Colourful garden wedding in Zagreb, wedding in Croatia


Spring, late in the morning, but the garden of the restaurant Rougemarin is bustling with activity, flowers, creativity… Mirela and Boris decided to say their “I do’s” in the shade of tall poplars, in front of a flowery wedding arch, surrounded by their closest and dearest friends and family. Is there anything more natural than a spring outdoor wedding?

Mirela loves purple, and now she needed another colour to set her favourite off. She chose goldenly, so the arch was sprayed golden, and Mirela’s wedding dress was in golden nuances.

Both Mirela and Boris love travelling so this mutual passion simply had to find its place in their backyard wedding: their invitation cards showed an aeroplane and its course, the wedding arch was decorated by pieces of paper cut in the shapes of planes and hearts and the bride and groom made a point to find a photo taken on a journey with each member of their wedding party. Then they used a rustic ladder display for all the photographs and placed it at the entrance into the yard so that the guests could find the ones they were in. Most of the pictures were funny and provoked a lot of smiles, reminiscences and emotion – a very good beginning of a very special day!

Do it Yourself wedding


They really wanted to enjoy and take part in every single aspect of their most precious day, so Mirela and Boris chose a DIY wedding – the purple stickers with the images of planes and hearts, the seating plan (aeroplane seats, naturally) were all products of their industrious hands, creativity, and love. For once, this was NOT love’s labour lost.

Flower Master florists supplied field flowers, which Mirela and Boris, believing that nothing makes a garden more beautiful, wanted for their garden wedding; they were the motif of the entire event – there were wooden pallets corners with flowers, a wooden pallets wedding time-table and a table with vintage tablecloth for the wedding book in front of the wedding arch – all supplied and beautifully arranged by the terrific girls from the company My Balcony (Moj Balkon) and the florists Flower Master.

In the glow of the sunset and romantic garden lights and countless candles on the tables, in the gentle evening breeze, the band started performing its magic and a cheerful party with lots of laughter, dancing, spark sticks and happiness began… Quite a few girls flocked around the photo booth to take selfies – probably the pictures for some new weddings and some other ladder displays…

The best of luck, Mirela and Boris!