Weddings in Croatia

Why Croatia is the Ideal European Wedding Destination


Considering a wedding overseas? Is Croatia on your list?

If it isn’t, why not? If Croatia hasn’t crossed your mind yet and you’re dreaming of a truly remarkable wedding overseas, then Croatia should be top of your list.

Below, we introduce you to the stunning Croatia and all its marvels, showcasing why this coastal nation is a prime wedding destination.

Geographical Position of Croatia


Croatia is geographically nestled in the very heart of Europe, with the breathtaking Adriatic Sea caressing its shoreline. Ideally situated at the juncture of Southeast Europe, the Mediterranean, and Central Europe, Croatia boasts a unique blend of diverse landscapes and a captivating climate. Reaching Croatia is merely a matter of a short flight, given the frequent daily services. From most UK cities, Croatia is just a hop, skip, and jump away. As you journey through Croatia, be it by road or air, you’ll be equally captivated by its coastlines and its countryside. The nation’s natural allure, which includes the sea, lakes, national parks, and islands, offers a plethora of choices for a magnificent wedding venue abroad. We’re confident you’ll be delighted with your decision to select Croatia for your destination wedding, given the myriad enchanting venues that cater to diverse wedding specifications

The Natural Splendour of Croatia


From the summit of Croatia’s loftiest peak, Dinara, to the South Dalmatian islands caressed by the Adriatic sun, and from the lush Mediterranean forests on the island of Mljet to the wild nature enveloping Posavina, the sheer magnificence of Croatia’s natural beauty is bound to captivate you. Venture into UNESCO protected National Parks, immerse yourself in what is considered by the European Commission to be Europe’s clearest sea, or unwind on some of the world’s most pristine beaches. Embrace Croatia’s vibrant energy, replete with distinctive fauna and a gentle climate – wild horses, playful dolphins, majestic brown bears, and over 3,000 plant species scattered across the Kvarner Islands and Velebit Mountain. Quite simply, Croatia has everything. Whether you’re in pursuit of self-discovery or a serene retreat, Croatia beckons. Graced with year-round sunshine, resplendent beaches, idyllic islands, and Mediterranean cities, Croatia serves up a rich tapestry of natural wonders – from rugged coastal cliffs to verdant vineyards.

 Places to get married in Croatia

Beautiful Croatian coast by Croatian Wedding photographer  –


Top Destination Wedding Venues in the World

Getting married in Dubrovnik


Croatia’s Climate Overview


Undoubtedly, the climate plays a pivotal role in orchestrating your wedding; after all, the dream wedding pairs with impeccable weather, doesn’t it? Rest assured, Croatia has got this aspect sorted to a tee. This compact nation is renowned for its abundance of sun-drenched days and lengthy daylight hours throughout the year. To truly capture the essence of spring and summer, we advocate scheduling your Croatian nuptials between April and October. This splendid half-year stretch ensures you maximise the summer vibes and coastal marvels. Should you have concerns about the height of summer heat impacting your big day, ponder setting a date in May, June, September or October. Not only are these months characterised by ideal weather conditions – sunny yet temperate – but they also offer the advantage of fewer holidaymakers, ensuring a more tranquil setting compared to the bustling peak season.


Destination wedding in Croatia

Gorgeous couple after their wedding ceremony in Croatia


Effortlessness of Planning a Wedding in Croatia


Destination weddings bring with them a unique allure and thrill, often encouraging us to embrace a dash more spontaneity than we might usually. While many believe that conjuring up the perfect wedding usually demands a year-long preparation, in Croatia, that timeline can be substantially trimmed. Opting for a wedding in Croatia allows you to curate your dream day in merely 6 months, thanks to their incredibly efficient and adept teams whose coordination skills are truly unparalleled. Typically, destination weddings evoke intimacy and tend to be on the smaller scale, making it feasible to arrange one in a truncated timespan. Croatia, brimming with diverse options, is particularly conducive to such expedited planning. The country boasts a myriad of wedding planning agencies that specifically cater to destination weddings, orchestrating affairs so picturesque, they appear plucked right out of glossy brochures. Whether it’s gastronomy, melodies, venues, photography, religious ceremonies or other nuances, rest assured that every detail in Croatia will be meticulously addressed, poised and ready for your big day.

