Eon & Warrick | An intimate destination wedding in Dubrovnik

“Love is when he gives you a piece of your soul, that you never knew was missing.” — Torquato Tasso

Intimate and emotional wedding in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik wedding


Today we’re bringing you one dream destination wedding in Dubrovnik where, in the heart of this celebration of love and joy, were Eon and Warrick, two beautiful people, who have a real connection that is incredible to witness.





They fell in love with Croatia


The couple is from Australia and South Africa, but they live in London. With guests coming from around the world they decided that a destination wedding was the answer. They fell in love with Croatia (and particularly Dubrovnik) when they visited in 2013 and when they got engaged they knew this was the perfect destination. They liked how the people are very laid-back, the food is amazing and the fact that Croatia is a cheaper and less commercial alternative to Italy or Spain was perfect for them.




They also met the family that owned the villa in Gruda and run a restaurant – Koraceva Kuca – with great views and spectacular food which they fell in love with. After their engagement they asked to have their reception at the restaurant and from there the family helped them with almost every detail of the wedding, including suggesting the ceremony location. They searched for local photographers online and emailed several companies, so we were really glad they saw and liked our portfolio of Dubrovnik destination weddings and when we got their email asking us to be a part of their dream destination wedding. We completely understood what they wanted and liked their ideas very much.  Eon and Warrick are such nice and heartwarming people it was so easy to work with as the love between these two is something you see first when you lay your eyes on them.


The biggest challenge in organizing a Dubrovnik destination wedding


With having guests coming from all around the world they didn’t really have a theme, they just wanted to showcase the natural beauty of Croatia and their wedding venues. Eon and Warrick chose simple decorations that included local green foliage and white flowers to add the finishing touches. When we asked them what was the biggest challenge in organizing a Dubrovnik destination wedding they said that the biggest challenge was not being in Croatia to visit locations and discuss details, but they managed to arrive a week before the wedding so they had everything under control.




The wedding ceremony


The wedding ceremony was intimate with only a few close friends and relatives. They wanted to keep everything casual and personal so they weren’t as nervous as they thought they would be. The wedding ceremony was held at the Park Orsula, known as an intimate, beautiful private place,  perfect for smaller wedding parties with a magnificent view at the sea.  




The outdoor  terrace wedding celebration


As the stunning Dubrovnik sun set, the event flowed onto elegant and lovely decorated wedding tables, for a candlelight dinner, on the outdoor  terrace of the Koraceva kuca with the view of the majestic mountains in the distance. Impeccable traditional cuisine matched with fine wines and champagne (of course!) was served as guests toasted with stories of their much loved friends. As an exclusive event destination, the picturesque views of Dubrovnik never disappoint.



For their first dance they chose 2 songs “At Last” by Eta James and “Everybody dance” by Chic. As they mentioned to us, they hadn’t choreographed their first dance so they kept it short and invited their guests to join them with the second song. This surely helped get the party started. The wedding night set in and the celebration continued into the early hours with dance, drinks, fabulous fun and laughter for all.


What was the most memorable part of the day


When we asked them what was the most memorable part of the day they said that arriving at the ceremony and seeing the venue and our guests. “We felt happy, relieved, and that we had hosted the best party ever!



Eon and Warrick’s advice for all future newlyweds


At the end, to wrap up this beautiful love story we want to share Eon and Warrick’s advice for all future newlyweds:  “Keep it simple and don’t waste time on minor details. After the wedding nobody will remember the table settings and decorations. Also make sure you allow time (one week) before the wedding to finalise things and have time to relax. Don’t drink too much!” We couldn’t but agree with them and thank them for giving us the opportunity to be a part of their destination wedding and wish them all the best in future life together.




Wedding Vendor Credits


Koraćeva kuća 

Placed at Gruda in Dubrovnik it’s a family restaurant with over 5 years of experience in tourism. With lovely pastoral setting, here you’ll spend the most present time drinking great wines, enjoying traditional cuisine and have the most amazing feast. And the view is unparalleled! Perfect for having private, intimate smaller weddings.

Park Orsula

One of the most popular outdoor wedding venues in Dubrovink. It’s no wonder many newlyweds and couples choose this site as the view and the ambience is simply out of this world. Perfect for smaller, intimate weddings, here you’ll have privacy to enjoy the most important day in your life.