Wedding Video Trailer | Wedding Zadar, Croatia | DTstudio wedding videographer

Everything was perfect and ready for their fairytale to begin.  Once upon a time in Zadar there were Tereza and Damir. This couple decided to confirm their love in the circle of their loved ones. When they walked down the aisle and when they danced to their first song they showed us how love should look like. Tereza and Damir shine every time their eyes meet and their sparks light up everything around them.  It was a beautiful wedding by the sea enriched with moments of true joy and happiness.  And they danced through the song of life happily ever after.

Congratulations Tereza and Damir!

Weddings by the sea are always magical and surrounded by romance such as this one was. Dt studio, destination wedding videographer in Croatia is trying to capture those special moments and give them to you through videos and pictures. Through our videos we are combining every sparkle, every look and emotion shared, every tear and every smile and trying to turn them in a few minutes that will leave you breathless.