Beautiful wedding setup by weddings in Croatia

Boho wedding in Croatia


Gorgeous wedding setup in Croatia

Venetian themed wedding setup in Dubrovnik


Exquisite Croatian Cuisine and Wines


Croatia is famed for its exceptional agriculture. With the bounty of the Adriatic Sea coupled with locally cultivated fruits and vegetables, you can be confident that your guests will be savouring the finest organic produce. As for viniculture, Croatia boasts a commendable array of red, white, and rosé wines. These are meticulously crafted using age-old techniques distinct to this European region. Owing to its fertile coastal and inland vineyards coupled with an ideal climate, Croatia has garnered a reputation for producing some of the globe’s most esteemed wines.

Culinary Croatia by weddings in Croatia

Incredible Food and Wine story in Croatian weddings


Croatia’s Unmistakable ‘WOW’ Factor


Understanding the myriad offerings of Croatia, it’s abundantly clear why it should be top of mind for your destination wedding. From age-old edifices, landmarks, quaint chapels, and grand churches to imposing castles, verdant national parks, and forests that seemingly embrace even the coastal areas – Croatia is a veritable treasure trove! Over recent years, this compact nation has ascended the ranks to become one of the globe’s most sought-after holiday destinations. Testimonials from international travellers consistently echo a sentiment of sheer delight with Croatia, many already earmarking it for their subsequent European escape. Dubrovnik, often heralded as Croatia’s tourism jewel, skyrocketed in popularity in part due to its portrayal in the global television sensation, “Game of Thrones”. Yet, while Dubrovnik is undoubtedly a marvel, it’s essential not to overlook the charm of lesser-known cities scattered throughout Croatia. For your dream wedding, Croatia offers a plethora of picturesque venues, ensuring every couple finds their ideal backdrop.


 The pearl of the Adriatic sea

Getting married in Dubrovnik


Croatia: A Secure Destination with Hospitable Folk


In terms of safety metrics, Croatia stands out as a particularly secure haven. Roaming its streets, there’s an evident peace of mind, liberated from the concerns of prevalent crime. It’s incredibly reassuring to know that the destination you’ve chosen for your sojourn champions safety. Beyond its secure confines, Croatia’s true charm lies in its warm-hearted populace. Welcoming, amiable, and always eager to assist, the Croatians’ friendly disposition only solidifies why the nation is an ideal choice for destination weddings. Croatians exude a palpable sense of pride in their reputation as laid-back and congenial hosts.

Weddings at Croatian Islands

Weddings in Croatia by DT studio


Plentiful Choices for a Destination Wedding in Croatia


One of the first and foremost things you’ll do once you got engaged is finding the perfect wedding venue. What you need to do is to think about what kind of wedding do you want to have, what will be the theme? Do you want a simple, traditional wedding, something outdoors, by the sea, in the woods, something rustic? Once you know those characteristics you can start thinking about wedding venues and start making your list. Croatia offers a large variety of majestic wedding venues and locations for celebrating the most important day in your life. Since Croatia has a stunning coast, here, you can find a considerable amount of beach venues. Croatia’s rich ancient history ensures that there is a great collection of some of the most beautiful castles and villas (nested by the sea) for your consideration. The modern day era has brought a collection of summer houses standing proudly on hills and more intimate locations, like local vineyards as perfect destinations for your wedding abroad. The most popular three Croatian regions to have your wedding are: Dubrovnik, Istria, and Dalmatia.

Beautiful outdoor wedding setup in Dubrovnik

Outdoor weddings in Croatia


Weddings in Istria and Kvarner, Croatia’s Gems


Renowned as one of Croatia’s foremost tourist regions, Istria is exceptionally accessible from Western Europe. Many who’ve been captivated by its charm liken it to the enchanting landscapes of Provence and Tuscany. Istria’s rich Roman legacy permeates its culture, architecture, and artistic treasures, making it evident in churches, paintings, and sculptures. The peninsula boasts quaint towns and scenic vineyards, particularly in its heartland. Noteworthy cities in Istria, like Rovinj and Pula — with Pula famed for its iconic amphitheatre — beckon travellers.

Adjacent to Istria, Kvarner carries a 150-year history of drawing visitors with its leafy parks, sun-kissed islands, and sea-adjacent promenades. Venturing slightly inland to Gorski Kotar, the terrain transforms dramatically, offering mountainous expanses and pristine national parks. Lovingly dubbed the “lungs of Croatia”, Gorski Kotar teems with wildlife, including bears, wolves, and eagles. Its pure air quality has turned it into a haven for biking and hiking enthusiasts.

