Ana & Ivan | Wedding in Zagreb, museum Mimara

Emotional wedding in a beautiful museum Mimara

From the early morning this was bound to be one of those beautiful magic days. The bride was starting her day and her 3 sisters were there from the first minute of her preparation. Enchanting scents from romantic flower arrangements were in the air, making this day even more special.
Ana and her sisters were spending their preparation with memories, laughter, love and happiness. When they came to Church as Ana was walking towards Ivan all that a person could see was how much they were sparkling from the love that is between them.
It was a very emotional wedding in a beautiful museum Mimara in Zagreb. One of Anas sisters was playing Chopin and lifted up this evening with a special music dedicated to Ana and Ivan. With beautiful music all of the guests were dancing through the night celebrating strong and never ending love between this young couple.

The Lela design studio made all those beautiful flower decorations, bringing to this wedding a touch of romance through flowers

Being a Croatia wedding photographer is a remarkable pleasure as you can capture moments of love in a magical places all around Croatia. Fine art photography is dedicated to bring memories through pictures and DT photo studio is making this happen.

Wedding flower design: Lela design wedding planner website  

Venue: Mimara Museum, Croatia  – one of the top wedding venues in  Croatia

Band: Playcode

Wedding Photos & video: DT studio wedding photography and cinematography. Best choice for wedding in Croatia

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