Dubai wedding captured by Dubai wedding videographer

Saudi wedding in Dubai

Dubai wedding videographer and photographer


We’ve been dreaming about photo shooting a wedding at a distant destination for a long time now. Dreaming about getting to know all about a new culture, different wedding traditions… And, you know how they say that when you want something that bad your wishes will come true.  Our beautiful bride and groom from Saudi Arabia saw our work and asked us to be a part of their wedding day. This is the wedding love story about young Saudi couple and their modern wedding in Dubai. Here is a short photo story of their wedding

Dubai weddings under the palms, Wedding in Dubai captured by Dubai wedding photographer & videographer

Towards the palms | Dubai wedding videographer & photographer

Destination wedding in Dubai


Weddings in Saudi Arabia are very traditional – men and women must have separate wedding celebrations held in public venues. But, there are more and more Arab couples who want a more modern and relaxed wedding, they want to enjoy and celebrate it together. For many reasons, their first choice is often UAE, more specifically Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our newlyweds opted for Dubai.  Apart from the sun that attracts many summer lovers, Dubai has a lot to offer to future brides and grooms. Its architectural wonders that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. With glamorous hotels, sprawling archipelagos that were artificially made and stunning skyscrapers, this particular part of Arab Emirates resembles a futuristic metropolis, while nearby you can feel the true charm of desert and desert life. In search of a more modern wedding venue, they chose FIVE Palm Jumeirah beach resort – which is one of the most modern hotels in Dubai. FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai is a luxury hotel that simply screams elegance. Located on the iconic Palm Island, it offers beautiful scenery and picturesque view of the Arabian Gulf.

Wedding venue in Dubai, Wedding Dubai captured by wedding videographer in Dubai

View from Dubai wedding venue | Dubai wedding videographer

Dubai wedding dresses designed by Mark Bumgarner captured by Dubai wedding photographer and videographer

Dubai bridal fashion | Dubai wedding videographer

Dubai wedding venues, Modern weddings in Dubai captured by Dubai wedding videographer

Wedding venue in Dubai | Dubai wedding videographer

Dubai wedding ceremony


The wedding ceremony was held on the roof of the hotel. Actually, it was the Penthouse Dubai which is on the 16th floor, a rooftop that has one of the most beautiful views of Dubai skyline. Thanks to the experienced wedding planner from Carousel Weddings and florists from Fleurology by Carousel the entire space was gorgeous.

Beautiful outdoor weddings Dubai captured by Dubai wedding videographer

Outdoor wedding venue in Dubai | Dubai weddings

Dubai wedding reception venue: Vista Ballroom


The 14th floor of the Vista Ballroom is a 597 square meters grand ballroom perfectly designed for hosting events. The interior of the entire floor is beautifully designed and decorated with high ceiling windows providing a stunning view of the Arabian Gulf. This spacious room was like we were in a dream – with soft orchid buds peeking from all corners of the room.

Five Plam Jumeirah dubai wedding venue captured by dubai wedding videographer

Vista ballroom view | Dubai wedding videographer

Wedding flowers Dubai, Wedding design in Dubai by dubai wedding videographer

Dubai wedding flowers | Dubai wedding videographer

Dubai wedding ideas, Wedding flower design Dubai captured by Dubai wedding videographer

Dubai wedding venue | Dubai wedding photographer

Modern wedding venue Dubai


In contrast to the multitude of soft flowers and golden and white colors that dominated, in the middle of the ballroom was set a large industrial podium, and their common synergy was very interesting and intriguing.  Take a look at our modern beach wedding in Dubai

Wedding dinner speeches in Dubai captured by dubai wedding videographer

Wedding party in Dubai | Dubai weddings

Dubai wedding cakes


Same as other details, the wedding cake was no ordinary too. It was beautiful and dominant like we could hear it screaming “Look at me, I’m here and I’m gorgeous”. Placed near the newlywed’s table, everyone could clearly see golden handwritten initials of our newlyweds.  After the wedding ceremony, their family and friends enjoyed watching the sunset, cocktails, and notes of Violin & Cello Duo and Oud player, while we focused on our lovely couple and did a photo session at the hotel’s beach.  Dubai wedding musicians – DJ Karim and Khalid Fouad were in charge of the dance and party until the early morning hours.

