Brac wedding photographer | Kelly & Pasha

Although Kelly and Pasha both lived in the same state, they met in Europe while independently visiting family.

“Pasha and I love to travel. Our families live in different parts of the world and we set out to pick a beautiful, central location where we could celebrate and enjoy a lovely vacation together. Croatia provided the perfect setting and a new adventure as neither one of us had ever been before.”

A wonderful coincidence culminated in a wedding in an equally wonderful place – the Croatian coastline.

“We kept things simple; fresh flowers from the garden, musicians who we spotted outside a local café.  We incorporated wedding traditions from around the world – like finding out who will “wear the pants in the family” by seeing whether it’s the bride or groom takes the larger bite out of a loaf of bread.”


“DT studio beautifully told the story of our wedding. They have a great eye for capturing candid unscripted moments, artful angles and wonderful composition. We could not be more pleased! Villa Gumonca was an idyllic venue. A special thank you to our host, Sanja, who help with many arrangements for the wedding day.”





Destination wedding Venue in Croatia: Villa Gumonca Brac, Croatia  – destination wedding villa in Croatia.

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