Organising a wedding in this region is a breeze, courtesy of its diverse, breathtaking venues. From opulent villas ensconced amidst rolling hills to luxury hotels offering panoramic views of the Adriatic, there’s an allure for every couple. Istria, with its chic rustic villages, preserves tradition and agrotourism, making it a sought-after backdrop for matrimonial festivities.

Our Top Wedding Venue Picks in Istria and Kvarner, Croatia:

Villa Polesini – Poreč Wedding Venues


When it comes to having a perfect wedding venue that is intimate, romantic and chic all at the same time, Villa Polesini is THE place. Placed on the waterfront of the Porec and built by the noble family Polesini in the 19th century, this Villa is a true architectural treasure that is astonished by the luscious gardens and the sea that surrounds the villa.


Poreč wedding by DT studio

Villa Polesini weddings by DT studio


Croatia top wedding venues

Weddings at Villa Meneghetti


Villa Meneghetti – Getting marriend in famous Istria Wedding Venue


If you’re looking for a grand place with a capacity to host many guests this authentic Istrian house should be your go-to place. With over 120,000 m2 and surrounded by Mediterranean vineyards, olive-groves but want to be close to the sea, this villa is for you. The villa is located 2 kilometers away from the sea and is known as one of the most popular Istrian gastronomy sites, this magnificent Villa offers a lot more than just a single themed wedding.

Red Island – Istria Wedding Venues


Only a fifteen-minute boat ride from the small Mediterranean city Rovinj there is the island of St. Andrew, or more commonly known as the Red Island. Here you’ll find our favorite wedding venue – Hutterott that dates back to the 19th century that outbuilds one of the most popular Istrian hotels. This venue has everything from breathtaking sea view and romantic outdoor venue to lush vegetation for a variety of breathtaking wedding photos.

Outdoor wedding venues Croatia

Red Island wedding in Croatia


Wedding photographer Opatija

Villa Ariston weddings


Villa Ariston – Opatija Wedding Venue


Surrounded by one of the most beautiful parks in Croatia, The Villa Ariston Hotel is one of the most outstanding, impressive and charming hotels in Opatija. A place where the atmosphere of ancient times perfectly mix with some of the most modern services and comforts it is ideal for an unforgettable and unique wedding.

Grand Hotel Royal – Opatija Wedding Venue


Along the coastal promenade, via a small square and a French garden with plant sculptures, you will come to a well-equipped grand hall. The hall with large glass rocks visually immerses the sea and exudes the elegance of the ballroom. This location, crowned with 4 stars, depending on the arrangement, can accommodate up to 1000 guests. It can also provide accommodation in rooms and apartments overlooking Kvarner, catering to all your abroad wedding needs.

Opatija wedding venues

Hotel Royal weddings in Croatia


Opatija weddings

Hotel Kvarner weddings in Croatia


The Crystal Hall – Opatija Wedding Venue


This is the most elegant and oldest ballrooms in Istria. This venue is used for some of the most prestigious events in the country and is popular for its lavishly decorated walls, impressive crystal chandeliers, large windows providing a spectacular view and grand decor.

Weddings in Dubrovnik


In recent years, Dubrovnik has become one of the most popular wedding destinations in Croatia. Couples all over the world come here to tie the knot. And it’s understandable why; this is one of the most beautiful and romantic locations on Earth, with beautiful backdrops and scenery creating perfect opportunities for wedding photos. Placed along the great stretch of the Mediterranean, having a destination wedding here is like saying “I do” to nature.


Here are some of our favorite Dubrovnik wedding venues:


Incredible fortresses in Croatia

Fort Lovrijenac wedding in Dubrovnik by Dubrovnik wedding photographer


Fort Lovrijenac – Dubrovnik Wedding Venue


Fort Lovrijenac or St. Lawrence as commonly named by locals, is one of the majestic fortresses we have ever seen. Standing on a 37 meters high rocky mountain it offers intimacy, privacy and a romantic setting for your wedding. Fort Lovrijenac is an excellent choice as it can be rented and privatized for 24 hours, allowing you to complete privacy to get ready and say your “I do’s” without the intrusion of tourists.

Revelin Fortress – Dubrovnik Wedding Venue


One of the biggest fortresses in this part of Croatia. With its magnificent city walls, together with our previously described wedding venue – Fort Lovrijenac makes Dubrovnik harbor’s mighty guard and one of the most unique venues for all sorts of ceremonies, especially weddings.

