Dubrovnik Wedding photographer & filmmaker based in  Croatia 


Hi! Wellcome to our Webpage. We are DTstudio  – Destination wedding photographer and filmmaker from Dubrovnik, Croatia.


 Wedding photographer based in Dubrovnik

DT Studio is truly a match made in heaven: we share everything, our love for our family, our professional interests and approach to photography and cinematography. I am an awarded destination wedding photographer based in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and my husband is a destination wedding  videographer – filmmaker  with cinematic style. 

Passion for photography, love for weddings

We have been a professional team for over 10 years and have enjoyed every single moment of our work.Most of all we love capturing stories from weddings, those celebrations of love and family, and turning them into family heirlooms to be cherished for years to come…  That is what makes our work rewarding.

Capturing treasured wedding moments in fine art style with keen attention to details.

Our style in wedding photography and videography is best described as imaginative, out-of-the-box, with an individual approach to each wedding. It is a combination of fine art  with a documentary style. We aim to capture those sincere, spontaneous, beautiful moments, to create photo collections full of emotion and depict the atmosphere as it truly was at the wedding. The story of each couple’s wedding day is unique, unpredictable, engaging, visually stunning and always timelessly elegant.


Real moments and emotions.

Witnessing real moments and emotions on a couple’s most precious day is a privilege for us, which we enjoy discreetly, in the background, due to the portability of modern high-end cinematic equipment and the skills we have developed through the years of work on numerous weddings and commercial projects.  Each of our wedding movies, regardless of whether it is a short highlights or a full feature film, exhibits the same excellent standards of dynamic quality as well as the elegance of a high budget documentary.

Capturing  the special moments that occur on a wedding day.

We collaborate with a select team of top professionals (photographers, videographers and editors) who make up DT Studio’s creative team.

We love small, intimate weddings as much as big ones. Sometimes we work as a team of two, sometimes as group of  creative people doing their best to catch and keep all the big and little details of your future memories.