Dubai wedding inspiration, Dubai wedding cake, Golden cake in Dubai filmed by dubai wedding videographer

Best wedding cake Dubai | Dubai wedding videographer

Wedding band in Dubai, Dubai wedding singer filmed by dubai wedding videographer

Khalid Fouad wedding music Dubai | Dubai wedding videographer

Dubai wedding party, Saudi bride dancing at her Dubai wedding captured by Dubai wedding videographer

Wedding dance in Dubai | Dubai wedding videographer

Arabic weddings in Dubai


We all know that Dubai is a true holiday paradise, a desert city full of tourist attractions and wonders you won’t see anywhere else. Here you’ll see some of the world’s tallest buildings and modern architecture that will leave you speechless. With timeless deserts, stunning sandy beaches, fun activities where everyone can find something for themselves, huge and modern shopping malls, Dubai is a place you must visit. It amazed us how many various classy restaurants there are, not to mention ritzy hotels, nightclubs and trendy bars. This city is alive! It was no wonder that it became a hub for weddings and that many couples come here from all around the world to say their “I do’s”.  Something that truly amazed us was perfumery station that was in front of the venue where guests could experience a whole nother level of elegance as they enter the venue. Incenses and perfumes are an essential part of Arabic lifestyle and we find it amazing! You could sense sweet and relaxing fragrances that made their wedding day even more magical and surreal.

Beautiful beach photo session in Dubai captured by dubai wedding videographer

Love in Dubai | Dubai wedding videographer


Dubai wedding videographer


The wedding day is a once in a lifetime event that you have planned from start to finish. With your wedding video, you can watch it back and relive it. We’re passionate about making films and put our hearts into filming weddings around the world. Dubai is home to scenic sights and colorful Emirati culture,  golden sand, and palm trees – we simply love it and we are honored to be UAE and Dubai wedding videographer. 

Madinat Jumeirah wedding


Saudi weddings are characteristic and special as well as beautiful and luxurious at the same time. But we also did a little bit different wedding in Dubai. On this link, you can see our beautiful beach outdoor wedding in Dubai at Madinat Jumeirah. Each wedding is special and different, but both wonderful!

Wedding Vendor Credits


Wedding  photographer: Dubai wedding photographer DT studio

Wedding  videographer: Dubai wedding videographer DT studio

Wedding planner: Carousel weddings 

Carousel Weddings & Events is one of the well-known luxury event planning agencies in the UAE. Their services include event planning, design and management. Their mission is to help couples enjoy the most important days of their lives and create dream weddings. If you have an idea, they’ll turn it into reality.

Wedding dress designer: Mark Bumgarner

Former formula racer who wanted something different so he started his second career in design.  Having no fashion designer friends and mentors he did everything to pursue his dream of being in the fashion industry. Designing fantasy-worthy red carpet dresses and feminine outfits he became famous for its creations and the favorite designer of the actress Heart Evangelista. You can see his beautiful creations on Facebook and Instagram.

Music: Khalid Fouad

This ambitious young performer has entered the professional music world in 2001 with the inception of his band and because widely popular. Some of the most prestigious venues he performed are the GCC and the Musical Arts Arena in Bahrain. He’s also known for his performances on charity events, Music & Art Festivals, BDFA (Bahrain Defense Force Anniversary) and “Think Pink” Bahrain Cancer Association events. He also extended his musical career to the film industry with three movies released to this day. Khaled Fouad excellence and being on the stage. Some of his known songs (solo) are “Habibi” where he used lyrics from Al Sharqawi’s song, as well as the song “Man Rah” which he recorded with Kuwaiti performed Hamoud Nasser. 

Wedding venue: FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai

This is a place that perfectly blends unique architecture with a contemporary and incredible design. Having a private beach with five amazing swimming pools, it became a popular place to create memorable experiences.

Ceremony venue: The Penthouse Dubai

Located on the 16th floor of a popular building, it’s an adults-only rooftop where they organize events with amazing views of the majestic Dubai. Here, guests can truly enjoy their time overlooking the Palm in one of their two glass-lined swimming pools.

Saudi wedding in Dubai, Dubai destination weddings, Saudi bride, Dubai bride captured by dubai wedding photographer

Beautiful Saudi bride captured by Dubai wedding videographer


Saudi couple wedding in Dubai captured by Dubai wedding videographer

Dubai session by Dubai wedding videographer

Dubai sunsets by Dubai wedding videographer, Dubai weddings, Beach weddings in Dubai

Sunset session in Dubai by Dubai wedding videographer

Saudi weddings in Dubai captured by Dubai wedding videographer

First dance captured by Dubai wedding videographer


Modern Dubai weddings, Dubai beach weddings, Saudi weddings in Dubai captured by Dubai wedding videographer

Night views by Dubai wedding videographer