Gorgeous Croatian wedding venues

The Revelin fortress wedding Dubrovnik


Croatian villas wedding venues

Weddings at  Villa Rose on Island Kolocep (Localy named Kalamota)

Villa Rose on the Kolocep Island near Dubrovnik 


If you’re dreaming of a romantic and peaceful island wedding, Villa Rose on Kolocep Island is the perfect venue. Built in 1930 and located on a seaside rock, it offers a magnificent view, delicious food, and excellent service. The absence of road traffic on the island creates a sense of peace and tranquility for the newlyweds and their guests. Kolocep Island offers a serene sanctuary for adventurous couples looking for sun, sea, and a picturesque landscape to celebrate their wedding day. The idyllic setting places the newlyweds and guests in the spotlight, making them feel like they are the most critical aspect of the universe. A wedding on a quiet Mediterranean island surrounded by tranquil crystal-clear waters and lush greenery is truly a dream come true. If you’re looking for a truly magical wedding venue, Villa Rose on Kolocep Island is the perfect choice.

The Museum of Modern Art – Dubrovnik Wedding Venue


Dubrovnik’s popular art gallery offers something most other venues don’t. Not exclusively only for wedding ceremonies, but for all sorts of events, this venue provides complete privacy, historical buildings, and stunning views. Its rooftop terrace has a remarkable view of Dubrovnik and its courtyards are perfectly positioned for weddings. Designed in a new-Renaissance-gothic style by popular Croatian architects Harold Bilinic and Lavoslav Horvat, this is a true gem of Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik's most famous palaces

Weddings at the Museum of Modern Art in Dubrovnik


Old Dubrovnik Palaces

Beautiful weddings at Sponza Palace


The Sponza Palace – Dubrovnik Wedding Venue


This venue is a great alternative to traditional church weddings. It has a historical depth, grandeur, regal undertones; basically everything you would expect one palace would have. Emitting a cheerful Renaissance energy and mystical Gothic feel, this venue is rich with culture and elegance.

Weddings on Dalmatia cost and Islands


Dalmatia is a large Croatian region tied closely to the Adriatic sea. It involves almost half of the popular Croatian shoreline and includes numerous Islets and Islands. Located opposite of Italy, the name Dalmatia comes from the word “Dalmatae” from the Illyrian tribe that leads this county in ancient Roman times.


Here are our favorite Dalmatia wedding venues:

Beautiful Vis weddings Croatia

Looking for the perfect wedding venue in Croatia?


Fort George Croatia – Vis Wedding Venue


A popular fortress built  1813 by the British Royal Navy, today, Fort George is one of the most romantic spots and venues for various events, especially weddings. What amazes us is its roof terrace that is perfect in the sunset and luscious garden.

Read more about Fort George and other unique Vis wedding venues here. 

Lola Restaurant – Vis Wedding Venue


If you’re looking for an intimate place, a historic, secret garden for your wedding celebration with a touch of tasty Mediterranean cuisine with a Spanish twist, then Lola restaurant should be your choice.

Gorgeous restaurant Lola garden weddings

Lola Restaurant – Vis Wedding Venues


Top Croatian wedding venues in Dalmatia

Martinis Marchi weddings


Martinis Marchi – Island of Šolta Wedding Venue


In 1703, when pirate attacks became more frequent, the Marchi brothers acquired permission to build a church, village and a tower above Maslinica Bay. Two years later, a majestic castle arose with a prominent tower and defense walls as the last defense point of this part. Nowadays this castle greets its guests and provides soft reminiscence of past ancient times.

Mestrovic Gallery – Split Wedding Venue


If you’re a true architecture lover then you’ll love this place. Popular Gallery Mestrovic is a magical place where, in the past, famous Croatian architect and sculptor lived with his family. Located on the southern side of the popular Marjan Forest, this place is perfect as a wedding venue. The artist’s work, greenery and the view on the Adriatic sea will make that “wow” effect. We recommend having your wedding, on the terrace where you’ll see a breathtaking view, especially photos taken under the arch or in front of the gallery where the grass is perfectly green.


Top wedding venues in Split

Mestrovic Gallery – Split Wedding Venues


Villa Dalmacija Split wedding venue

Top Split Wedding Venues

Villa Dalmacija – Split Wedding Venue


Another venue placed on the southern slopes of the Marjan Forest, Villa Dalmacija has become one of the most popular venues in Split, and very popular among international couples who plan their abroad wedding in Croatia. With its rich history and big gardens, this place will provide intimacy and privacy.

