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Croatia Weddings

Croatia Weddings



Croatia Weddings are one time life experience

From the ideal proposition, craziest bachelor party to the most sentimental special night, Croatia is perfect country with coast and islands.

Pre – Wedding, Croatia Weddings

Get set for your enormous day tranquil, with style, class and fabulousness.
Investigate how Croatia is are the ideal place for every wedding abroad.

Why not state “I do,” on the best kept mystery of the Mediterranean? Croatian coast is cherished for this puzzling, yet unequivocally spellbinding pith that keeps you bound to this place long in the wake of losing seeing its shores. .


The astonishing odor from fields of sprouting lavender; the extravagant taste of fantastic wine that has been developed here for over 2000 years; the dazzling perspective of an old stone towns in Croatia encompassed by olive forests; the surge of twist as you race over the ocean!

This is Croatia, not quite recently the Mediterranean as it once seemed to be, but rather the pith of coast life. An country of enterprise and debauchery and closeness and legend. The picked goal of the rich and popular and ordinary people alike.

Croatia is fast becoming a place  for destination weddings. Venice is also very nice location for destination weddings. 


Croatia is quick turning into a area for  weddings with wonderful urban areas and islands pulling in youthful couples from all around the globe. Today, we are taking a gander at the legalities of married  in Croatia and it’s constantly awesome to begin with the uplifting news that yes, it is extremely conceivable to orchestrate a lawful wedding service in Croatia. Here is  Guide on procedures, systems and documentation required for getting married here in Croatia.


wedding croatia Ceremony. Wedding in Opatija, or somwhere else

Common functions can occur in areas that have been endorsed by the Croatian specialists so and additionally the registry office, it is conceivable to get hitched in inns, spots of intrigue, outside – even on a pontoon! Common functions are for the most part performed in Croatian by the neighborhood Maticar (common officer) so if neither lady of the hour nor prep speak Croatian, they should connect with the administrations of a court designated interpreter at their own particular cost. The U.S international safe haven in Croatia’s site keeps a decent record of interpreters and can be found here. Before you begin assembling your documentation, here are a few realities that you ought to know about.


Set up where the closest registry office is to where you need to get hitched. You can discover a rundown of regions here however you should get to know your locales. For instance, it was very hard to discover the workplace in Hvar until I understood that it was stowing away under SPLITSKO-DALMATINSKA ŽUPANIJA. Other prevalent locales for a wedding are Split, Zagreb and Dubrovnik. Persistence and google interpret significantly required!

You should get in touch with them straightforwardly and plot the service scene you have at the top of the priority list and your favored wedding date. It’s a given this is one motivation behind why you ought to contract a neighborhood wedding organizer as conveying will be troublesome.

It’s a smart thought to know about the documentation you require (see underneath) before you reach first. It will permit you to twofold check with them that you have everything all together. You will likewise need to affirm the date you have to meet with them face to face before the wedding date to settle printed material.

When you affirm the wedding date, ensure you write down the 30th day before your wedding in a timetable to guarantee you have your printed material posted over on time. Clearly, we suggest this is not done on the 30th day and that it ought to touch base at their office well ahead of time of this due date. Keep in mind that archives should be a greatest of 90 days old or less upon the arrival of your wedding.

An interpreter is required at the wedding on the off chance that you don’t speak Croatian. A rundown of interpreters can be found here.

On entry in Croatia, you should meet with the town corridor on your concurred arrangement date to experience your printed material however at this stage everything ought to be all together.

This couple from Canada, well that’s something else. Wedding ceremony was in Old Town Dubrovnik, and party was on Croatian small Island Koločep, near Dubrovnik

For occupants of Ireland, UK, USA, Canada and Australia, your marriage permit will be issued in English after the wedding and will be perceived in your nation of origin.

General Documentation Required by All Nationalities, for Dubrovnik Wedding photographer it’s a honor to photograph that event. 


