A three-day wedding party in pearl of Croatia – Dubrovnik

What is better than having a wedding in Dubrovnik, one of the top wedding destination spots today?

We would say having a three-day wedding celebration in Dubrovnik!


This couple did exactly that with their family and friends. This couples love story will forever be connected to Southern Europe and the Adriatic sea as they chose the “Pearl of the Adriatic” – Dubrovnik, for the place where they will seal their love and union. The ceremony that was glittered by the sea was a dream-come-true for them.


It’s great to have your Dubrovnik wedding photographer on the rehearsal Dinner


We were witnesses to their wedding and can say that everybody had a great time. Instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner the couple gathered all their guests for the reception at The Museum of Modern Art in Dubrovnik. At the 72-year old gallery, the couple organized a traditional decorating event where Tilda with her team from  Dubrovnik PartneR Agency  decorated the fence of the gallery with indigenous plants that can only be found in the Dubrovnik area, such as laurel wreaths combined with pomegranates and rose hips, with high walls decorated with palm tree leaves and fruits.  We’re so thrilled Nike and Ollie chose this venue  as their pre-wedding reception site. The view of the Old Town of Dubrovnik can be seen from the gallerie’s beautiful terrace and when standing there it appears that you have the whole town at your hand which is very romantic and makes it a perfect site to shoot romantic photos.

The night ended with a true delight for their guests’ ears as the folklore ensemble “Linđo” had a live performance at that time. They spiced up the evening with their cheerful music and dance and a sound of “lijerica” evoked “the old Dubrovnik” feeling right here, at the spot, in the city where Nike and Ollie will say their “I do’s” in just a couple of hours.  


The Wedding Day

The wedding day started in a very good mood both at the groom’s place and the bride’s place. The groom chose Villa Paulina, one of the best villas in Dubrovnik for his preparation place, where he will spend his last hours as a single man. Ollie took a chance and spent some time with his groomsmen in villa’s private swimming pool which resulted in beautiful photos.

The wedding ceremony


The wedding ceremony took place at one of the most beautiful Franciscan churches in Dubrovnik – Church of “Friars Minor” (Male Braće, cro.), a remarkable renaissance church about which you’ll hear a lot of interesting stories, and one of them is “The Friars Minor” legend by which the church allegedly got its name.

The church was beautifully and decently decorated by  wedding planner Tilda who was also in charge of the decoration and organization of the entire wedding. We have to admit she did a remarkable job by combining a highly organized professionalism with a personal touch of Nike and Ollie. She prepared an original, specially designed scenario and was always there to make their (and our) wishes come true. She surely organized their wedding by their requests and added some details that made our work even more enjoyable as we had lots od details to work with.

The touching ceremony ended the best way possible.

After the church ceremony, guests were offered welcome drinks at the monastery hall, while the newlyweds took an opportunity to take some photos at the most popular sites in Dubrovnik.

The wedding reception

The dinner and wedding celebration was held at the grand hall of the Klarisa restaurant, near the Great Onofrio Fountain. The dinner was prepared by the award-winning culinary team who presented a variety of Mediterranean specialties prepared specially for the newlyweds. The romantic ambiance, beautiful decorations and unique flavors charmed all guests.

Although the rain surprised everyone, as the dinner was supposed to be outdoors, the entrance hall became a great dance floor and the downpour didn’t stop guests and the newlyweds from dance in the rain with their bare feet until the early morning hours. This was an incredible experience for all of us and we hope that our photos can show you what a magical and cheerful “dance” atmosphere with a combination of laughs and amazing food at that special day was.

The Day After The Wedding – A Brunch With A Phenomenal View

The day after started with a brunch by the swimming pool of the Dubrovnik Palace hotel with a breathtaking view to the Adriatic Sea. We captured the entire event discreetly, from the distance and let them enjoy their memorable day from the start to the end, like we were not there, which resulted in beautiful and spontaneous photos.