Brown Beach House – Trogir Wedding Venue


This popular boutique hotel is one of the most popular wedding venues in Trogir. With a walled garden that is a perfect backdrop scenery for wedding photos and a pool that overlooks the Adriatic sea, it provides an unpretentious and sophisticated feel as well as stylish and modern interior and exterior perfect for wedding photo shoots.

Weddings in Trogir

Brown beach house weddings


Gorgeous weddings in Zadar

Top Zadar wedding venues – Arsenal

Arsenal – Zadar Wedding Venue


This is an old, recently renovated private house located in the old part of the city. If you’re looking for something more industrial, then this house is perfect for your destination wedding in Zadar.


Crvena Luka Resort – Wedding Venue Croatia


Sandy beaches, old pine trees, rich forests and relaxed and peaceful surroundings are what makes this place unique and exquisite. You can rest assured that, once you see it, you’ll fall in love with this exclusive location and the nature that surrounds it.

Weddings at Crvena Luka Resort

Crvena Luka Resort – Wedding Venue Croatia

Croatian Wedding Traditions


Croatia, depending on the region, has many wedding traditions and customs. If you’re planning to have a destination wedding in Croatia you should consider adding some local, traditional customs that will make your wedding stand from the standard your guests are used to. This is a great way not only to introduce some cultural elements but to spring an element of interesting and entertaining surprise for your guests ensuring that they’ll remember your wedding for years to come.


Here’s a list of popular Croatian wedding traditions you can consider:

Wedding traditions in Croatia

Rosemary – Croatian wedding traditions


Rosemary Branch


As part of Croatian wedding tradition, rosemary is considered a welcome flower for family and friends. Each guest that arrives receives a single rosemary branch pinned to the left side (where their heart is) as a corsage. Also, rosemary branch is often decorated with a red, white and blue ribbon that represents Croatian flag and before pinning the rosemary to guests corsages, the tradition is that each guest (or per family) leave a “donation” in a basket with rosemaries, but not a necessity.



The flag bearer, in Croatian “barjaktar”, is the person in charge of leading the wedding party, walking in front of everyone carrying and waving the Croatian or another flag on their way to town hall and/or church. He’s also the one that enters the wedding venue before the bride and groom and is considered one to be holding one of the most important duties during the Croatian wedding. HYou will very often, you’ll see a man sitting on a car window (hanging out of the car’s window), waving with the flag and leads the procession from one location to another, this is the Barjaktar.


Barjaktar - Croatian wedding tradition

Wedding traditions in Croatia


False Bride


One of the most popular and amusing wedding traditions in Croatia is the presence of a ‘fake’ bride. It’s done when the groom arrives (with his family and friends) to collect his bride at her birth home, and requests her male family members to hand them over to her. As this parting is generally considered to be the most emotional part of the day, local traditions try to make light of what is considered to be an emotionally difficult moment. The bride’s family play a game of ‘hard to get’ and not permitting the bride to leave the home with such ease, therefore introducing the fake bride. Basically and in short, try to give someone else over in place of the real bride. The fake bride is generally a male member of the bride’s guests or an elderly grandmother. In any case, the fake bride must be dressed like a bride (white dress, veil, and flowers) to try and pass the test. The groom and his wedding party, of course, refuse to take her and offer many gifts (in the form of money  – generally fake money) to try and entice the bride’s relative to release and hand them over the bride. This is generally a rather funny occurrence at the wedding, and for your unexpected guests can be a highlight of the day.

Wedding Planners in Croatia


Planning a wedding, whether it’s going to be intimate with 50 guests or large 300-guest wedding requires a lot more than just choosing a nice wedding venue, a DJ and flowers. Trust us, you need a wedding planner, no matter how big or small your wedding is going to be. These are the professionals that juggle the role of, well, basically everyone, from budget managers, designers, therapist, coordinator, legal counsel, everyone while planning your special day. They will take care of everything from your Pinterest board or ‘to do’ lists making all your wishes come true while staying within your budget. They will help on each and every detail of your wedding, from aesthetic details and vendor contracts to emergency situations which is a huge bonus as you want your wedding to be without stress. They know everything about weddings and you’ll be surprised how many things you haven’t even thought about, until they bring them up, but never fear, they will have solutions for all things weddings.  They also have connections with vendors so you’ll get the best deals and experts that will work on your wedding. In more simple words, they are key to making your dream wedding come to light. There are a lot of wedding planning companies in Croatia and we’ve worked a great deal of them, so we can confidently say that we have experienced nothing by pure professionalism and that they have love for their job. For these wedding planners, weddings are a passion and way of life, they bring authenticity, love, patience and joy to each of their planned weddings and their guests are always left with nothing but the nicest of words and recommendations.

