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Dubai desert session with Rachel and Danny


Today, we’re bringing you something special, a delightful photo session we did in Dubai with our beautiful couple Rachel and Danny – Dubai desert session. They are our clients whose destination wedding we photographed and filmed in Dubrovnik. When we came to the UAE to photograph a destination wedding in Dubai for a lovely Russian couple, we decided to meet with Rachel and Danny there, at the beautiful Bab Al Sham desert resort. This reunion caused us to remember the wedding they had in Dubrovnik. We had a walk around the surrounding dunes and simply talked about all sorts of things that happened on their wedding day in Dubrovnik. We’ve been dreaming about a Desert photo session for quite some time now. Being able to feel the freedom of the desert surrounding you, its wind in our hair and warm sand under our bare feet, drowned all in pastel colors that surround us, soft light and simple visions. Now, which photographer would want that? Just imagine how beautiful everything is, especially during the winter – the most beautiful season in the Middle East – it’s pretty much like spring in Europe, pleasant, full of sunshine, with lots of birds surrounding you and welcoming with you with their song. Winter in Dubai is perfect for weddings! So, it’s no wonder we wanted to take this opportunity and have a photo shoot of this wonderful couple in the desert.

Couple session in Dubai desert by Dubai wedding photography

Playing in a desert by Dubai wedding photography


Dubai wedding venues – Bab Al Sham resort


This 5-star and award-winning resort whose name “Bab Al Sham Desert Resort & Spa” translated from Arabic means “Gateway to the sun” (Bab Al Sham) is constructed to look like a classic rural Arab village that is somewhat fortified by the desert landscape. With highlights of low-rise architecture in mind, this fortress, all in sandy colors, flaunts the main tower with the Reception as well as an entryway and lots of two-story buildings that are perfect for visitors who want to spend their vacation and looking for a remarkable accommodation. Here, you’ll find lots of restaurants, spa centers and meeting rooms connected by lots of perpetual little hallways. The Arabian charm is embodied in each part of this property with all those little walkways running through the place, dispersed small, rounded ponds, hidden seating places and patios, beautiful mountains and streams giving that special vibe of serenity. Many green gardens and yards simply add to the peaceful feel of the entire resort. This rustic Arabian resort is simply amazing with all those characteristic interior design pieces that feature dark wood, stone floors and iron fixtures as well as warm lighting fixtures all over the place.

A desert session in Dubai desert resort captured by Dubai wedding photography

Dubai desert resort session by Dubai wedding photography


Dubai best desert wedding venues, Dubai wedding photography, Dubai photographer

Desert wedding venue in Dubai


Top desert wedding venues in Dubai by Dubai wedding photography

Bab Al Sham by Dubai wedding photography


Dubai wedding photography


We’re always extremely happy when we receive an invitation from the newlyweds to be their Dubai wedding photographer and videographer and capture all those special and intimate moments of their wedding (here you can see another beautiful Saudi Dubai wedding.) And there are, for sure, many reasons for that. Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates that is rich in cultures. Most of the population are people who are expats from different countries all over the world, different religions and nationalities living in this majestic city.  It is always a pleasure and interesting thing to photograph a wedding in Dubai. You never know what you’ll find here. What type of exterior will be there expecting, what kind of fashion will you see on your newlyweds and guests, those specific traditions that make each wedding so special? Just look at this Dubai beach wedding we did at Madinat Jumeirah. To see the exact wedding here is impossible! Dubai is the most popular city when it comes to destination weddings as it provides the newlyweds as well as their families and guests to also have a great holiday combined with the wedding. Here, you’ll always experience and have a chance to get to know different cultures and traditions. Dubai is simply the greatest place for all Arabian-themed weddings, as well as desert, lavishing, luxurious and beach weddings. The weather here is almost always sunny so you can be sure you’ll have good weather on your wedding day. Dubai also provides lots of different activities guests can do while you prepare for your big day and, to mention the most important thing – it’s centrally located which is perfect if you have your family and friends coming to your wedding from all over the globe.

A young Irish couple in Dubai desert by Dubai wedding photography

Desert session captured by Dubai wedding photography


Dubai desert  photo session


Hopefully, you will enjoy our desert session in Dubai. The only thing that was missing was a beautifully decorated camel. Well, we hope there will be an opportunity for that next time we visit Dubai…

Rachel in the Bab Al Sham resort captured by Dubai wedding photography

In the desert by Dubai wedding photography


Desert wedding venue Bab Al Sham by Dubai wedding photography

Rachel at Bab Al Sham by Dubai wedding photography


Desert session in Dubai by Dubai wedding photography

In the Dubai desert by Dubai wedding photography


Dubai wedding photography in the Dubai desert

Dubai session by Dubai wedding photography


Dubai desert couple captured by Dubai wedding photography

Morning in the desert by Dubai wedding photography


Dubai wedding videographer


Our Dubai desert session film is coming soon.

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Dubai Wedding  photographer: Dubai wedding photography DT studio

Dubai Wedding  videographer: Dubai wedding videographer DT studio

Dubai desert wedding venue: Bab Al Sham resort