Being a destination wedding photographer at this wedding was remarkably beautiful because, wherever we turned our camera, the scenery was beautiful. Dubrovnik is a one big beautiful sceneryTheir wedding day will stay the most memorable day of their life and was just THEIR day. They showed us emotions, followed their heart and it became one of the most magical weddings we had an honor to shoot.

We wish Nike and Ollie all the best in their future and thank them for giving us the opportunity to mark their special moments that will be cherished forever.

Take a few moments to check out their film and you will see and hear why Nike and Ollie’s wedding was a dream!

The wedding team and  Dubrovnik wedding vendors:

Destination Wedding Photography – DTstudio 
Destinaton Wedding Videographer – DTstudio Cinematic Wedding Films

Wedding Organization, Design & Decorations – Dubrovnik PartneR Agency

With over 10 years of experience, Tilda and her Dubrovnik PartneR Agency organizes exclusive wedding events at exclusive locations with specifically tailored authentic menus for their clients. They are true experts in protocol matters having in mind professional standards of their clients and cultural differences. Dubrovnik PartneR Agency tailors everything according to their clients’ wishes and needs.

Welcome dinner venue – The Museum of Modern Art in Dubrovnik

The Museum of Modern Art is a popular wedding venue in Croatia that was opened for the public in 1945, designed by the famous Croatian architects Harold Bilinic and Lavoslav Horvat who made this gallery a neo-renaissance-gothic masterpiece of Dubrovnik. The Museum itself has over 1100 square meters outdoor and 900 meters indoor exhibition space which makes it perfect for such events as weddings.     

For more photos of this remarkable place check out Alyssa and Davor’s wild wedding weekend in Dubrovnik.

Groom’s preparation venue – Villa Paulina

Built in 1936, this remarkable modern building designed for Dr. Milicevic and his wife Paulina, went through 2 wars and was left almost intact. In Mrs. Paulina’s dedication the estate is now run by her maid’s grandchildren. The villa also has a beautiful garden full of flowers whose scent can be felt throughout the entire house.

Wedding ceremony church –  Church of “Friars Minor”

The church was built in Renaissance-Romanesque style. After the earthquake in 1667. that resulted with a fire everything was destroyed. Beautiful 2 altars with silver statues, even the paintings by the famous Raphael, Caravaggio and Tizian, along with a glorious crucifix with an exultant arch was burnt. The only thing that wasn’t burnt was the sacristy which still remains in the Gothic style. Over the years the church was slowly renewed and now stands proudly for all the newlyweds who want to pledge their love in this striking place.

Welcome drinks venue – Monastery of the church of “Friars Minor”

This Romanesque Franciscan monastery is an absolute joy when it comes to weddings. Embellished with the oddments of old frescoes and soft pillars that are surrounding the garden with lots of beautiful orange trees. What is popular about this monastery is that one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe and the oldest one that is still open. In the monastery is a museum where you can see all the original pharmacy items with an addition of a broad library where you’ll find precious manuscripts, musical notations, incunabula and artwork treasure.

Wedding celebration venue – Klarisa restaurant

The restaurant is located in the heart of the Old City of Dubrovnik, and was reconstructed at the place where the former St. Claire monastery was back in the 13th century. Here you’ll find a variety of seafood specialities for which restaurant’s Chef Stjepo Cvjetkovic guarantees that it’s fresh from the Adriatic sea (Dubrovnik-Neretva County) and the meat is delivered fresh from the popular western Croatia Slavonian farms. The specialty of the restaurant is the traditional dessert – Carob Cake.

The “day after the wedding” brunch venue – Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace is snugged by the turquoise coastal waters of the lush Lapad peninsula and a fragrant pine forest. The location offers a phenomenal view to the Elafiti Islands from every corner. Besides the stunning seaside location, luxuriously decorated interiors with a touch of elegance and flawless service, this effortless resort also offers 2 outdoor pools, 1 indoor pool, an access to the peaceful private beach, a jogging and walking paths through the wood behind the hotel and a tennis court.