For Irish Citizens croatia weddings. Winter weddings in Zagreb, Croatia

Irish residents should likewise entire a statutory announcement called a “Testament de coutume”. To do this, you should finish the suitable MP1 Form, MP2A Form and the fitting structure identifying with your conjugal status found here. When you get the Certificate de Costume, if must be confirmed with an Apostille Stamp and should not be more seasoned than three months when gotten by the Croatian Authorities. For more data, look at this connection.

For UK Citizens

UK nationals must acquire a Certificate of No Impediment by Giving Notice, or “Distributing the Banns” at a neighborhood registry office. This must be done close to six months before your wedding date. The Certificate of No Impediment will be issued to you 23 days after you have pulled out the registry office.

The Certificate of No Impediment must have an Apostille Stamp and not be more established than 3 months when gotten by the Croatian Authorities for Croatia Weddings

For American Citizens

Before going to the town lobby for their preparatory meeting ahead of time of their wedding, American residents who haven’t acquired a Sworn Statement in the U.S will likewise need to make a meeting with the U.S. Government office in Zagreb to get this report. The sworn proclamation fundamentally expresses that the individual being referred to is an American national, that he/she is allowed to wed, and that the marriage contracted in Croatia will be viewed as legitimate by U.S. experts. This announcement should be made within the sight of a US consular officer either in Zagreb on entry, or in the States, before going to Croatia. In the event that it is made in the States, then the report should be conveyed to Croatia for the wedding. The cost is typically around $50.

Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb is one of magical Croatian wedding venues

The Sworn Statement either got in the States or in Zagreb will then should be conveyed to the Consular Section of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs to be validated. The Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs is situated at Petreticev trg 2, 10000 Zagreb. The contact number for the Ministry is +385-1-4599-410. The administration charge (biljeg) is 60 kunas (around $10).

For Canadian Citizens

Canadians must focus on authorizing their introduction to the world authentications as it should be done twice, first at the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and afterward at the Croatian Embassy in Canada, in Ottawa in the vicinity of 60 and 45 days of the wedding in Croatia. Canadian subjects should likewise get a Sworn Affidavit expressing that there is no obstacle to a marriage. The sworn explanation must be made infront of a specialist or at the Canadian Embassy where you are occupant.

For Australian Citizens Winter is also magical time and Zagreb is Perfect wedding city for that.  Photos by DTstudio wedding photographer in Croatia

A Certificate of No Impediment from the branch of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Australia and a Certificate of Single Status completed by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages with an arrival consequence of “No Record.”

Apostille Stamps are required for these extra reports and they should not be more established 3 months when gotten by the Croatian Authorities.

Religious Ceremonies croatia weddings

75% of Croatians are Catholic, 20% are Orthodox and the other 5% makes up the rest. In view of this present, it’s hard to organize a non-Catholic function and regardless, a religious service is not legitimately official. Orchestrating a Catholic service for after your common function is the same however with respect to different nations. You should first reach your neighborhood ward cleric. It is likewise worth knowing the neighborhood places of worship in Croatia as your own particular minister should reach them. You will in any case need your pre-marriage course finished and extraordinary authorization from the priest however your nearby cleric will have the capacity to guide you through this procedure.

So that is it – our guide on the best way to get hitched in Croatia. Ideally it has revealed some insight into where it is you ought to begin. We will see you back here later for some more goal wedding motivation!

Croatia Weddings is, well not like Parisian wedding but it’s inspired by one

Croatia is extremely prevalent as a vacationer goal and is quick turning into a main wedding goal as well. What’s more, no big surprise – with its verifiable urban areas and tough coastline specked with pretty islands, Croatia has a lot of flawless areas in which to get hitched

The following are the legalities for wedding in Croatia, close by a guide and the climate, to help you arrange your optimal wedding abroad.

Then again you can discover wedding organizers in Croatia here.

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Croatia Marriage Law Requirements

What are the legitimate prerequisites to get hitched in croatia weddings

Brac as Wedding Destination among other Wedding Venues for wedding in Croatia

Legitimate age for marriage is 18 years for both men and ladies Croatia Weddings

Lady of the hour and Groom may not be connected by blood, marriage or selection. After one or many years you can come again and make anniversary photo session in Dubrovnik, south of Croatia

Two witnesses must be available who are more than 18 years of age.

