Dubrovnik photo session | Romantic images from Dubrovnik, Croatia


Photo session by Dubrovnik Photographer


long-lasting, valuable and unique memory



Most people daydream about traveling to some new places, visiting a distant country or part of the world they have never been to. To many of us, this is the true richness that broadens the horizons and enriches the knowledge, providing unforgettable and exciting moments we want to remember. 

 The best views of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area from the top of the Srd Hill. Photosession in Dubrovnik

Anna & Matt at the Srd Hill. Dubrovnik photo session


Dubrovnik – the ancient, historic Old Town


With its sparkling, crystal-clear sea and scenic stone walls which makes it one of the world’s “must-visit” destinations, Dubrovnik is something that most of us can only fantasize about. But, truth to be told, many people come to this unique city of pure romance and rich history, where they feel differently, like they stepped on a just recently discovered planet. And what could be better to make this visit unforgettable than taking photos and filming everything? Especially if they are done by a talented artist. It will be your long-lasting, valuable and unique memory of the time spent in this beautiful city.

Young American couple in front of Dubrovnik Cathedral posing in front of camera of Dubrovnik Photographer - DTstudio

Dubrovnik photo session –  Engagement session by DTstudio – Dubrovnik Photographer


Romantic images from Dubrovnik, Croatia

Remember Dubrovnik through your beautiful photos


Enjoy Dubrovnik through your photo session and remember it through your beautiful photos. There are many couples all over the world who notice the beauty of the Dubrovnik and decide to have their engagement and wedding photos taken in this “out of this world” city. They understand that the Dubrovnik photographer will know how to take advantage of everything in their favor, have a great influence over their photo session and, at the end, provide vivid photos they will cherish for the rest of their lives. We want you to have that same unforgettable experience.

A gorgeous couple walking by the sea near Dubrovnik. Gay wedding in Dubrovnik.

Eon & Warrick wedding photo session – Romantic images from Dubrovnik, Croatia


Our photos glorify love, bond, loyalty & emotion.


What we do is what makes us stand from the crowd, so if you need engagement, pre-wedding or post-wedding photos, elopement, anniversary, honeymoon or maybe boudoir or family portraits feel free to contact us.
Our photos glorify love, bond, loyalty, emotion and chemistry between the two embraced by the romantic city of Dubrovnik which makes everything become even more romantic, symbolic and momentous.



Happy American couple on their engagement session in Dubrovnik, in front of the camera of the DTStudio Dubrovnik Photographer

 Dubrovnik photo session in Sunrise –  Romantic images from Dubrovnik, Croatia


Romantic silhouette photo from Dubrovnik session photographer - DT studio.

Prewedding session in Dubrovnik area by Dubrovnik Photographer.


 Dubrovnik photo session

What locations do you recommend for my Dubrovnik photo shoot?



The entire Old Town of Dubrovnik is like a great movie theater. Wherever we go, the sceneries are outstanding – narrow and romantic, pebble city streets, squares, Stradun, Porporela, City Harbor, City Walls, Fort Lovrijenac etc, and what we love the most is that we can walk the entire city – one of our most favorite ways to do our photoshoot.



Engagement photo shoot in Dubrovnik by DTstudio, Dubrovnik Photographer.

At the street of Dubrovnik. Photo by Dubrovnik photographer.


Distant locations for the Dubrovnik photo session


However, if you want to have your photo session on somewhat distant locations such as the Mount Srđ, places where the view of the Old Town is perfect or the Arboretum in a small nearby-sea village Trsteno (the garden has a beautiful Renaissance design), we’ll arrange the transportation. There’s a variety of taxi services as well as Uber that are fully at your disposal. What we also offer is to organize your photo sessions on one of the Dubrovnik islands, and one of our long-time dreams is to have a photo session on an old fishing boat.

Gay couple wedding in Dubrovnik. Same sex wedding in Dubrovnik by Dubrovnik Gay photographer DTstudio

Eon &; Warrick. Same sex prewedding session in Dubrovnik.


Same sex wedding in Dubrovnik by DTstudio, Dubrovnik Same sex photographer

Romantic images from Dubrovnik, Croatia| Same sex wedding in Dubrovnik


We want you to have fun and enjoy each and every moment of your session


Each year, we have a few couples that simply want to have their photo sessions on every “important” location, the most favorable and flattering light, combine several outfits and even include props. Yes, you can have all that, but what you need to keep in mind is that, in order to do so, you need to have a good plan, and most importantly a good mood. What we’ve learned over the years is that almost all couples are a bit tight at the beginning of the session, and that’s totally normal. It’s something we photographers are used to and is nothing to be ashamed of, but as the time passes, every couple becomes more relaxed. That’s why we love to get to know our couples before we start the photo session. We are here just for you and want you to have fun and enjoy each and every moment.

Andrea & Antun on their engagement photo session in Dubrovnik by DTstudio, Dubrovnik Engagement photographer

Happy mornings in Dubrovnik! Photosession by Dubrovnik Photographer


What’s the best time of the day to do my Dubrovnik photo shoot?


With years of experience in having photo sessions through the entire day and during various weather conditions, we can say for certain that the best time to have a photo session is in the early morning and evening because of the soft, natural light and dusk and night photos for which we’ll use a lightning assistance. Why we also love to do photo sessions in the early morning is that this is the only time of the day when there are no crowds of tourists and only time of the day when we can get photos of popular Dubrovnik places and spots without any distractions of tourists. Since the entire city is made out of stone, seasons don’t have a huge impact on the scenery, and due to the Mediterranean climate, mild winters, hot summers, pleasant and warm spring and autumn, the botanical garden is lavish and open throughout the entire year enriching the vision and the Mediterranean feel. Whatever time of the year you decide to visit Dubrovnik, your photos will be beautiful and special.

Evening photo session in Dubrovnik. An engagement photo session during the Sunset in Dubrovnik, in front of the photo Camera of Dubrovnik Photographer, DTstudio

Twilight on the Mount Srd near Dubrovnik – Romantic images from Dubrovnik, Croatia


What you wear during your Dubrovnik engagement session truly matters


Formal wear is not that important and required for your engagement photo session, what is more important is your style and personality. Show us who you are. If you don’t have a particular style and find it hard to decide on what to wear for your photoshoot you can always seek for a professional help and hire a style expert or ask your better half what he/she thinks you should wear.

Becky and Vu in Dubrovnik gazebo at night

Young Vietnamese newly married couple in Dubrovnik. Romantic images from Dubrovnik, Croatia


What can we do to make photos better?


If you want an unforgettable Dubrovnik photo session, forget about stress, forget about your everyday worries. Have a good time and laugh, be playful, be yourself – “enjoy the ride”. Have faith in us as this is what you’ve hired us for, right?

Engagement session in Dubrovnik by DTstudio, Dubrovnik Photographer

By the sea at Porporela. Romantic images from Dubrovnik, Croatia


Check out our work


What we aim and what our goal is to make your Dubrovnik photo session unique and enjoyable. We want you to fall in love with this city and your photos. Feel free to have a peek at our gallery of our previous work to see if our style is something that will suit you and your personality as a couple.