Dubrovnik wedding photographer


Hi, I’m Dijana – a destination wedding photographer based in Dubrovnik. 

Over the span of a decade, I’ve journeyed across continents, dedicating my lens to the art of love. From the grandeur of three-day weddings to the intimate whispers of elopements, each moment is a canvas I’ve been privileged to paint with my camera

About us


In pursuit of a Dubrovnik wedding photographer, you’ve unveiled our collective heart and lens. My beloved Tom, with his knack for cinematic wedding films, complements my stills. Together, we’ve journeyed, echoing love’s multifaceted tales. From whispered promises under ancient arches to grand vows amidst sea-kissed horizons. Every frame captures more than a moment; it’s a chapter of an unfolding legacy. For us, it’s the art of immortalizing love in its purest forms, giving families memories to embrace, celebrate, and pass down through ages.

Why wedding in Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik stands out as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, adorned with timeless elegance and breathtaking sceneries ideal for weddings. It’s also Tom’s hometown. We’re fortunate to enjoy our summers here with family. It’s unsurprising that Dubrovnik has emerged as the top overseas wedding location and a premier spot for nuptials in Croatia. Discover more about weddings in Dubrovnik here.

 Stories of  getting married in Dubrovnik through the camera of Dubrovnik wedding photographer…

Getting married in Dubrovnik’s Fortress Lovrijenac


There’s no better place to celebrate love than an insanely romantic and historic Dubrovnik as well as the Egyptian couple Nora & Hammad who likes having fun so much.

Lovrijenac wedding in Dubrovnik

Wild wedding weekend in Dubrovnik


What could possibly be better than having a dream destination wedding in Dubrovnik, one of the prettiest cities in the world? – Just like our previous couple Nike and Ollie, who had their destination wedding in Dubrovnik, Davor and Alyssa also had a three-day wedding celebration in one of the prettiest city in the world – Dubrovnik!

luxury destination wedding in dubrovnik by DTstudio Alyssa Davor

luxury destination wedding in dubrovnik by DTstudio Alyssa Davor


Canadian couple’s wedding  – ceremony in Dubrovnik, party on island Kolocep

We are bringing you Mira and Mike’s  wedding. This superstar like couple traveled from Canada to Dubrovnik to create a once in a lifetime experience destination wedding. And a destination wedding – especially a wedding in Croatia – means that you and your wedding party kill two birds with a stone: go on a vacation and get married while honeymooning!

Gorgeous destination weddings in Croatia by dubrovnik photographer

Getting married in Rome, having a wedding reception in Dubrovnik


When a couple that chooses to ditch their family tradition and have a destination wedding in Croatia and Italy ask you to be a part of the most important day in their lives you simply cannot say “no”, especially if they’re fun and lovely like our couple Becky and Vu. They decided to say their “I do’s” in Italy and Croatia which made us lucky because we had an opportunity to take beautiful photos of their love story.

Destination wedding by Dubrovnik wedding photographer

Destination wedding by Dubrovnik wedding photographer


Gay destination wedding in Dubrovnik, Croatia


We’re bringing you one dream destination wedding in Dubrovnik where, in the heart of this celebration of love and joy, were Eon and Warrick, two beautiful people, who have a real connection that is incredible to witness.

Same sex couple wedding in Dubrovnik by Dubrovnik photographer


Persian wedding in Dubrovnik


Are you interested in how a Persian wedding looked like in Dubrovnik? Sara and Amir imagined it and made it happen. They combined a traditional Iranian wedding with modern Canadian trends into a historical Dubrovnik environment.



Our approach


Every wedding is unique and holds a special place for us. From the raw emotions, varying weather conditions, changing light patterns, vibrant colors, to intricate interior and exterior designs – everything is special. But above all, it’s about the people. Our style is deeply rooted in capturing authentic moments. We are passionate about natural emotions and constantly seek real narratives.

Our couples


The couples we’ve had the honor to work with continually inspire us. They allow us into their world on one of the most intimate days of their lives. We believe it’s our responsibility to capture each love story in a personal, captivating, and visually engaging manner. We respect and prioritize our couples’ preferences, whether they want a documentary feel or fine art portraits. We always strive to capture the true essence, ensuring our photos and wedding films radiate sincerity and authenticity.

 The importance of wedding photography


The significance of wedding photos and films can be encapsulated by the words of the beloved American author, Dr. Seuss: “You will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” Photos remain as the most cherished keepsake from your special day. After all, weddings are those rare moments when friends and family from all corners come together to celebrate and share both joy and sentiment..Your wedding photographs are memories you can treasure for years and even share with future generations.

Cinematic approach to wedding videography


We craft wedding films that meld dynamic vibrancy with the sophistication of a top-tier documentary. Our extensive experience, gained from years of covering myriad weddings and commercial endeavors, paired with our cutting-edge cinematic gear, allows us to consistently deliver films that uphold our signature style and impeccable standards—whether it’s a concise highlight reel, an engaging trailer, or a comprehensive wedding film. If you are in search of the best Dubrovnik wedding videographer , don’t look any further 🙂 We are worldwide recognized cinematic videography studio based in Dubrovnik.

Photo session in Dubrovnik  


Experience Dubrovnik’s magic through your photo session and relive those moments with your captivating photos. Numerous couples from across the US and beyond are drawn to Dubrovnik’s breathtaking allure, choosing this enchanting city as the backdrop for their engagement and wedding photos. They trust that a local Dubrovnik photographer will capture the city’s essence, guiding the session to ultimately produce vibrant memories to treasure forever. We’re here to ensure you enjoy that same unmatched experience.

Weddings in Croatia


Croatia has recently emerged as an increasingly sought-after wedding destination, and it’s easy to see why. Rich in history and graced with breathtaking architecture, Croatia is quickly carving out a niche as a picturesque setting for European nuptials. Given its distinctive landscapes and settings, wedding photos and films crafted here are as unique as fingerprints. With over a thousand islands dotting its coast, Croatia beckons couples looking for idyllic wedding venues and unforgettable honeymoon destinations.