One of undiscovered places  is intimate Croatan island Prvic, near Šibenik. Thats’ something else. 

To what extent do I need to be occupant in Croatia before I can get married? Dubrovnik is one of magical destinations for wedding in Croatia.

There’s no set residency period in Croatia, yet you should visit the recorder two or three days before your wedding.

Šibenik is one of cities on Croatian coast, pearl of it’s kind. Consider it for wedding venue 

Getting a marriage permit

You can get a Certificate of No Impediment in your nation of origin or at your Embassy in Croatia, yet you can just acquire a Certificate de Coutume (Certificate of Custom and Law) at your Embassy in Croatia (this may not be required, contingent upon the sort of function).

When you have gotten your Certificate of No Impediment it should then be taken to the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Zagreb croatia weddings to have the Embassy’s mark confirmed. All archives underneath must then be submitted to the enlistment center no later than 30 days before the function.

What legitimate papers do I have to bring with me?

International IDs and photocopies

Photocopies of your witnesses international IDs

Full birth declarations issued close to 3 months before the marriage with an apostille stamp

Declaration of No Impediment with apostille stamp

Testament de Coutume which demonstrates that the marriage will be substantial in the UK, affirms your travel permit number and expresses your citizenship (this may not be required)

Zagreb is kapital of Croatia, we have witnessed so many beautifully weddings in that wonderful city.

In the event that you have been separated then your first marriage authentication and the last legal documents must be appeared Croatia Weddings

In the event that you are widowed then the passing declaration of your past companion must be appeared.

An Australian national who wishes to wed in croatia weddings

 may need to submit to the nearby Registrar’s Office a Certificate of No Impediment issued by the Embassy in Zagreb as well as a Single Status Certificate issued by a Registrar Office in Australia.

To apply for a testament of No Impediment at the Embassy in Zagreb, the lady and the husband must finish the application shape. The shape contains an affirmation expressing such that there is no lawful obstacle to the proposed marriage.

On the off chance that the application is held up face to face at the Australian Embassy in Zagreb, croatia weddings the signature(s) of the Australian partner(s) to the proposed marriage will be seen by a Consular Officer at the Embassy. In the event that the application is held up via mail, the signature(s) of the Australian partner(s) to the proposed marriage must be seen by a nearby Notary Public. When sending the application in via mail, ensured photocopies (by the Notary Public) of the first supporting reports must be sent with the application shape. On the premise of this revelation, the Embassy will issue a Certificate of No Impediment, in English.


If it’s not too much trouble click here to download the Application for Certificate of No Impediment (PDF)

The accompanying reports must be submitted with the application:

– Passport(s) of the Australian citizen(s) – if stopped face to face (guaranteed duplicate of travel permit/s if held up via mail) Croatia Weddings

– Passport of the non-Australian native – if stopped face to face (affirmed duplicate of travel permit/s if held up via mail)

– The consular charge for the issue of a Certificate of No Impediment is AUD 90.00 (payable in Croatia kuna at the rate set by the Embassy)


In the event that cabin at the Embassy, the expense is payable in trade out Croatian Kuna (Australian dollars (AUD) are not acknowledged by the Embassy). In the case of cabin via mail, please pay at the Croatian Post Office by means of a transmitted exchange (tended to the Embassy address, NOT a ledger).

In the event that you are cabin via mail, please send a duplicate of the compensation shape or exchange slip with the application.

Single Status croatia weddings

If it’s not too much trouble allude to Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages for a rundown of enlisting experts in Australia from whom you may acquire a Single Status Certificate.

If it’s not too much trouble note, consider Croatian wedding photographer for the job

If it’s not too much trouble take note of that every Australian report introduced to Croatia Weddings experts for authority purposes should be legitimized with an Apostille or a validation. The Australian Embassy in Zagreb does not sanction Certificates of No Impediement issued by the Embassy. Declarations of No Impediment issued by the Embassy should be verified by the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. For additional data please contact the Embassy.


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