Lens & Love: The Art of Wedding Photographer & Videographer


Hey! We’re Dijana & Tom,  the heartbeat chasers – Destination Wedding Photographer and Cinematic Videographer  based in  Croatia

Each shot, a dance of shadow and light, crafting stories untold, , where emotions become art.

Unveil the unseen; let’s build a gallery of heartbeats.



Weddings Through the Lens: Stories Told, Moments Held.


For over a decade, we’ve journeyed through this incredible experience, cherishing each instance of our profession. Above all, we’re passionate about encapsulating the heartfelt tales of weddings. From global travels to capture mesmerising narratives in stunning settings, spanning from cosy elopements to lavish multi-day celebrations.

Emotions Unveiled, Moments Unearthed


Observing genuine emotions and moments during a couple’s treasured day is an honour for us. We take pleasure in capturing these quietly, from the shadows. Transforming these celebrations of love and kinship into keepsakes that will be treasured for generations… That’s the true reward of our craft.


Dubrovnik wedding photographer & videographer


DT Studio is truly a match made in heaven: we share everything, our love for our family, our professional interests and approach to photography and cinematography. I am an awarded destination wedding photographer based in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and my husband is a destination wedding  videographer – filmmaker  with cinematic style. 

Catching the Unique Moments of Wedding Day


We collaborate with top handpicked creatives as required, adjusting to project size and scope. We equally treasure small, intimate weddings and grand celebrations. Our versatile team, ranging from the core duo of DT Studio to a collective of experienced artists, passionately captures and preserves every aspect of your future memories, from significant moments to the finest details.


Crafting Excellence in Every Detail


Our approach to wedding photography and videography is characterized by boundless creativity, an unconventional spirit, and a personalized touch for every wedding. We blend the sophistication of fine art with the authenticity of documentary-style storytelling. Our mission is to seize those heartfelt, unscripted, and exquisite moments, crafting photo collections rich with emotion and capturing the genuine wedding ambiance. Each couple’s wedding day unfolds as a one-of-a-kind, unforeseeable, captivating, visually striking, and eternally elegant narrative.


A Cinematic Approach to Wedding Videography


Our wedding films epitomize cinematic excellence, blending the sophistication of high-budget documentaries. Crafted through years of artistic refinement and paired with the versatility of cutting-edge cinematic equipment, we consistently achieve exceptional standards and an unmistakable style in every wedding film—whether it’s a captivating highlight, an alluring trailer, or a comprehensive cinematic masterpiece.