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Looking for a destination for outdoor Wedding in Croatia? How about the Dalmatian Islands


Croatia is a beautiful country, made up of thousands of islands, where even 74 islands are located in Central Dalmatia. All the islands are characterized by exceptional natural beauty, and the islands are also known for the rich history, culture, and tradition. The archipelago of Central Dalmatia is the most beautiful group of islands in Croatia. Due to its isolation in the past, Dalmatian islands have developed a unique set of customs, traditions and authentic gastronomic specialities which are attracting a lot of tourists every year. These are just some of the reasons why more and more people are opting for Dalmatia Islands weddings. In this article, you can read more about the wedding in Hvar, Brač, Vis and Šolta.

Brac wedding

Precious moments after the wedding ceremony on Brač Island. Photo by Croatian Wedding Photographer


Hvar weddings


Hvar is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and it represents a wonderful paradise, ideal for weddings and other romantic celebrations. Hvar is worldwide known as the sunniest island in Europe. It is decorated with an amazing historical background and represents one of the most ideal wedding sites for many couples who have decided to tie the knot on Hvar. Once the wedding ceremony is over, you can turn your stay in Hvar into the perfect honeymoon and provide a great wedding trip for your guests.

Beautiful Island of Hvar

Stunning view of the main square and the cathedral of St. Stephen in Hvar

Hvar weddings

Gorgeous couple in Hvar


Hvar wedding photographer

Bride Kate enjoying the sun in Hvar


Get married in Hvar | Kate & Mac’s wedding


A young couple from the USA, fans of traveling, decided to choose Hvar destination wedding. They combined two locations – Ceremony venue in Hvar Old Town and Wedding Celebration at Zori restaurant. You can see the photo story from their wedding and their Hvar wedding video here. Hvar has been classified as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, thanks to its harmonious nature, splendid architecture and rich history. Therefore, Kate & Mac decided to get married in Hvar, and you can find more details about their wedding on Hvar here from the perspective of Hvar Wedding Photographer & Videographer


American couple's wedding on Hvar

Just married on the Island of Hvar


Hvar wedding venues


If you decide to get married in Hvar, you will have the opportunity to choose between some very interesting options, as, for example, to have a wedding ceremony and photo shooting in Hvar Town, and then visit the Pakleni Islands in a speedboat, where you will organize your reception and party. The best places you should take into account if you are planning a Hvar wedding are Carpe Diem Beach on Stipanska, Zori on Palmižana, and Restaurant Zori. A small and friendly restaurant Palmižana is only 20 minutes away from crowded Hvar. It has a beautiful terrace, right above the beach, where you will have a splendid look at a bay, while this magnificent restaurant will be an ideal match for your dream wedding reception. After an incredible boat transfer from Hvar to Palmižana, you will have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality food, polite staff, and a relaxed ambiance. If you are planning to get married in Hvar, you should think about BONJ ‘LES BAINS’ BEACH CLUB. Thanks to its luxurious terrace and great ambiance, this place is simply perfect for wedding celebrations. Furthermore, we could say this is one of the most luxurious Mediterranean beach bars, with a long tradition, which dates back to the 1920s. The most romantic wedding ceremony venue is St. Mark’s terrace, a former church, located in the middle of the city. This church was closed for the public in the 19th century, so the Hvar citizens decided to preserve its historical importance, by deconstructing its roof and redecorating its beautiful garden. If you want your wedding to be accompanied by a mixture of history, nature, and romance, this is certainly the perfect place for you.

Outdoor, waterfront destination weddings in  Dalmatia

Brač weddings


Brač is famous for its radiant white stone, used built many buildings on the Croatian coast (including Diocletian’s Palace in Split, and even the White House in “Washington) and the beach called Zlatni Rat, that extends deep into the Adriatic and appears on almost all Croatian tourism announcements. This is the largest island in central Dalmatia, with different towns and small villages, adorned with beautiful cliff landscapes, clean turquoise water, and pine forests. Just imagine how wonderful would be your wedding photos made by your Brač wedding photographer. The interior of the island is filled with rock piles, gathered by a thousand women who gathered the rocks in order to clean the land and prepare it for vineyards and orchards. Here you can see a beautiful outdoor wedding in Bol on the Island of Brač.

