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Tiffany and Karl’s Wedding in Dubrovnik

Tiffany and Karl had long been searching for a perfect venue, a perfect destination for their wedding. And finally, they spotted Dubrovnik: stylish, both ancient and modern, a genuine gemstone emerging from the Adriatic Sea in its stone trim of high walls, Dubrovnik is a city where everything and everybody comes together in the throng of languages and races, as diverse as the boats, big and small, modern and old, in its ports, or the cobblestones paving its main street Stradun. And yet, in its invincible spirit, Dubrovnik remains the Mediterranean in its appearance, fragrance and atmosphere.



Tiffany and Karl decided to forego Dubrovnik’s numerous churches, many of which are the most beautiful in this part of the world, and chose to say “Yes!” at the belvedere in Park Orsula Dubrovnik. And rightly so: the breathtaking view embraces both the mysterious island of Lokrum and the busy Old Town; it is also an archaeological site with the remains of a medieval chapel, where travellers would say their prayers before entering or leaving the Dubrovnik city limits. So symbolic, isn’t it? There is also a stage area, surrounded by a stone amphitheatre, providing a stunning panorama. In short: it is a perfect wedding location for a stylish and memorable destination wedding.

Nearby this dream venue there is the beautiful luxurious Hotel Excelsior, where Tiffany and Karl and their wedding party prepared for the most special day of their lives and enjoyed the delicious dinner and soothing views of the sea and the Old Town on the hotel’s Palm Terrace.

Being a   Dubrovnik wedding videographer means that you need to capture all its multifaceted aspects: its ancient streets teeming with contemporary life, its international spirit of hospitality and openness as well as its unique, though culturally diverse traditions, but most of all its distinct Mediterranean identity.

We are destination wedding videographers based in Croatia, but we are passionate about love, and we travel wherever your love takes you – we love discovering new destinations and revealing their beauty. Each wedding is a new adventure for us, an important challenge to recreate those moments and details which make a wedding a completely unique experience. We travel the world to collect your most precious moments – your smiles, your tears of happiness, your little fears and great victories – and keep them for you to share with others and cherish forever.

Look at all the wonderful places we have visited, all the beautiful events we have witnessed, and if you cannot decide where or how – we are here to help you!

The Dubrovnik Wedding Team:

Cinematic wedding videography: Dubrovnik Wedding Videographer  – filmmaker 

Wedding planner: Dubrovnik design

Dubrovnik wedding venue: Park Orsula Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik wedding ceremony venue: Hotel Excelsior

Music: Petar Ipsic

Hair & make up: Zorana Palameta

Flowers&decorations: IvanaMustapic

Wedding photographer: Marko Marinkovic