Weddings in Dubrovnik

You’re considering tying the knot abroad,
but unsure where to exchange your vows.



Why not opt for a stunning wedding in  Croatia,
specifically in the city that’s gaining popularity among couples?


Allow us to present you with all the reasons why you should choose
Dubrovnik as your dream wedding destination


Wedding in Dubrovnik with the old town in background

Dubrovnik Wedding

Why get married in Dubrovnik?


Dubrovnik: A city that will awaken all your senses

You will feel the same excitement as you felt in childhood when you started discovering the (new) world.

Dubrovnik is a place that offers a perfect combination of old and new, architecture and nature, peace and elegance

and all the necessary commodities of a modern city.

It’s one of the cities and destinations that are surely worth visiting, so having your wedding in Dubrovnik,

celebrating your love together with your friends and family will provide an experience you will never forget.

This town will simply renew and regenerate your soul and body in general. So, sit comfortably and explore Dubrovnik with us.

You’ll get to know galleries, historic sites and “taste” the most delicious delights you won’t find anywhere in the world.



Dive into the breathtaking turquoise waters of Dubrovnik’s coastline and nearby islands.

Experience the clarity of the Adriatic Sea


Dubrovnik is renowned for having some of the clearest waters in the world, which can even be seen from space. This makes it the perfect location for a romantic honeymoon, with opportunities to explore picturesque caves and go on thrilling adventures. When choosing a dream wedding destination, it’s important to have stunning scenery, ideal weather, and activities that both you and your guests can enjoy before and after the big day. Let us show you why Dubrovnik ticks all of these boxes.


Dubrovnik ranks among the sunniest towns of southern Europe


Dubrovnik is known for its sunny weather, with an average of 2,554 hours of sunshine per year. This makes it one of the sunniest towns in southern Europe. But there’s more to Dubrovnik than just sun and sea. The city is beautiful all year round, with the peak wedding season being from May to October. The warmest months of July and August are also the most popular among tourists, but regardless of the time of year, Dubrovnik’s majesty never fades.

Dubrovnik Weddings - A Photosession at the coastline

Dubrovnik Wedding ©


Dubrovnik Wedding at Sponza Palace

Dubrovnik Wedding in Sponza palace ©


English is widely spoken in Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is a city that thrives on tourism, which is why it’s not surprising that English is widely spoken by the local population. This makes it easier for you and your guests to communicate and enjoy your time in the city.

Rich gastronomy


Dubrovnik is proud of its rich gastronomy and offers plenty of restaurants and venues that are perfect for weddings and other events. You and your guests will feel welcomed and well-fed, with a wide range of exotic Mediterranean flavors to choose from.


Festivals and Celebrations


Dubrovnik has a rich cultural heritage and is host to the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, a traditional music, dance, theater, and folklore festival that has been held for over 60 years. If you want to add some extra excitement to your wedding week, consider attending one of the many concerts held under the starry skies of Dubrovnik. The Summer Festival is held from June until the third week of August, making it the perfect addition to your summer wedding. Dubrovnik is also home to other festivals like the Feast of St Blaise, Dubrovnik Festiwine, Aklapela Festival, Lindjo, and more, offering you and your guests a unique cultural experience.

 Dubrovnik is considered be one of the most romantic cities in Croatia – the jewel of Adriatic and offers a bunch of lovely places for singles and couples.


We bring  you some of the most  romantic spots:

The Scenic Srđ Hill

Impress your partner with a visit to the Srđ Hill. The panoramic views of Dubrovnik and its turquoise waters are simply breathtaking. The best part? You can reach the top via the Cable Car. , built in 1969 and used by millions of visitors to admire the stunning views. The Imperial Fortress, built in the early 19th century, is also located on this prime spot.



A serene and intimate location for couples, Porporela  transforms into a romantic spot as the night falls. The peaceful darkness and quiet atmosphere, paired with a breathtaking view of the nearby Island of Lokrum during calm seas, make this a perfect place for a special moment with your significant other..


Streets of  The Old  City Dubrovnik

Surrounded by ancient fortifications, the streets of Dubrovnik create an enchanting illusion of a romantic and well-protected city from bygone times. Explore interesting stone walls and captivating sights that lend a mystical feel, making it the perfect setting for capturing stunning wedding photos. There’s no better way to get a first glimpse of one of the most beautiful cities than by taking a leisurely stroll down its renowned promenade, Stradun

Fortress Lovrijenac 

Located on a towering 37 meter high cliff, the historic Fortress Lovrijenac boasts a fantastic story and makes for a tranquil and serene stroll. The stunning combination of stone and nature will leave you breathless as it is the oldest monument in Dubrovnik. Despite undergoing multiple renovations, the fortress has maintained its original appearance and has only grown stronger and larger with each rebuild. It’s the ideal location for a romantic moment with your significant other, as the magnificent stone architecture and natural surroundings will leave you in awe.

