Wedding in Rovinj, Istria – Dunja & Marcus

Wedding in Rovinj, Istria – D & M

 Rovinj may seem just a tiny dot on the map of the world

Although  Rovinj may seem just a tiny dot on the map of the world, our couple  from Australia, picked that very dot for their destination wedding venue in Croatia. Rovinj is a unique little spot in the world, the best Croatian  wedding destination you can imagine: romantic, naturally, a little old Croatian town of the Istrian peninsula, in  the middle of a 19-island archipelago, one of the last true Mediterranean fishing ports, surrounded by hills covered by ancient forests; a popular hangout for all kinds of artists and artisans – painters, potters, actors, musicians… – hip and traditional at the same time.

I do’s at St. Euphemia

They decided to say their “I do’s” at St. Euphemia, a monumental baroque church on top of the hill, dominating the view of Rovinj from all sides, from the land as well as from the sea. Ornate and serene, it solemnly echoed the bride’s and her father’s footsteps as he walked her down the aisle to the grandiose altar.

Red Island – St. Andrew Island , the dream wedding venue in Croatia

And then it was time for less formal steps: a leisurely stroll through the old town streets, in the rhythm the music of traditional Croatian tamburicas and folk songs, to the waterfront, where a boat was waiting to take the wedding party to Red Island, the dream celebration venue on one of the most scenic Adriatic islands, famous for its nature preserve and historical remains. Lots of pictures were snapped, not just by the Rovinj wedding photographers, but also by passers-by, admiring the beautiful couple and their cheerful entourage. And there they wined and dined, danced and toasted and celebrated their love and unity until late into the gentle night at the intimate Restaurant Lanterna, well-known for its delicious five-star food, its lovely terrace with the best views and the romantic “neighbour” – Hütterott Castle, formerly a Benedictine and later a Franciscan monastery.

The party continued the celebration on the lush meadow of the Monte Mulini Hotel

When the morning sun overshone the zillion candles and lanterns, the couple took their guests took a brief break: but it was not over yet! Pleasantly tired, the party continued the celebration on the lush meadow of the Monte Mulini Hotel. It was a wedding like no other: solemn and relaxed at the same time, traditional and romantic, fun and dignified. For such are the weddings in Rovinj, the Croatian wedding venue worth the trip from Australia.

Our wedding photographers from DT Studio think so, too.