S&J wedding in Trogir through the  Croatian wedding photographer‘s camera


Pure White Wedding party – The First Evening

Above all, the bride and groom wanted their families and friends to have a superb time at their wedding: they wanted to create memories they would share forever. They wanted their day to be unique for everyone. So they’d decided that Trogir would be their Croatian wedding destination: this little Dalmatian city, included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, built upon Greek, Roman, Venetian, Austro-Hungarian and, naturally, Croatian cultures and traditions. So, you see, it’s not that they don’t appreciate tradition, they just like adding a contemporary touch to it. The wedding venue in Croatia was the Hotel Brown Beach House, a beautiful hotel within an easy walk from Trogir old town. So, traditions… Well, traditionally, the bride wears white on her wedding day, right? Well, this time, everybody else BUT the bride wore white, only it was on the night before the wedding. White is the bride’s privilege, after all. It was a pure white party, with a lot of great music, food, drinks, stunning hostesses and the artist-entertainer Merante, who embodied Rhianna, Amy and other greats… It was an absolute blast, only, they had to exercise SOME restraint, as the next day was THE day. At the end of that pure white, first evening, everyone let Chinese lanterns fly, like their wishes, the best wishes, for the bride and groom. No doubt, they’ll all come true!



The Big Day –  Beach Wedding!

The smell of the sea, the white chuppah on the wooden deck on the beach,  the fragrance of the flowers, the pool over which white balloons hover, eight bridesmaids, three flower girls…! Almost touching the sea, with friends and family around them, in the solemn silence, couple  said their “I do’s” and then – bang! – a cannon full of confetti signalled it was time for the biggest possible party and celebration. But first there was dinner, and reminiscences, and wishes. Suddenly, amidst this serene gathering, there was a belly dancer doing her incredible moves, while Merante was backstage, getting ready for one more of her fantastic performances. That night, the Hotel Brown Beach Club’s terrace was a stage and a dancing floor, and the air was filled with great music, selected by top DJ’s. And the next morning? What did Y&S have in stock for the next day?

The Pool Party

Well. Two nights of partying and a wedding leave you feeling quite prostrated, don’t they? So, what’s better than finding a deck chair by the pool and waiting for your turn to get a massage? Merante had superb ideas for Day Three as well, but a playful guest grabbed her, dressed in an intricate mermaid costume, and returned her to mermaids’ natural habitat – the pool. So what else could she do but join everyone and just bathe, splash, and enjoy the simple joys, like a child?