Lovrjenac Fortress Wedding in Dubrovnik


Wedding Venues in Dubrovnik


It’s no secret that Dubrovnik is rich with venues perfect for weddings,

from small, local churches and restaurants to luxurious, massive churches

and villas by the sea for grand wedding celebrations.

Dubrovnik Wedding - A wedding party during a photoshooting at the enterance of the Dubrovnik Cathedral

Wedding party after the wedding in Dubrovnik – at the entrance of the Dubrovnik Cathedral

Church Weddings in Dubrovnik


A blend of history and the city’s soul.


The churches in Dubrovnik are a romantic blend of history and the city’s soul. You can choose between charming baroque or renaissance style churches for your wedding ceremony. With a variety of Catholic churches available, Dubrovnik offers a beautiful and historic setting for your special day. 

By clicking on each title you'll be able to see each wedding that was held in a particular church


St. Blaise’s Church

St. Blaise’s Church is a serene and tranquil place, widely favored for church weddings in Dubrovnik. Its magnificent Romanesque style architecture is a symbol of intricate designs and exceptional building craftsmanship. The interior of the church is awe-inspiring and this is why newlyweds are drawn to it. You can exchange your vows amidst the beautiful marble altars and elegant furnishings, making your special day truly unforgettable.

St. Blaise’s Church is a place of meditation and calm. A perfect venue for Dubrovnik Weddings

St. Blaise – majestic symbol of unique motifs and great architecture. ©


St. Ignatius Church   

The Church of St Ignatius is a true work of art and its beauty is unmatched. The church boasts magnificent Baroque architecture and intricate details, making it a popular choice for wedding ceremonies. The grand staircase that leads to the church adds to its charm and elegance, making it a stunning backdrop for your special day. The stunning interiors are adorned with intricate details, gorgeous frescoes, and beautiful stained glass windows, making it a truly magical place to exchange your vows

The Church of St Ignatius – or the Jesuits, as the people of Dubrovnik call it . One of the most popular Dubrovnik Weddings Venue

Weddings in Dubrovnik – St. Ignatius Church


The Cathedral 

The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, built in the Romanesque style, is a luxurious church that is richly adorned with statues and monuments, not to mention a magnificent dome. According to legend, the cathedral was constructed with the assistance of King Richard the Lionheart of England.



he Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is a luxurious church that is richly decorated with statues and monuments. Dubrovnik Weddings

Weddings in Dubrovnik – The Cathedral


St. Dominic’s Church

St. Dominic’s Church is a magnificent example of Gothic architecture in Dubrovnik. Its simple, yet elegant design makes it a popular choice among newlyweds for their wedding ceremony. The peaceful courtyard of the church provides a tranquil green escape in the bustling city, making it an ideal location for a romantic wedding celebration.



One of the largest Gothic-style churches in Croatia. Dubrovnik Weddings church

St. Dominic’s Church – Weddings in Dubrovnik


Palace Weddings in Dubrovnik


One of the most popular locations for civil weddings in Dubrovnik are, for sure, two biggest palaces in Dubrovnik. Both places in the heart of the Old Town, their architecture and scenery will be a perfect place to wed.

Sponza Palace


This monumental placeis a stunning and historic venue for your wedding day. Built in the Renaissance-Gothic style, this magnificent building stands proudly in the heart of Dubrovnik, surrounded by the city’s rich history and cultural heritage. If you’re looking for a romantic and unforgettable setting for your big day, the Sponza Palace is the perfect choice. With its grand architecture and elegant atmosphere, you and your partner will be swept away by the beauty of this incredible venue. Let the history and romance of Dubrovnik set the stage for your happily ever after.

Dubrovnik Weddings Pallace Wedding - This monumental place, built in the Renaissance-Gothic style stands proudly on the left side of the Luza bell-tower.

