hilariously fun. She shared her tireless joy with all their guests and friends and raised everyone’s energy throughout the entire day. The couple who are from Switzerland, a country of enviable beauty, but wanted a summer wedding, lots of sun and a place close to the sea. The wedding location that meets all their needs and demands was the city of Zadar,  a unique city, a host to the unique sea organ, a magnificent old town protected by UNESCO, and a remarkable and inspiring sunset that blaze with brilliance.


Wedding photographer in Zadar

First look in Zadar by DT studio


Zadar wedding photographer

Zadar brides.


Weddings in Zadar

In Zadar with Ana & Jan.. by DT studio.



Zadar – wonderful destination for weddings in Croatia


The city is surrounded by a mountain on the one side, and the blue sea on the other side preserving this Dalmatian city’s beauty and providing the scenery that many couples are looking for. The sun and its historical heritage are the strongest assets when choosing Zadar as a wedding destination. The beauty and value of Zadar’s old town, its historic defensive walls have been recognized by UNESCO, and placed on its list of protected world heritage sites. Its excellent connection with the rest of Croatia, Europe, and the world is also a big plus when planning a wedding. While walking through Zadar, you cannot help but notice the many beautiful, old Christian churches, of which couples most often choose the Cathedral of St. Anastasia – a monumental, Romanesque building and the largest church in Dalmatia. The obligatory stop of every wedding procession is definitely the sea organ – an interesting and original combination of architecture and music, which all newlyweds like to show their guests. The best option for that is to walk with your guests to the sea organ at sunset, such a twilight is rarely seen and it should not be missed.

Zadar wedding photographer

Palms in Zadar


Croatian drone videographer

Zadar from the air by DT studio.


Zadar wedding photographer

Beautiful details in Zadar


Weddings in Zadar

Lion gate in Zadar by DT studio.


Croatian church wedding in the Cathedral of St Anastasia


The Cathedral of St. Anastasia is the largest church in Dalmatia, richly decorated with beautiful square paved stones. It was built in two stages, with the construction beginning in the 4th or 5th century. The interior of the cathedral is monumental, festive, of mixed styles due to the construction in various centuries. Unforgettable views of the city can be seen from the top of the church’s bell tower. The surrounding streets are full of life, tourists and people who are enjoying the old part of Zadar. A marble sarcophagus, where the ashes of St Anastasia are stored, can be found in the cathedral, while in the sacristy of the cathedral has the oldest part of the cathedral – the remains of frescoes and a floor mosaic.

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Moments before walking down the aisle.   Wedding in St. Stošija cathedral,  Zadar, Croatia.


Wedding photographer in Zadar

Ana and Jan’s wedding in the cathedral of St Stošija in Zadar


Snimatelj vjenčanja u Zadru

The happy couple leaving the church after the wedding.  St. Stošija, Zadar, Croatia


Arsenal   – top location for weddings in Zadar


Arsenal in Zadar is a unique cultural monument of zero categories. Once upon a time, it was built as a warehouse for the navy, and it was expanded and upgraded in the 18th century. Today, it is an “indoor city square” that stretches over 1800 m2 and which will leave your guests breathless and provide a comfortable stay and atmosphere.


Photo and video for weddings in Zadar

Wedding decor in Arsenal Zadar


Arsenal Zadar weddings

Wedding venues in Zadar by DT studio 


Croatian wedding photographer in Zadar


As soon as the sun comes up, early in the morning when usually most wedding preparations start, the city of Zadar provides inspiration with its architecture and its beautiful hidden corners, which is a great opportunity to us wedding photographers to capture the magnificent moments. Exclusively good sunny and warm climate show all strength and pride of monuments. We aim to visit as many beautiful places as possible, use as much early light as possible, catch the twilight and the sunset, evoke the proximity of the sea. Being a wedding photographer in Zadar is really a privilege because all the above things result in a beautiful, inspiring and attractive Mediterranean photo gallery of Zadar. Ana and Jan wanted us to create their love photo story from Zadar, and you can see it here.

Zadar weddings

Bridesmaids by DT studio.


Wedding photographer in Dalmatia

Chasing the Sun


Dalmatia wedding videographer

When in Zadar by DT studio. vjenčanja.



Ana and the bridesmaids arrived on the romantic boat


It is impossible not to incorporate the boat while organizing a wedding in Dalmatia. Boats, speedboats are ferries are so ingrained in the lives of Dalmatians, so most of our couples want to include them in their wedding. Ana and her bridesmaids happily walked through Zadar towards the boat. In the meantime, they stopped at a nearby cafe for refreshments. The boat ride lasted about 30 minutes where they sang and enjoyed the moment. When the boat sailed to the waterfront near the sea organ, all the wedding guests were already waiting impatiently and greeted the bride and bridesmaids with a song on the tambourines (Croatian tamburica).

Wedding photography in Zadar

Bride squad


Croatian wedding destination - Zadar

Zadar weddings


Wedding in Zadar

Bridesmaids in Zadar.


Outdoor wedding venues in Croatia

Wedding in Zadar


Wedding videographer in Zadar 


If you are looking for a wedding videographer in Zadar, feel free to contact us as it is our great pleasure and joy to be a part of our couple’s special day. The beautiful old town, the stunning beauty of the sacral buildings, the waterfront, the sea organ, the sun, and summer will provide great pictures and beautiful wedding videos in Zadar. Below we bring you a movie from Ana and Jan’s wedding, we hope you like it.


Zadar wedding team


Zadar wedding Photographer and videographer: DT studio weddings 

Decorations & design: Wed Studio Ana Milin

Zadar wedding venue: Arsenal Zadar

Wedding dress: Rosa Clara