Wedding planners in Croatia

Wedding decor – Croatia weddings


Beautiful Villa Polesini wedding Poreč

Wedding planning in Croatia


Legal Requirements for a Wedding in Croatia


The legal requirements (documents) for getting married in Croatia are pretty simple and easy to obtain. The couple needs to consult the Croatian Embassy in their country or Consulate for all the general information for getting married in Croatia. Essential informations:

  • No minimum residency period needed
  • A civil ceremony is the only legal type of wedding in Croatia
  • Civil ceremonies can be held at any location with the previous approval from the Registry Office
  • Religious ceremonies are allowed before or after a civil ceremony
  • Religious ceremonies can be held in your own country or Croatia
  • If the couple doesn’t speak Croatian (or at least one person; bride OR groom), a court-appointed translator must attend the ceremony and be present during the ceremony.


Civil Ceremony in Croatia


If you choose to have a civil ceremony in Croatia, it can be held in the town hall or outdoors the town hall, however, please note that having the ceremony outside of the town hall, requires pre-approval (for logistical reasons) from the Registry Office.  This civil ceremony takes roughly 25 minutes and is held in Croatian language. If you, or your partner don’t speak Croatian, you’ll need to have a court-appointed translator present in order to translate the entire ceremony into the native tongue. The cost of the civil ceremony is paid by the bride and groom, with the rates of the civil ceremony being slightly more costly of held outside of the town hall.  You are able to ‘personalize’ your civil ceremony and are able to have your own readings/vows and music.

Civil ceremony in Croatia

Beach weddings Croatia

a Persian couple getting married in Croatia

Persian weddings in Croatia


Religious Ceremony


If you wish to have a religious wedding ceremony in Croatia, there are several religious ceremonies available including:

  • Catholic ceremony – can only be held in a church
  • Orthodox ceremony
  • Evangelistic ceremony – can be held in a church OR outdoor (location of your choice)
  • Muslim ceremony
  • Persian ceremony 

Other Religions

In order to get a list of essential documentation that is required for other religious wedding ceremonies, we advise you contact local Croatian religious institution.

Catholic Ceremony


Most of the population in Croatia is Catholic so you’ll find a lot of Catholic churches all over Croatia as well as little chapels where you can have an intimate wedding ceremony. Croatians are very much proud when it comes to the local (town) churches and chapels so, for the same reason, all of them are well kept and maintained. Today, due to the popularity of Croatia as a destination wedding country it’s possible to have a Priest who speaks English and the wedding mass lasts for approximately 50 minutes.

Required documentation:

  1. Discharge certificate
  2. Marriage certificate (if a couple is already married via civil ceremony)
  3. Certificate from the local Registry Office (if a couple is not yet legally married) which confirms that the couple can enter into a religious marriage
  4. Permission to get married outside your local Parish
  5. Copy of Baptismal certificate (can’t be older than six (6) months)
Beautiful church in Osijek

Catholic weddings in Croatia


Destination Weddings Croatia


During the wedding planning process, each couple, at some time, has perhaps thought about a destination wedding or at the very least, have thought about eloping. However, this task can be pretty tiresome and daunting, requiring you to organize all those necessary things in a country you don’t know. So, how can couples pull off a destination wedding without stressing too much about it and having everything perfectly organized? Very easy! Come to Croatia! Most weddings last for approximately five to six hours (without preparations) where the only thing you do is walk from table to table to greet your guests. A destination wedding lasts at least three days minimum, which means that you’ll be able to spend more quality time with your loved ones and have relaxed destination wedding even though it requires hotel stays, all sorts of arrangements and travel. But, this is the perfect excuse to cut down the number of invitees and select the people that you know will bring you the most heartfelt memories, after all not everyone will be able to attend a wedding abroad and not everyone can be included in your budget.  Croatia provides plenty of magnificent locations and venues why tourist couples decide to come back to the country and say their “I do’s”. Dubrovnik, Dalmatia and magical Istria offer some of the most gorgeous destinations in the world. Croatia is a hidden gem filled with fairytale venues and locations. So why not say “I do” to Croatia.

Gorgeous Pakistani couple in Dubrovnik

Weddings in Croatia


Nigerian destination wedding in Split

Nigerian wedding in Split


Destination wedding Croatia

Getting married in Croatia