Sponza Palace – Dubrovnik Weddings

The Rector’s Palace


Constructed with a blend of gothic and renaissance architecture, This unique Dubrovnik wedding venue offers something distinct from other locations. Serving as an art gallery for all types of events, it boasts stunning views, complete privacy, a historic building backdrop, and two entirely separate areas. The venue is suitable for both receptions and ceremonies. All events, particularly weddings, can be held in the courtyard or on the roof terrace, offering an exceptional view of Dubrovnik. The Museum of Modern Art is a sought-after Dubrovnik wedding venue that first opened its doors to the public in 1945. Esteemed Croatian architects Lavoslav Horvat and Harold Bilinic designed the gallery as a neo-Renaissance-Gothic masterpiece within Dubrovnik. The Museum itself features over 900 square meters of indoor space and 1100 square meters of outdoor space, making it an ideal choice for large events and weddings in Dubrovnik.Rector’s Palace exudes elegance with its 3-level design, 4 wings, court towers, atrium, and inner court. This magnificent building creates a romantic ambiance, making it an ideal choice for couples who want to celebrate their love in a historic and sophisticated setting

The Rector’s Palace is 3-levels building with 4 wings, court towers, atrium and inner court. Dubrovnik Weddings

Dubrovnik Weddings – The Rector Pallace


The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik


This exclusive Dubrovnik wedding venue has something that other venues don’t have. It’s an art gallery not exclusively for weddings, but for all events providing stunning views, complete privacy, historical building as a backdrop and two completely different areas. It’s suited for both receptions and ceremonies. All events (especially weddings) can take place in the courtyard or the roof terrace with a remarkable view of the Dubrovnik.  The Museum of Modern Art is a popular Dubrovnik wedding venue that was opened for the public in 1945. It was designed by the honoured Croatian architects Lavoslav Horvat and Harold Bilinic who designed this gallery as a neo-Renaissance-gothic gem of Dubrovnik. The Museum itself has over 900 meters indoor space and 1100 square meters outdoor space which makes it ideal for large events and weddings in Dubrovnik.

The first dance at The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik Wedding

Dubrovnik Wedding – The first dance at The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik


The Museum of Modern Art is a popular Dubrovnik wedding venue that was opened for the public in 1945. I

Wedding in Dubrovnik – Captured with the drone





Fortress Weddings in Dubrovnik


There is only a couple of cities in the whole world that have such glorious and wealthy fortresses in such a small place, a place that can be almost taken in at one glance. 

Fortress Lovrijenac

One of the most sought-after fortresses for destination weddings is undoubtedly Lovrijenac Fortress in Dubrovnik. This exceptional location is perfect for hosting your dream destination wedding. As one of the oldest monuments in Dubrovnik, Lovrijenac Fortress will captivate you with its majestic stone structure, natural surroundings, and rich history.


Wedding on Fortress Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik

Fort Revelin

A  unique and monumental fortress from the  16th century, the guardian of the eastern city gate of Dubrovnik with   a beautiful terrace the top overlooking the Old city and its harbor.   The terrace and the  large arched hall are used for the Dubrovnik Summer Festival and concerts held by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, it is the most visited nightclub in Croatia, having hosted some of the world’s biggest DJs.


Seaside Terrace Weddings in Dubrovnik


If you’re looking for a breathtaking view of the Old Town of Dubrovnik, Island of Koločep or Village of Cavtat, Dubrovnik has lots of beautiful venue terraces at your disposal. If you decide on having a seaside terrace wedding in Dubrovnik you can be assured everyone will be impressed and talk about it for years to come.

Weddings in Dubrovnik - Villa Sheherezade ©

Wedding at Villa in Dubrovnik


Weddings in Dubrovnik -What a view of the Old City of Dubrovnik

Seaside terrace at Villa Sheherezade


Weddings in Dubrovnik - getting married in Villa Argentina

Villa Argentina wedding


 Park Orsula 


Say “Yes!” at the belvedere in Park Orsula Dubrovnik. The breathtaking view embraces both the mysterious island of Lokrum and the busy Old Town; it is also an archaeological site with the remains of a medieval chapel, where travellers would say their prayers before entering or leaving the Dubrovnik city limits. So symbolic, isn’t it? There is also a stage area, surrounded by a stone amphitheatre, providing a stunning panorama. In short: it is a perfect wedding location for a stylish and memorable destination wedding.

Outdoor Weddings in Dubrovnik - Park Orsula

A unique open air stage for events like a Dubrovnik Wedding


Early morning photo session before their Wedding in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Wedding session at Park Orsula


Island Weddings in Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik’s surrounding area is full of islands that are the most romantic getaways from city’s crowd. Islands that we will list below will give you a completely new view of Dubrovnik. And if you incorporate a boat it will be quite an experience, believe us! It will not only amaze you, but your guests will be impressed too. Feel free have a peek into the most beautiful islands to have a wedding at.

