Wedding photographer Venice

Inga couldn’t let go of her dream of Venice

Wedding Photographer Venice

Inga and Jurica had always dreamed of a wedding on Velebit, a mountain in Croatia, one of the most interesting and breathtaking wedding venues in the world, which is also a famous nature park, well-known to nature lovers. But then again, Inga couldn’t let go of her dream of Venice wedding photoshooting, always so seductive with its mystique, always so romantic… So Inga and Jurica decided to make both dreams come true: after the wedding in Croatia, they couldn’t resist the allure of Venice. So they went. And so did the wedding photographers from DT Studio.

April in Venice – can you think of a better time or a better place? Inga and Jurica set their hearts, beating as one, on exploring Venice in the spring, with the gentlest sun and the long days, with plenty of time to explore all the winding canals in vaporettos, admire glorious Venetian palaces, which seem to float upon water, or emerge from just under the surface, to exchange countless kisses on romantic Venetian pontes and steal the attention from always hungry pigeons in front of Saint Mark’s Basilica. And wherever they went on their journey through Venice, wrapped in its rich history, its unique present, but most of all – in each other, our photographers from DT Studio followed. Unseen. But always there just at the right moment.