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Dubrovnik Villa Wedding – Jenna & Rich


Getting Married in Dubrovnik Villa 



Today’s couple’s love story will forever be connected with the Southern Europe and Mediterranean: They got engaged and chose the “Pearl of the Adriatic” – Dubrovnik to put a stamp on their relationship and get married in a company of their closest family and friends.  We’re bringing you a love story of two beautiful people who decided to elope and have their “dream come true” destination wedding in Croatia by the glittering sea – Jenna & Rich

October outdoor wedding in Dubrovnik Villa

Jenna and Rich decided that their wedding will be in October, a bit courageously when it comes to destination wedding and weddings in Dubrovnik in general. The main concern when deciding to tie the knot in October is whether the weather is going to be great. No one wishes to organize a wedding far from their home, come to this beautiful, medieval city and have a rainy day on a wedding day.

Although the weather was a bit different than it was during the peak season (July and August are the warmest and sunniest months during the year), and only 2 weeks prior to the wedding the weather was pretty moody, there was nothing that could ruin this wedding. And when the day came the weather was perfect.

Jenna and Richard decided to fly to Dubrovnik two weeks before their wedding date, all together with their closest friends and family. Their idea was to spend some vacation time where they will sightsee Dubrovnik, do all the necessary preps, enjoy some free time before the big day and finally tie the knot in this beautiful medieval city.

Over some time they spent in Dubrovnik they fastly got the feeling like they’re home, even though they were all staying a hotel. Although the weather was moody it was still warm and sunny enough to take some swimming time which was something Richard particularly enjoyed. He’s a true triathlon fan so it was no surprise that the crystal clear, the turquoise sea was something that he really enjoyed.


Wedding ceremony with a view over the Old Town of Dubrovnik.


The couple booked a well known luxurious villa in Dubrovnik –   which is a perfect combination of privacy, natural beauty, architecture and the view over the beautiful sea and the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

Red balloons over the Dubrovnik, with good wishes for the Wedding couple


After the ceremony, the couple had a moment where they headed to the main street of Dubrovnik called Stradun with a bunch of red balloons with their personal notes attached to it. Especially interesting was the bride’s note as she was so casual about everything related to this wedding that was so appropriate and fun. The scenery of balloons going higher and higher was perfect, lifting all their friends’ and family’s good wishes for our lovely couple.

What surprised us was the tourists and people all around us and our bride and groom who followed each their step with such interest.

The couple decided to take a slow walk to the old port of Dubrovnik where we took photos of them releasing the balloons for their wedding album. The scenery there was simply remarkable as the light was perfect and the view was one of the nicest we have seen, especially the view of the Old town of Dubrovnik.

After the release of the balloons, the couple decided to walk through the main streets where we took this opportunity and made some great pictures and filmed parts that we’ll later incorporate into the couple’s destination wedding film.

When we think again, it was something romantic and symbolic in the particular moment when Jenna and Richard entered the old city port of Dubrovnik. They “sailed” into their new life.

Outdoor  Wedding reception in Dubrovnik


For their wedding reception, the couple also chose luxurious Dubrovnik’s villa where was a totally simple, happy, loving and relaxed atmosphere. Out in the open, the couple enjoyed their outdoor wedding reception to the fullest with a simple yet elegant decorated venue with lots of lightning wrapped around the trees. All their tables were also decorated in a modest manner with branches on guest’s tables and field flowers that gave a nice boho touch to the entire wedding. D’Inspiration, the company that was in charge of their wedding planning, flowers and decorations did a remarkable job here combining everything this couple wanted with the place and made it so simple yet perfect.

Dubrovnik is such a special place for a wedding

The view from the villa’s terrace was something you have to see to believe. Dubrovnik is such a special place with the bright, warm sunshine, dramatic mountains and translucent waters making the famous Dubrovnik riviera and the main street called Stradun the ideal spot for weddings and a place to be and share special moments with your close friends and family.

Villa is the perfect place that highlights the natural beauty of already beautiful Dubrovnik. Dazzling, white-stone walls this villa is all about thrilling sea view and one of the most exclusive spots for your wedding in Croatia.

To get a better feel for how this place really looks like be sure to check out the wedding video below that we prepared for our beloved couple.




The Dubrovnik Wedding Team & Vendors

Dubrovnik Wedding Videographer – DT Studio

Wedding Photographer Dubrovnik – DT Studio,


Wedding Organization and Decoration – D’Inspiration

A family owned business with over five years of experience in wedding planning and over thirty years of experience in tourism branch in general. They put the main focus on wedding planning and their main goal is to make every couple’s wishes and dream come true and reality. What is great about D’Inspiration is that they offer honeymoon planning service which is great for all those who tied the knot in Dubrovnik and want to spend some time alone after the ceremony and celebration.

Spots where the couple was photographed

Dubrovnik’s city harbour – With lots of little boats that sail around the Lokrum island this is a lovely, very pretty and a romantic place to take your wedding photos.

Stradun (The main street) – Stradun is the main street that leads to Rector’s palace and Sponza palace. It’s the most popular street within this city with lots of tourists, restaurants and little traditional shops.

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