Island of Lokrum

The island of Lokrum is a beautiful small islet only 5 minutes away from the Dubrovnik’s port. Here, you’ll find a variety of hidden gems.  From little romantic bays to peaceful resorts, laurel trees and pine groves,  Lokrum is also the exotic and mysterious venue of many legends and stories.   This Island is monument to nature and landscape architecture,  covered in dense and lush autochthonous evergreen flora, the dark green Lokrum contrasts with the white stone of the Town. 

There are couple of majestic and beautiful venues where you can have your wedding, the most beautiful are:

  • Benedictine Monastery – With its magnificent botanical garden this place is perfect for weddings.
  • Palm Garden – Another ceremony venue that has beautiful gardens with palm trees dividing the place into two separate wedding venues.
It is a beautiful small islet only 5 minutes away from the Dubrovnik’s port.

The Lokrum island – Extraordinary destination for Wedding in Dubrovnik

A view of the Lokrum Island - an unique spot for Wedding in Dubrovnik

The Lokrum Island – Weddings in Dubrovnik – ©

The Koločep island


The Koločep island is a part of Elafiti islands and it is the closest island to Dubrovnik. Located only 2.5  miles  from the Dubrovnik’s Gruž harbor. This place has 7 pre-Romanesque churches that are dating back to the 9th century which was the time of the Croatian kings. Most of the churches are ruins, but there are number of  churches that you can have your wedding at, such as the Church of St Sergius,  St. Anthony church , Church of St Nicholas and the Church of the Holy Trinity from the 11th and 12th centuries.

When it comes to venues, this place has several options, but one is simply perfect:

Villa Rose – one of the top class villas on the island of Lokrum with secluded romantic corners and magnificent view. Check out Mira and Mike’s destination wedding in Villa Rose  for more pictures and information about this amazing place.


The island of Koločep is one of the three inhabited Elaphiti Islands near the city of Dubrovnik

The Koločep island – Weddings in Dubrovnik


Only 20 minutes by boat from Dubrovnik, Kolocep Island is the closest of the Elafiti Islands

The Kolocep island – Weddings in Dubrovnik


Romantic Boat and Beach Weddings in Dubrovnik


There are many couples all over the world looking for magnificent locations for their destination beach wedding and Dubrovnik is on that list. Dubrovnik is popular out of the season when there are more private moments (avoiding the crowd that comes to visit Dubrovnik during summer) and is ideal for your destination beach wedding. Have you ever thought of a boat wedding? Dubrovnik has got you covered. If you plan on having a romantic beach wedding, having a reception on a boat is a nice addition that will wow all your guests.

Wedding on The boat - Wedding in Dubrovnik

Mira and Mike’s Weddings in Dubrovnik

Exclusive Villas for Wedding in Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is well known for its majestic villas and mansions that are simply perfect

for having a wedding  not to mention that your guests will have a place to stay during your

wedding week make a vacation out of it.


There is a bit for everyone in this beautiful city.


We bring you  some of the most exclusive villas in Dubrovnik that will make your stay even more enjoyable.

The Garden Villa


Ready to accommodate guests in any season, The Garden Villa is one of the most popular vacation accommodations in Dubrovnik. Her jewel is her garden where you can enjoy lavender and lemon trees, not to mention the perfect view of the crystal clear, turquoise sea. Here, you’ll be able to experience Croatia from a completely different view. Nested on the hill over the Adriatic sea, this majestic luxurious villa offers a spectacular view of the Adriatic sea and Dubrovnik. It’s a perfect spot for everyone who wants to feel royal. The interior of the villa is also magnificent. With a mix of contemporary style and traditional Mediterranean, it offers everything for a modern comfort. This spacious villa has seven large bedrooms with each having its beautiful bathroom.

The Bridal party - Weddings in Dubrovnik Villa

The Garden Villa – the perfect getting ready background for Dubrovnik Weddings


Villa Weddings in Dubrovnik

Getting ready for Wedding in Dubrovnik


The Majestic Mansion


The Majestic Mansion is the most exclusive villa in Dubrovnik. This luxurious beach residence placed on the front-line of the Dubrovnik Riviera will provide an incredible vacation experience. It lies on a big area of 8000 m2 and is surrounded by magnificent gardens. Distanced only 500 meters from the Old Town you’ll have everything at the reach of your hand. The interior of the villa is completely ultra modern and contemporary with a specific cozy charm that will make you feel like you are home. The Majestic Mansion has 5 double bedrooms, each having a bathroom, professionally designed and equipped kitchen and a living room. Interested in all features this villa has to offer? Check out our extensive info on The Majestic Mansion on the link above.

Majestic place for a Wedding in Dubrovnik

The Majestic Mansion – Majestic place for a Wedding in Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik Villa Wedding

One of the most beautiful and luxurious residencies of the Dubrovnik Riviera