Villa Ariston – wedding venue in Croatia

Villa Ariston – wedding venue in Croatia

If you dream of a wedding in Croatia, a wedding in an old-fashioned villa, surrounded by a large beautiful garden, at the end of which you can throw yourself into the pool and just a few steps down, you can dive in the sea, then Villa Ariston wedding venue in Opatija is the right place for you!

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It is located right by the sea and is one of the most beautiful villas on the Opatija Riviera, where most newlyweds plan their outdoor weddings due to the beauty of the garden it offers. It is one of the oldest and best-preserved villas in this region. Croatian wedding photographers like photographing weddings in this Villa. So many details, beautiful backgrounds, space, landscape… a real treat for every photographer! The Villa also has a famous restaurant with a menu based on Mediterranean cuisine and carefully selected ingredients as well as local products that are typical for the Opatija region. Delicious bites are accompanied by top-notch wines from renowned local wine houses.



Villa Ariston

Villa Ariston – Opatija wedding venue photo from the drone.


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The newlyweds brought their family even from Russia to have an outdoor wedding in Villa Ariston.


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An old-fashioned beauty with a garden full of scents – Villa Ariston wedding venue.


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The garden of Villa Ariston is a special story. Spacious, large, with a lot of space to walk around, many different points from which you can observe the sea. The greenery and birdsong will be a Zen place for your guests, and whoever wants to break that peace will surely jump into the pool that is set at the end of the garden. The garden of Villa Ariston has the oldest palm tree planted in Opatija. Being an Opatija wedding photographer in such a majestic environment is a really huge privilege. The garden of Villa Ariston was designed for outdoor weddings in Opatija, and you can see a beautiful wedding by the pool in Villa Ariston here. The tall trees in the Villa Ariston make this place more grandiose, and on the Small Stone Outdoor Stairs, you can meet your partner and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

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Lush greenery and climbing plants that embrace many architectural views in the garden of Villa Ariston.


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The beautiful garden of Villa Ariston


The tall trees in the Villa Ariston make this place more grandiose, and on the small stone outdoor stairs, you can meet your partner and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

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First look on the stairs of Villa Ariston in Opatija


Beautiful stairs in Villa Ariston

Gorgeous bride in Villa Ariston Opatija


If you are interested in an outdoor wedding above the sea, Villa Ariston will be able to fulfil your wish and dreams with its Pavilion located above the sea. For this occasion, our newlyweds Amna and Senad chose this location, decorated it with white canopies that fluttered slightly on the wind.  You can see the story from their wedding by clicking  here 

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Bride and groom enjoy the view of the Kvarner Bay, while ongoing preparations for their wedding in the Pavilion above the sea in Villa Ariston are being finished.


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Bridal Party in the Pavilion above the sea in Villa Ariston in Opatija.


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Wedding ceremony in the Pavilion above the sea in Villa Ariston Opatija.


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Outdoor wedding in Opatija, in the Pavilion above the sea – Villa Ariston.


Bridal preparations in the Villa Ariston. The beautiful interior of Villa Ariston is not only pleasant to stay in but it is also the perfect scene for wedding photos. Antique spirit, high ceilings and incredibly beautiful windows are the characteristics of the visual identity of this Croatia wedding venue. 

Villa Ariston wedding

Bridal preparations in Villa Ariston. Enjoying a beautiful, sunny wedding morning.


Villa Ariston wedding venue

Use every spare moment for looking out the window and enjoying the calming view.


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The bride and bridesmaids on the terrace of Villa Ariston enjoy the slow preparations.


Villa Ariston wedding venue

a gorgeous bride enjoying her wedding morning in Villa Ariston, Opatija.


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A perfect time and place for love – Villa Ariston wedding.


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The last seconds of the bridal preparations in the beautiful wedding venue Villa Ariston.


The interior of the Villa Ariston is spacious and grandiose, with the charm of old times. Wooden stairs dominate the lobby. High windows and shutters let light in a romantic and beautiful way, and paintings of the old masters are decorating the walls.

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Architecturally interesting balcony – a favorite place of many brides. Bridal moments before the wedding ceremony in Villa Ariston Opatija.


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First wedding look at the balcony of the Villa Ariston in Opatija.


Villa Ariston wedding venue

First look at the gorgeous staircase at the Villa Ariston in Opatija.


Villa Ariston wedding venue

Rainy wedding day in Villa Ariston


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The lapels for the boys are ready for the outdoor wedding at Villa Ariston.


Villa Ariston wedding venue

Wedding decor in Villa Ariston.


Before nightfall, in the Villa Ariston one should enjoy the blue hour, the calm, the colors of the sky, and the endless silence that surrounds it. Maybe you could go down to the sea, listen to the noise of the sea, and experience the sunset of the day, and then when night falls, the lights can turn on, and your wedding party can start; outdoors or indoors – wherever you want…

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Bride and groom – blue hour wedding session at Villa Ariston, Opatija.


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Blue hour at Villa Ariston – the newlyweds dance happily by the pool.


While filming destination weddings, we realized how important location is for a wedding film. Villa Ariston offers a lot of things; its beauty inspires in every moment and that is why we are very happy when we have the opportunity to be Opatija wedding videographer.