Croatian Wedding Photographer & Filmmaker


Croatia Wedding photographer with fine art  and emotional storytelling style.


We are Dijana & Tom, real-life couple behind the cameras at Dtstudio.  We pride ourselves on capturing the most intimate and happiest moments and provide the best wedding photography and videography experience for all our clients. Dubrovnik based, we travelled all over Croatia and Europe to capture  and save every special moment and emotions of our clients’ exceptional days and we’re ready to take over the wedding photography and videography challenges all over the world.


Perfect choice for your Wedding in Croatia.


Large or small wedding?

Whether you are having a large church wedding with hundreds of invites or just an intimate gathering of your closest friends, we will be there to capture every special moment of your special day. As an awarded professional destination wedding photographer and a destination wedding videographer (filmmaker) with a cinematic style, we combine our casual, creative “out-of-the-box” signature style with your unique personality.


We simply love capturing wedding stories.

Our focus always remains on you and your spirit that reflects who you are as a couple and as an individual. We simply love capturing wedding stories and celebrations of affection and family and turn them into family heirlooms to be cherished for years to come. That’s what makes our work appreciated.  It’s a mix of fine art photography with a documentary style. We tend to aim to capture all sincere, spontaneous, stunning moments, to show the atmosphere as it really was. The story of every couple’s day is exclusive, unpredictable, engaging, visually beautiful and continuously timelessly elegant.


Real moments and emotions on Croatia Weddings. 

Witnessing real moments and emotions on a couple’s most precious day is a privilege for us, that we tend to enjoy discreetly, within the background, because of the movability of modern high-end cinematic equipment. Being a Croatian wedding photographer is an exceptional pleasure to us as we can capture moments of affection in an exceedingly magical places all around Croatia and Europe.



One of the best Croatian wedding destination photographers.


Over 10 years  of experience in the weddings

Our eye for the detail and creativity that we developed over 10 years of experience in the wedding photography and videography field  helped us stand from the crowd and cement our reputation as one of the best Croatian wedding destination photographers and fimmakers. If you’re looking for sophisticated, elegant and stunning pictures that reflect your love than give yourself one less thing to worry about.


Much more than simply preserving  the memory. 

At the end, you’ll get a collection of, not just pictures and wedding film, but a collection of the entire representation of your love for each other, your family and friends. By creating a  friendship and trust with our  clients,we are able to create magic through the art of wedding photography and videography. 


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Dijana & Tom, Croatian Wedding Photographer & Filmmaker