Brač wedding photographer

Tihana and Stipe’s wedding on the island of Brač


Nowadays, this region is almost unpopulated, as most of the inhabitants moved to the mainland. Because of that, these islands preserved their true soul and you should take this location into account for your Brač wedding.  The main touristic centres are a pleasant and quiet Supetar and luxurious Bol.  You can see more about beautiful Kelly and Pasha’s wedding that took place in the town of Mirca on the Island of Brač, in Croatia.  As we have noticed from our previous Brač weddings, newlyweds mostly opt for Beach wedding on the Island of Brač, of course, accompanied by our Brač wedding videographer.

Supetar wedding photographer

Kelly and Pasha’s wedding in Supetar on the Island of Brač


Bol weddings

Church weddings in Brač


Just married in Bol

Church wedding venues in Brač


beach weddings on the Island of Brač

Beach wedding venues on the Island of Brač


Bol church weddings

Church weddings in Brač


Šolta weddings


Šolta is one of the smallest Croatian islands, only 59 square kilometers long. This beautiful island represents a great getaway for Split citizens who are escaping the exhausting summer heat. Šolta appeared in the written history for the first time in the 4th century BC, in some Greek records, under the name Olyntha, while the Romans called it Solentia (The Sun.) If you are interested in visiting this stunning island, you should better hurry up and catch a ferry from Split, that will lead you to the island’s main entry point – Rogač. The next destination would be a small cove with rocky beaches or the island’s administrative center, called Grohote. 


Martinis Marchi weddings

Weddings at Martinis Marchi Šolta

However, the most beautiful place on the island is Maslinica, with seven islets offshore. Right there, in Maslinica, we found one of the most beautiful Croatian wedding venues – Martinis Marchi. This is a 300 years old historic castle; whose apartments are luxury decorated with furniture and accessories from most prestigious European cities. If you want to feel a unique historic spirit of Šolta, this is the right place for you.  The restaurant terrace is located in the bay, and it offers you a warm atmosphere, full of joy and comfort. This place has a wonderful Mediterranean garden which is beautiful in springtime. You can organize your wedding ceremony in an intimate atmosphere, with an amazing sea view and have an unforgettable wedding celebration.

Šolta wedding venues

Martinis Marchi weddings in Croatia


Martinis Marchi wedding photographer

Couple session at Martinis Marchi by DT studio


Martinis marchi wedding videographer

The smell of the sea and love on the Island of Šolta


Martinis Marchi weddings

Outdoor wedding at Martinis Marchi Šolta Croatia


Šolta wedding photographer

Yes I do at Martinis Marchi Croatia


Patricia and Naish | Martinis Marchi wedding in Šolta Island


Patricia and Naish were thinking of different wedding venues until they found this one. This location was their first choice because of the privacy this beautiful island of Šolta is offering.  If you are dreaming of the fairytale outdoor wedding in Croatia, then island of Šolta and its waterfronts and castle are the most perfect place for you. You can find more information about their Martinis Marchi wedding here.



Šolta wedding videographer DT studio

The newlywed couple while having a photo session in Croatia

Vis weddings


Famously called the island of sun, wine, lemons and olive oil, its untouched beauty remained the same even during some hard historical occasions. The feeling that the island provides is somewhat different, like it’s from another time, a slower beat, another life… and just because of that, as a magnet attracts couples from all over the world. They all want to give their wedding that special feel, to add that value to their wedding day, or at least stop for just a little bit and have the best wedding day in Croatia. Vis has several “exceptional” wedding venues. One of the most popular is Fort George Croatia. Here you can read more about Vis weddings. 


Fort George Croatia photographer

Newlyweds Corrine & Ben on the Island of Vis