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“I would love to thank you for all the beautiful pictures we have today.
I’m glad that my web-surfing found you guys. I appreciate the time you spent with us.
Thank you very much for your brilliant work and amazing memories.”

                                                                                                            Mariam  K.

weddings at Magnolia garden in Madinat Jumeirah Dubai

Newlywed couple walking at Dubai beach | Dubai wedding


Is it possible to organise a destination wedding in Dubai in just a couple of months? Well, we guess it is as Mariam and Ivan managed to do so! You can see a photo story of their beautiful destination wedding in Dubai here. When Mariam and Ivan reached out to us, it was a month before their wedding. We were very much excited when we heard they’re going to have an outdoor beach wedding in Dubai as well as a thoroughly modern wedding with lots of traditional elements. When it comes to the wedding venue and location for their wedding, they chose Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai. 



Destination wedding Dubai at Al Qasr

Beach wedding at Madinat Jumeirah Dubai


Dubai wedding venue Al Qasr, Madinat Jumeirah


Placed at the private beach, Madinat Jumeirah is a popular resort with lots of authentic and traditional Arabian pieces that showcase the natural beauty of this country. It features two majestic hotels Jumeirah Al Qasr where our newlyweds stayed in with their friends as well a place where we did all our preparations and Jumeirah Mina A’ Salam. Except for those two grand hotels, this resort offers 29 summer houses in Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf and seven (7) villas called Jumeirah Malakiya Villas, more than forty bars and restaurants, banquet and conference rooms as well as 2 grand ballrooms and Madinat Arena which features a theatre with 1000 seats and is one of the most famous region’s entertainment centre and venue. All facilities are connected with 3 km long gardens and waterways that are amazing and represent a lovely backdrop for photo sessions. The resort is located close to the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah that features all the traditional Arabian interior with unique and magnificent architectural elements, seascapes, souk, waterways and bazaars which makes it one of the most popular wedding venues in Dubai. The hotel will take your breath away with all the sculptures (Arabian horses) and tree-lined hallways. Al Qasr is surely an Arabic oasis of luxury that represents an age-old Arabian architectural style, strategically placed for spending your vacation relaxing.  Being a part of Madinat Jumeirah (aka. City of Jumeirah), this hotel offers all sorts of facilities for your enjoyment. From Talise Spa and Fitness health club to world-class cafes, bars and restaurants, luxurious shops and galleries as well as stores are housing traditional Arabian pieces and elements. This is only a small piece of Al Qasr has to offer. What impressed us the most was the grounds that are extensive and perfect for weddings, a truly a piece of paradise for wedding photographers. Here, you can take photoshoots in various settings, from Burj Al Arab that provides a backdrop of unspoilt and unrevealed pictures of the beach area, to places where you can see lush gardens and waterways that are simply perfect for wedding photos. We were amazed by everything, and the fact that our newlyweds had their preps here at the Al Qasr hotel made us extremely excited as the interior design significantly contributed to the beauty of their wedding photos. We used lots of micro-locations for this photoshoot – from gardens, small bridges, Abra boat, the beach, the Arabian elements were perfect for making this wedding unique and special.

Destination wedding venues in Dubai

Al Qasr Madinat Jumeirah wedding venue

Sun & shadow in Madinat Jumeirah

Al Qasr wedding venue by Dubai wedding photographer


Beautiful interiors of Dubai's hotel Al Qasr

Gorgeous bride in Al Qasr Dubai


Top Dubai wedding venues

Traditional Arabic style of Al Qasr Dubai


One of the best outdoor wedding venues in Dubai – Layali beach


Located on the Jumeirah private beach with Burj Al Arab Jumeirah and Arabian gulf ocean backdrop, there’s no doubt that Layali is one of the most popular wedding venues is Dubai. After we did the photo session, we headed to the Layali wedding venue where we met Mariam and Ivan’s wedding planner, wedding registrar and the entire team who did this beautiful wedding arch. The wedding arch took breaths away with its beauty, and the orange Flamingo flowers gave a specific feel. The weather was great, pleasant Arabian winter of 25 Celsius degrees, the light breeze that added this adventuristic note to our bride Mariam. You could see the enjoyment on their guest’s faces. They were all amazed by the beauty of our newlyweds, the location and the weather. After the ceremony, guests headed to the Magnolia reception wedding venue, and newlyweds decided to take a romantic walk on the beach, spending intimate moments enjoying the first minutes of being married and sunset over Dubai. We had the opportunity to photograph and shoot videos of this moment, truly enjoying in every one of them.

Beach wedding Dubai

Newlywedds at Layali beach in Dubai


Wedding florist Dubai

Wedding flowers Dubai


Beautiful flower decorations in Dubai

Wedding details by Dubai wedding photographer


The wedding venue Magnolia Dubai


Placed at the Jumeirah Al Qasr Hotel with a beautiful terrace alongside landscape garden and waterways, this secluded heaven is only a few steps away from the famous Talise Spa. The Abra boat ride, unfortunately, lasted short. We enjoyed the blue-hour scenes sliding down to the location. One of our favourite wedding venues are surely gardens, and Magnolia is just that – an oasis surrounded by palm trees, with a magnificent view of the water, abyss, and bridges. In short – the perfect outdoor wedding venue! Two Abra’s stayed there all the time, waiting for anyone who wanted to take another ride. Wedding planner Masha from Fabulous day Dubai beautifully arranged the location – circular tables were decorated with large vases full of fragrant flowers, the entrance was majestic with old lanterns accompanied with flowers and candle vases, little lights incorporated in the palm trees that gave them this particularly romantic look. The newlyweds arrived at the venue by the Abra boat, after which they enjoyed in a beautiful and fun evening full of dance, laughter, speech, and shisha smoking which is characteristic for this part of the world.

Beautiful outdoor wedding venues in Dubai

Magnolia Madina Jumeirah wedding venue


Pre-wedding venue Rockfish restaurant Madinat Jumeirah


You cannot leave Dubai without trying some of the traditional, freshly prepared seafood delicacies at the eclectic restaurant called Rockfish. Placed right next to the popular Drum bar, you can enjoy the casual Mediterranean lunches with a subtle touch of Arabic flavours near the sea. Mariam and Ivan decided to throw a surprise for their guests, so they organised a dinner evening before their wedding. Their table was so close to the most popular Dubai building that we almost couldn’t believe the site.

Gorgeous couple at prewedding session in Dubai

Prewedding dinner at Madinat Jumeirah Dubai


Prewedding venue in Dubai

Rockfish Dubai prewedding dinner


Wedding music DJ in Dubai

Dubai outdoor weddings


Why Dubai outdoor weddings


The breezy air, breathtaking Dubai skyline and majestic beaches are simply what makes Dubai outdoor weddings so unique. It’s a shame to have an indoor wedding and not to take advantage of Dubai winters when the weather is perfect for outdoor weddings. From intimate and cute courtyards and green gardens to beach settings and sweeping vistas, Dubai has it all when it comes to outdoor wedding venues, and most importantly, the weather.  The Magnolia Al Qasr wedding venue which our newlyweds have chosen for their wedding venue and the Layali beach club are one of the top outdoor wedding venues in Dubai. Our great desire is to photoshoot a wedding in one of the beautiful desert resorts near Dubai, so we’re really hoping we’ll have an opportunity for that soon.

Newlywed couple in Madinat Jumeirah Dubai

The newlywed couple on an Abra ride in Madinat Jumeirah Dubai


Russian wedding in Dubai

Newlywed couple at Pierchic Dubai


Madinat Jumeirah beach wedding in Dubai

Gorgeous bride Mariam at her Dubai wedding


Dubai weddings


Why we love to shoot in Dubai? For the same reason, Mariam and Ivan also opted for Dubai – the winter here is simply perfect. This magical attraction of the sun while the weather in Europe is cold. We believe everyone needs to experience this at least once in a lifetime. Every time we visit Dubai we don’t miss visiting the desert ( here you can read more about our Dubai desert photo session ) and Al Qudra lakes to enjoy this endless beige beauty, not to mention The Dubai Fountain which is the world’s largest fountain system. Located on the 30-acre of the Burj Khalifa Lake it was designed by the talented WET Design company that is also popular for designing the famous fountains that can be found at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Illuminated with fifty colored projectors and 6600 lights, it is 902 ft (275 meters) long and shoots water up to 152.4 meters in the air and all of that combined with the contemporary to classical Arabic music. Perfect, right?

Dubai weddings by DT Studio

We look forward to every wedding. We simply love various traditional wedding ceremonies. On this link, you can have a look at our Saudi wedding in Dubai. Totally different in fashion design and exterior but just as interesting and beautiful as it is!

Bride to be in Dubai

Prewedding couple session in Dubai


Russian couple prewedding night in Dubai

Prewedding night in Madinat Jumeirah


Dubai wedding videographer


A wedding is an important day in every couple’s life. We invite our family and friends, so this is important family gathering we want to cherish for all our lives. We want to be able to look at it whenever we have the desire to recall the good times and memories. So this is why it is important to thrust the videographer whose work we like. It’s important that videographer sees the moments the way we see them and that everything is, in the end, incorporated into an interesting and beautiful Dubai wedding film. Take a look at how we managed to show the wedding atmosphere and emotions in Mariam and Ivan’s wedding film (coming soon), but also you can watch our Dubai setup film by  Carousel weddings  here. 

Why choose us as your Dubai wedding photographer


When choosing a wedding photographer, it is very important to be aware of the style of photography and the way the photographer represents wedding stories. Our style would primarily be described as “honest” and easy to express, warm in color. Even when couples look for more “posed” photos, in the end, they’ll look “sincere”. We never copy the pose – because, we know from experience, that this, in most cases, doesn’t turn out right. Every bride is different, every other wedding is different, other interiors and exteriors, and another light. We will always try to get lots of joy, laughter, beautiful moments, beauty, details and one essential – individual note that every wedding has. Mariam chose us because, in our pictures, she could feel emotions, which was exactly what she wanted. I hope this can also be “felt” on their wedding photos you can see on this link…

We look forward to every new wedding in Dubai!


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Photographer:  Dubai wedding photographer

Videographer: Dubai wedding videographer

Dubai wedding venues: Madinat Jumeirah, Rockfish restaurant, Magnolia Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeirah Al Qasr at Madinat Jumeirah, Layali beach at Madinat Jumeirah

Dubai wedding planner: Fabulous day Dubai

Madinat Jumeirah wedding session

Newlywed couple walking through the bridges of Madinat Jumeirah


Beautiful Dubai landscapes by Dubai photographer

Night in Madinat Jumeirah by Dubai wedding photographer


Prewedding photo shoot in Dubai

Beach wedding Dubai